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i just realised that this picture almost works as a prequel to this one My Book! by otakuap 
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madbadger42Student Artisan Crafter
Her natural prey!
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Not just any book. Starswirl's Lost Journal before he vanished! XD
Couldn't help see the connection.
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DragonjekHobbyist Writer
And here we can see the wild Twilight Sparkle in the midst of the hunt. Quietly, it stalks up on its unsuspecting prey. Closer... closer... until it pounces!
Another dangerous book, smoothly taken down by the impeccable hunting skills of the Twilight.
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Book!?! I want it too!
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CalligraphyLegendsStudent General Artist
This is great :aww:
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*catches twilight the nerd in midair and runs into the bathroom*
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gizmo01Hobbyist Filmographer
Discord Icon 3  Nop *yoink* Discord (Reading) Plz Mine. 
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*sets up a trap with a trail of books and a magic-proof crate* I know that she is smart, but I hope that this will work...
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She and Dipper would get along VERY well.
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Unless they were fighting over the same book.
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Like the journal?

Ten Stan bucks says the little chest from the fourth season is in there.
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Well, the giant triangle portal already kind of is the chest, with different parts that represent different characters. When they unlock it, it will create a magical crystal tree-house, which becomes the new Mystery Shack 2.0. Stan gets rich selling glass-diamond rings to tourists, telling them they're made from genuine magical tree-crystals.
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the-mysterious-ponyXHobbyist General Artist
stalking the wild book
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Spy: Surprise!
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deli73123Student General Artist
My dog does this sometimes.

...not to books, thankfully xD
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JPL-AnimationProfessional Filmographer
"how to capture a purple alicorn"
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BananasDontStopMehHobbyist Digital Artist
You can say that againb.
Stewp 1: Put a book out and some rope tied to the book.
step 2: Put the roped Book infront of This Purple Alicorn.
Step 3: Catch her and dpo whatever you want with ehr.
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Twilight, NO!  It's a TRAP!
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deli73123Student General Artist
It's a BOOK!

...book trap?
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:iconcadanceplz: -> :iconteheplz:
:iconshiningarmorplz: "Some things NEVER change. :)
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