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Hey all!  Wow, it looks like the last time a blog was posted was back in June 2010.  .....Derp.  We are so quick on the updates.  ^_^;;

At any rate, both birdewilliams and I went to Otakon this year, although we went with different groups and therefore had different con experiences.  Don't get me wrong, it was a total BLAST and we had a lot of fun!  Here are our reports (and Birde's includes some funny journal-only photos):

The Bird's Words

The Kat's Laughs

(Okay, yeah, I know that doesn't quite rhyme.  But it's close.  Enough.  Right?)

Keep an eye out on our respective Con Schedules to see what cons and costumes we have in store for you next!  Katana over and out.
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ShadowCookieKat Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2011   Digital Artist
Yorkshire CosplayCon at The Dome in Doncaster on the 2nd July! Contests, karoke, cosplay, stalls, gaming, bar, fan art contest and gallery. Click on the link to find out more!

Link: [link]
Lericia Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2011
what state are you based in?
Hikari-Katana Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
We're mostly in Pennsylvania making forays into Maryland.
Lericia Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2011
aww, still too far from me :P i'm in Virginia haha! i was in maryland for a little while, but i moved a little while back... poor me -.-

well let me know when you have your next expansion :D
birdewilliams Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
We're from both PA and MD, depending which one of us you're talking about.
Lericia Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2011
cool. could you put it in the info bar? too many groups didn't so i had to go through 122 groups just to find one based in my state area :P
birdewilliams Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Well... we're not exactly open for members. This is a page where our particular group of friends who all live near each other and cosplay together shows off our work. If you'd read our group info, you'd see the answer to your initial question as well as a pretty blunt statement of that fact.
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birdewilliams Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
It's just a name, jeez. Honestly, none of us are true otaku; I could probably name about 5 animes offhand, and then I'd have to really think about it. For your information -- as if you give a crap -- most of us are full-time university students and have at least one job. If you're going to insult people, get to know the person a bit deeper before you just start wailing ad hominem. Otherwise you just sound like a trolling idiot.

Have a nice life <3
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