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Characters: Kojiro, Zakura, Kyoko, and Kozu

1. Another character asks your character to come to a birthday or other party... in honor of a person your character doesn't particularly like.

Kojiro: *voiced by Vic Mignogna* Um..... I'm sorry, but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't want me there. See, we don't really get along. Plus, I can't leave the palace until I turn 21.

Zakura: *voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch* No. Fuck you.

Kyoko: *voiced by Nicole Karrer* Well, considering she and I don't get along very well, I doubt she'd want me there.

Kozu: *voiced by J. Michael Tatum* I'm afraid I must decline. My sincerest apologies.

2a. Your character has a big due date coming up soon and is trying to finish their project, but another character keeps coming and bothering them.

Kojiro: Um, can you please leave? I'm kinda busy. I'll get to you later, okay?

Zakura: I'm busy. Leave.

Kyoko: I'm sorry, but I'm busy right now. I'll talk to you later, okay?

Kozu: My apologies, but I can't talk right now. I have a deadline coming up.

2b. Even worse: this character is not leaving.

Kojiro: I kindly asked you to leave. Now please leave before I get pissed off.

Zakura: If you aren't out that door in 10 seconds, I will twist you until you're smelling your own ass. Starting now.

Kyoko: Please. I've really gotta get this done.

Kozu: *puts up a forcefield that prevents the person from annoying him any further* Much better.

3. Your character comes home after a bad day to see that one of their friends or relatives made them their favorite food as a surprise.

Kojiro: Brownies?! SWEET! Thanks, Mom! *noms on the brownies*

Zakura: Thanks..... *takes a bite*

Kyoko: Thank you, Mrs. Hatoshi. *eats*

Kozu: Why, thank you, Your Majesty. This is greatly appreciated. c:

4. Your character is lost in an unfamiliar city, and it looks like they'll need to ask a pedestrian for help.

Kojiro: *is forbidden to leave the palace, and is therefore exempt from this section*

Zakura: *runs into someone* You. Do you know where to find the Central Square?

Kyoko: *runs into someone* Excuse me. Could you help me out please? I'm lost, and I'm looking for the Moku Blossom Gardens.

Kozu: *stops someone* Excuse me, but if you would be so kind as to point me in the direction of the library?

5. Your character notices that a close friend or relative of theirs is sitting on the stairs, crying.

Kojiro: Hey, Mom..... what's wrong? You can tell me. *ready to listen*

Zakura: Hey. What's wrong? If you tell me, I'll see what I can do.

Kyoko:  *puts a hand on said person's shoulder* There, there..... why don't you tell Kyoko what's wrong?

Kozu: *pats her back* There, there..... everything'll be alright.....

6. Your character wants to go do something fun, but someone reminds them that they must clean the house... before the guests come over this afternoon.

Kojiro: *is exempt from this rule, as he is royalty*

Zakura: *is also exempt from this rule, as he is also royalty*
--- Me: =-=

Kyoko: Right. I'll get right on that. Thanks for reminding me.

Kozu: Right away, Your Majesties. I'll get the servants together, and we'll get right on that.

7a. Your character is walking through a public place when they notice that a creepy-looking man keeps watching them.

Kojiro: *gets the chills*

Zakura: Stop following me. Or I will gut you like a fish.

Kyoko: *is cautious*

Kozu: *is prepared to attack*

7b. A while later, they notice the same man watching them again.

Kojiro: GUARDS! Take him away! *the guards do so*

Zakura: Okay. You asked for it. *eviscerates the man in a fashion so violent that I can't even describe it*

Kyoko: *readies her weapons* Alright. Explain your reason for stalking me. If you do not respond in 10 seconds, I will attack.

Kozu: *hits the man in the locations of the motor nerves, paralyzing him* There. That should keep him away until the motor nerves start working again.

8. Today is another character's birthday, and your character is about to present them with a gift. Your character then reaches into their bag/purse/pocket and discovers that the gift isn't there.

Kojiro: Alright. Lemme get the gift..... *reaches into his bag, and sees that it isn't there* WTF?!
--- Servant: This fell out of your bag. *gives him the present*
--- Kojiro: Thank you much. *gives the present*

Zakura: *looks for the present* Damn..... not there..... well, I'll go look for the present, then come back and give it to you. *goes back inside to look for it*

Kyoko: *reaches into her purse, but can't find the present* It's not there..... I'm sorry. I think I left it inside. I'll go find it. *goes to find it*

Kozu: *doesn't have the present* My, it seems the present isn't here. Do not fret. I will be right back. *goes inside to get the present*
An exercise I did for four of my characters. Enjoy.

Worlds Apart belongs to me.

Resource used: Exercise by `Luna--Rose
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