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Fan Fiction
Sharrot Belledary: Chapter 2At General Arnold Belledary's headquarters, Androe Jensen is talking to his nephew, Sharrot Belledary, and President Claudia Hodgins. And the two explain to the president about the Lightrors' origin, and many things.Then, Sharrot puts his finger in his face, and mixes it like a blender, and Hodgins is startled. And Sharrot asks if Hodgins knows what happens if he tries to do to others unnecessarily, and Sharrot tries to touch Hodgins, who closes his frightened eyes. But she can't touch him intangibly, because in Hodgins' vision, Sharrot is gone. But in his vision, Sharrot had appeared, because he had pulled his finger away from Hodgins' face, and Sharrot tried to do that again, only using his powers for Hodgins to see, and he saw that Sharrot's body is boiling and mixing like a piece of gum, and Hodgins asks scared:"What is this!? His body is boiling and mixing! No wait, I know what this is! It's the Body Stop, isn't it? Makkapitew had already told us all about this in Leidenschaftlich."And Sharrot answers:"Seriously? Glad you know this is a function that can prevent me from doing right and wrong things for extremely wrong reasons, making mistakes, etc."Hodgins said:"Yes, i know."And Sharrot answers:"That's right..."3 hours later, in the middle of General Arnold Belledary's office, he is holding a meeting between his subordinate soldiers, his second son, Sharrot Belledary, and the others: Claudia Hodgins, Bradley Alphin, Wilfred Cowman, Androe Jensen and Zane Ackerman.And then Arnold said:"So, gentlemen, I have taken my step that the existence and legacy of the Bougainvillea family is about to end. Therefore, there is no way to avoid it. It is impossible. But we know that the Belledary family and the Bougainvillea family have a eternal rivalry. And thanks to the great victory in the Great War by my son, Sharrot, the Belledarys have become a great empire of the world, while the Bougainvillea are losing the power of the world. But as Dietfried had killed all the Bougainvillea except Gilbert, there's nothing to say about it..."And then Androe said:"Don't even tell me, man. Not to mention that after Dietfried had allied with Azavolos, the omniscience of the Bergland sisters had been activated, and they found out about the Violet Evergarden, the Bougainvillea family, and others. And then they asked if this was all true from what they saw, and without hesitation, I had to tell the whole truth.""I know…" Arnold replied calmly.After much talk, they decide to split up: Arnold decides to stay here so he can wait for his son to return before starting the worldwide speech for the whole world against Dietfried Bougainvillea, because of his monstrosities and crimes he committed; Androe decides to return to the Bergland sisters' home and tell them about the return of Sharrot and Azavolos' plans; And Sharrot, Bradley, Wilfred, Hodgins and Zane decide to go to Leidenschaftlich to sign the treaties and signatures of worldwide punishment and total dismissal of Dietfried Bougainvillea in the navy, due to the high immorality and injustice he brought to the world.When they finally arrive in Leidenschaftlich, they meet Violet Evergarden's acquaintances: Cattleya Baudelaire, Benedict Blue and Lux ​​Sibyl. And then two more girls who are also Violet's new acquaintances since December last year: Erica Brown and Iris Cannary. And then Sharrot arrives at the marina and it is presented by Eckhart Munter, and the two make military stance positions to each other, as long as only one hand is occupied, the right hand must be free to perform the salute. After that, Sharrot signed all the treaties within two hours.During her work at the CH Postal Company, Violet learned that Sharrot Belledary had arrived, and as she chatted with Gilbert, she asked worriedly:"So Major, why can't we stop Sharrot Belledary from killing Mr Dietfried? Why…?"And Gilbert replied, hugging Violet very tightly:"No, Violet. Even if we tried to stop him, we could become great witnesses to the governments of the world, due to the great injustices and immorality my brother had brought into this world. Besides, I have no reason to show love and respect for him anymore. That's his real persona. He's very underdeveloped and immoral. And the reason Androe Jensen raised you wasn't for harm, but so that you could protect the inhabitants of that island for good, since that you were little. And it was Makkapitew who manipulated you on the orders of Azavolos. I'm sorry, Violet..."Even very shocked and scared by it, Violet replied tearfully:"Yes, I know... I know Mr Dietfried is like that. But... I feel that even though he betrayed us and did all this, he still feels sorry for everything he did... and he still loves you... But I don't understand... Why do things in life always change...? Why...? Major... Major... Please... answer me...""Violet..." said Gilbert very worried and full of tears.As the two are hugging, a young man runs quickly with an unusual balance, which ends up surprising Violet and Gilbert. It was Sharrot Belledary. ,"Sharrot Belledary!?" asked Gilbert shocked and scared."Sharrot…Belledary…" Violet said silently and calmly.As he continues running