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Remus X Reader Predictable
Hey I was wondering if u could do a Remus lupin x reader where it’s your birthday and u go to hogsmead with number 13 too! XOXO thx!
Prompt: 13.“I thought we said no gifts?”
I’d be more than happy to, Love! I hope you enjoy. Also sorry again if Remus seems OOC. Also, sorry this turned out to be quite short.
I’m currently wrapped up burrito style on the couch with a good book while the quite hum of the radio fills the silence. My eyes race across the slightly yellow pages. The story had been heating up and I was drowning in it. Before I knew it I was on the last page, then sentance, then word. It ended on a hanger and there’s no squeal.
“Remus! Come love me!” I’m now sitting in my blanket tortilla emotionally torn and mildly distraught. The only remedy to my feels was a good Remus cuddle. Said man steps into the room
:iconotakuandwords:OtakuandWords 2 0
Harry Potter X Reader - So Much for Studying
Anon: Hello! Just found your blog and it’s great!Really like your writing! Could you do a Harry Potter x reader where Ron walks in on them snogging in the boy’s dorm (everyone knows they have been dating for ages) but later that night all Harry’s roommates walk in on them both asleep cuddling in bed? So they freak out because OML girl! in the dorm. 😂 Then the next morning all the boys tell Hermione and her like FREAKS at them in the great hall but it’s funny and fluffy! Thank you (if you can do it)🙃
A/N: I know this has been requested on someone else’s blog( @imagine-fandom-fics) before. (Link) So, I will take this, but I’m trying my best to avoid being similar to the previously mentioned one. Thank you for the request though! Also be sure to read imagine-fandom-fics’ take on this, I really enjoyed it and highly recomend it! (Ps: my request are still open)
:iconotakuandwords:OtakuandWords 7 3
Remus X Reader Light Hearted Air
Hi! I was wondering if you could do a imagine where you are pregnant of Remus and you don’t dare to tell him bc you are afraid he wil leave you but he is super happy. Thanks I love your work you inspire me. <3
First off, Anon, thank you so much! Your message was really sweet. I’m really excited to write this for you, I hope you enjoy! I hope I did Remus justice, it’s my first time writing him.
A breeze lightly rattles the window. The same breeze gently shaking the foliage covered branches. Birds bask in the rising sun trying to warm themselves from the previous night’s chill.
A small content sigh escapes you. Turning back over, greeted by the peaceful face of your boyfriend, Remus. You’d moved in together after three years of dating, the day he asked you to move in with him had been one of the best you’d ever had. Glancing back at the window you decide it’s too early to start the day and slowly try and cuddle back up to Remus.
Just as sleep
:iconotakuandwords:OtakuandWords 3 0
Neville X Reader- Hugs
Prompt (list):“ I need a hug. ”
Neville X Reader
A/N: Short   Turned out longer than I thought… Also sorry if the story feels slightly fast paced.
For more content visit my page, I take request!
Summary: Just some good ol’ fluff
My eyes flick over to the clock ticking away in the corner of the room. Another hour had passed, it was now 3 a.m., counting back in my mind I come out with a total of seven. I had spent seven hours on this one essay; now this is why I don’t like Snape. Yes, I do have to admit that I did procrastinate… majorly. Our class was assigned this essay a week ago and I just started. But, I somehow convinced myself that I work better under pressure, another fatal flaw in my plan.
An exasperated sigh left my lips for what was probably the thousandth time tonight. Another h
:iconotakuandwords:OtakuandWords 9 6
Panda Pear by OtakuandWords Panda Pear :iconotakuandwords:OtakuandWords 1 3 Art Improvement by OtakuandWords Art Improvement :iconotakuandwords:OtakuandWords 4 0 Portraiture? by OtakuandWords Portraiture? :iconotakuandwords:OtakuandWords 2 2 Skull and Flowers by OtakuandWords Skull and Flowers :iconotakuandwords:OtakuandWords 7 0


I have NEVER seen something so well put together! I'm crying, it's so beautiful. The color palette is amazing they look so good togethe...

It is beautiful! I wish i had your skills! I just want to hugglez it! Can you teach my your ways, oh great one?????????????????????????...


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If you're here from my Wattpad or Tumblr just know that I'm really shitty at updating on here. 
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for the lack of post. It's currently Tech Week and I'm SM so I haven't been leaving till around 11 every night.
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Hello! I'm Carli and I'm currently 17. There really isn't much to say about me except I'm a huge dork. I'm sorry I haven't been very active as of late, school activities have gotten in the way, I'm deeply involved with our drama department so I tend to go to everything. Again I apologize!

old DA: irelandheartshetalia.deviantar…

Feel free to message me if you want ^-^

Thanks for visiting!

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