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A GOOD Idea (Part 3)

By otakuap
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now i have finally finnished the comic.
have to admit the landing wasn't that bad, i mean she had a soft landing... after going through a support beam, but thats beside the point.
also this seems to be my 100th picture, that i have uploaded to DA, if the statistics page is to be to believe.

edit: i think should have added more to this because it feels like something is missing.
edit 2: also why does it seem like every other person is focusing on the mouth when scootaloo just went through a roof.
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Well, atleast she landed on the bed!
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This was a very well drawn comic.
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There could be birds flying around Scoots' head, like the scene right before the theme in Daring Don't.
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Rainbow Dash (Pondering) Plz Well she look ok 

Scootaloo (hey applebloom) plz Of course i am ok firefly 

Fluttershy frightend Um scootaloo who is firefly?

Scootaloo (Aw c'mon) Plz Really rainbow dash you don't know your own girl friend

Fluttershy (leaf) plz what?  

Rainbow Dash (Sheepish) Plz ...... i will take her to the hospital now 
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What support beam?
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Scootaloo trolling icon :I was awesome for a second 
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FireheartTheInfernoHobbyist General Artist
Aww, Fluttershy already has the first-aid kit! :3
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probobly not the first time this happned
FireheartTheInferno's avatar
FireheartTheInfernoHobbyist General Artist
That'd be unfortunate D:
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Well considering that Flutters dosent look that suprised, i dont think it is the first time
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FireheartTheInfernoHobbyist General Artist
Poor Scoots :/
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indeed, she dosent look to hurt tho.
FireheartTheInferno's avatar
FireheartTheInfernoHobbyist General Artist
Broken bones, and bruises under her fur are still a possibility, however. :(
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True, so very true, still love the comic tho
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Well at least she landed on something soft. I was really missing the moth.
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paperninja62Hobbyist Traditional Artist
sorry to ask, but whats up with the moths in so many of your pictures? anyway, great art!
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LillyGenevaStudent Filmographer
Scootaloo can fly!!! At the moment I said that an ad with goofy flying came on... Wat?
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What you could've added was more rubble, debris or whatever broken parts of the ceiling that should be somewhere on the ground etc.

Love the comic btw. Especially the idea that Fluttershy thinks about treating whoever crashed into her room first and foremost.
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fluttershy is like a mother
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RatherSketchyHobbyist Traditional Artist
What are talking about? Scootaloo looks perfectly fine. XD
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elpachonisimoStudent Writer
Me encanto que buena historia
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The little moth poking it's head through the window! ^^
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At least she ultimately landed on something soft.
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