until he almost touches the wall, Sharrot takes an unusual gigantic jump over a building, and then continues jumping to other buildings.Afraid of the envy and dissatisfaction of humans and the worldwide agreement to kill Dietfried, Violet goes after Sharrot."Violet, don't go!" said Gilbert very worriedly.At this point, Sharrot has already stopped jumping from building to building and started running in other places, and then he grabbed a broom and leaned against the light pole with it, giving an absurdly fast turn and gave a very absurd jump impulse, and that jump went countless kilometers to the point that he is almost close to his starting destination. Then he saw an empty cart with no one using it, and he took that cart and ran with it, climbing on top, and then he sees right in front of him, a couple with two children walking on the road. And Sharrot holds the cart with his hands, due to his absolute strength, and took an abnormal leap to avoid the fall of the couple and the children, who are frightened by it.At that point, Violet ran so long after Sharrot, until she ended up physically limiting herself and tripping on the ground. Even though Violet is resting on the floor for a while and is covered with tears and sadness, she still doesn't feel defeated due to her great willpower and lack of cowardice, and ends up getting up and goes after Sharrot, and she finally found him, who is using a cart. And she's only trying to stop Sharrot from killing Dietfried because she wants to avoid Gilbert's envy and dissatisfaction. And just then, Gilbert appears and finds her.Meanwhile, Sharrot has finally arrived at his starting point with his cart, and Colonel Jenlliot Belledary's boat is almost there. Sharrot did an abnormal spinning jump with his cart, and touched the ground with the two fingers of each hand, and used those fingers to give a boost for another spinning jump, having a horizontal speed a few kilometers to reach the boat. Before the boat lands at Leidenschaftlich, Sharrot drops the cart into the water with his feet, then gives it another boost, and it launches like a rocket. But instead of accidentally destroying the boat, Sharrot nullifies the effects of his body's impact with his powers, and held the bow of the boat in his hands. After that, he took a big leap, lifted his feet on the tip of the bow, and stood in the pose of a gymnast, bringing his legs together and opening his arms up. And the ship's sailors are amazed at this."Ta-dah!" said Sharrot as a way of showing humorous compliment.At this point, the boat has finally landed at Leidenschaftlich, and Zane is impressed by Sharrot's startling arrival on the boat, and says:"Well, I have to admit, this Sharrot really never wastes time anyway. How ironic..."Jenlliot hears the sounds of the frightened voices of the sailors and the voice of someone mysterious, and he decides to see what's going on, and realizes who's on the ship."Sharrot!" said Jenlliot surprised to meet his little brother after 6 years."Hi Jenlliot. It's been 6 years since we've seen each other, hasn't it, brother?""You and your little jokes, huh, little brother? Very funny..." said Jenlliot frustrated."Ha, ha, ha, ha! Wow, who knew! This is the real Sharrot Belledary! Always very active and much more aware of things!" said Wilfred excitedly."Yeah..." Bradley said smiling.Violet is frightened by the Sharrot's supernatural abilities, and said scared and worried:"Who... is he? How can he do such absurd things that no human being can do? It's impossible... Is that one of the reasons why he is the great winner of the Great War?"Hodgins, Benedict, Cattleya and the others were also the same as Violet at that moment, and Benedict asked scared:"What's this!? Who's this guy!? He did a spinning jump with a cart and managed to jump onto the ship!? How can he do that!? It can't be!""I see. That's the reason why Sharrot is the big winner of the Great War. Zane told me one of the reasons for that is because Sharrot never focuses on force confidence like little Violet does. That's because Sharrot is totally aware that the reliance of force causes a person to drop their guard and be taken by surprise. He never shows any iota of antipathy, greed or obsession for everything in life. And Sharrot confirmed that too. Now it all makes sense..." said Hodgins calmly and impressed, leaving the others quite surprised."Serious?" asks Cattleya."That's right." said Hodgins."Wow, I never thought of that..." said Erica."I've never seen anyone do such extraordinary things..." said Lux."But how can a living being like this manage to do such absurd things...?" said Iris.When the boat arrived, Brad said:"All right, guys, it's time to go! Let's go home! See you next time, President Hodgins!""Take care of yourself, Captain Bradley! Give me your regards to General Arnold! Farewell!" said Hodgins.Zane, Brad and Wilfred board the ship. But before they leave, Violet tries to go after them to stop the Sharrot, but she ends up tripping on the ground, her legs aching from running. She had wasted a lot of stamina for it. Gilbert arrives and helps Violet up. She said very sadly:"Why...? Why...? Why can't I stop him...? I've tried everything to prevent this from happening, but... I... I..."The moment ends with Violet sitting and holding the floor with her hands, full of tears, and Gilbert holding and comforting her.