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At the bus stop

By otakuap
i got the idea for this picture last saturday while walking to the grocery store, at the time of posting this there's still more snow on the ground then in the picture but its getting there.
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aww what a lovely scene :3
SnapCentino's avatar
Spike is really rocking that hoodie.
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torilla tavataan.......
dugglien's avatar
first I saw this, I guessed you were Finnish. That bus sign gave it away
Lurks-no-More's avatar
ProxyJack's avatar
I'm loving the scenery 
rautamiekka's avatar
I did think the similarities with Finnish bus stops wasn't just similarities !
BlueDragonAura's avatar
I've not seen this before. It's kinda crazy how few people draw pones just doing everyday stuff
TitaniumDragon's avatar
This is really cute! Well done.
EverlastingJoy's avatar
Not quite accurate enough, they aren't shivering like crazy :P.
GUILLE832's avatar
I do love drawings of ponies on mundane situations and locations. I like the clash between fantasy and reality, color and dullness. Well done by the way!
BB-K's avatar
He sleeps while she reads, nice. :)
CumuloSpark27's avatar
d'aw spike is cute nice job
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Love this Otaku, reminds me of an illustration in a book :>
TheAnimalArt2005's avatar
Isn't Twilight an Alicorn? So can't she fly? ;-;
SpellboundCanvas's avatar
MAybe she's a unicorn here
Dawnf1re's avatar
We've seen Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Twi take the train before, maybe sometimes they just want a break from exercise? =P
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