(The song ends)During the trip, Zane arrives in his home country, and before he leaves, he tells Sharrot, Jenlliot, Bradley and Wilfred about a big plan:"Guys, before I go, I want to make it clear that I'm going to travel the world to recruit the best ex-soldiers from each country who are the winners of the Great War. But as Sharrot was the biggest winner in this war in the world, that's him who is going to be the leader of our mighty group. And these great soldiers have lost most of their friends, family, acquaintances, homes and so on because of the high immorality and injustice that Dietfried has brought into the world. Let's prepare against the mighty Azavolos, understand?""Understood." said Sharrot, Jenlliot, Bradley and Wilfred ready to fight the great Azavolos.After Zane's farewell, Wilfred returns to his country, and Sharrot, Jenlliot and Bradley return to their country.Upon arrival home, Bradley told the Belledary brothers, along with his wife and children:"Very well, guys, I'll wish you all the best of luck in your professions. And after the extermination of Azavolos, I'll wish you and the Bergland sisters the best of luck, and start living and having a wonderful life with them. ""Thank you so much, Brad. I'm delighted about it…" said Sharrot smiling."We will be grateful for your kindness, Captain Bradley. If you need anything, you can come in with us." said Jenlliot."I know. And by the way, my older brother and mayor of this town, Russell Alphin, is coming here to certify the chaos of this town. I'm glad he's nothing antipathetic, immoral and low-psychological like that bastard Dietfried." said Bradley."Really? I didn't expect much for this, but it would be nostalgic to meet him again after 6 years." said Sharrot."That's good, son. Dietfried was Russell's former young student. He taught a lot about martial arts of other kinds, but not entirely like physical interaction and empathy. And the reason for that is that he heard the information from Jake Belledary that Dietfried has low levels of human development, high antipathy and immorality, and low psychology. And the reason he has these things is not because he has a hard life and because he lived in difficult and complicated times, but because he was born that way." said Bradley."But of course. Take care..." said Sharrot saying goodbye to his mentor.During this, a vision between them appears in the realm of Azavolos, being seen by Dietfried and Ethan. And Dietfried said angrily, shaking hands:"I can't believe this... Sharrot signed the punishment treaties against me and Leidenschaftlich's superiors approved of it... This insolent brat... This world is really rubbish... And Bradley said his brother Russell, my old teacher, is going to certify the town today. That filthy old man... how much I hated that man...""Heh, heh, heh... I can see you've made a great enemy, don't you think?" said Ethan with his great enthusiasm.After that, Jenlliot took Sharrot to headquarters and introduced him to his many soldiers, who are well grouped and awaiting the colonel's return, and one of them said:"Welcome, Colonel Belledary! We are very grateful for your return, sir!""I am so grateful to see you all united, men! But before we proceed to General Arnold Belledary's world speech, my father, I will introduce my younger brother, and the one who will end Dietfried Bougainvillea's existence, Sharrot Belledary!""All hail Colonel Belledary's mighty little brother!" said one of the soldiers."Honor the unsurpassed Sharrot Belledary!" said the other, and then all the soldiers kept repeating the same phrase as they are now.A few minutes later, Arnold begins his worldwide speech against Dietfried Bougainvillea, and that speech is being broadcast to every television, radio and newspaper in the world:"Attention, every country in the world! We all know that Dietfried Bougainvillea exterminated everyone in his family, except his younger brother, Gilbert, for mysterious reasons. We all suffer the high immorality and injustice caused by him. We suffer with this indignation and live in misery. We of this world will build an extreme and worldwide alliance to fight that immoral maniac, but I make it clear that this is not a rebellion against each other in this world. For freedom and security, we have to fight for our rights and for our survival. All of us in this world have to unite to fight the circumstances and consequences of this world, and also against the downside of the ambitions and obsessions of everything in life. Let my eldest son , Colonel Jenlliot Belledary, do the rest."Jenlliot ended up continuing:"I also share the same feelings as my father, General Arnold Belledary! Pay attention, we have no other choice. We will fight fearlessly, with courage and honor. After all, we are the defenders of our planet! I will let Sharrot Belledary, my younger brother, finish this speech!"And Sharrot took the next follow-up to finish with a golden key:"It is really difficult to know how to deal with our reality, ladies and gentlemen. Because all of us living beings have our own physical difficulties, disabilities, psychologies and other things. Because we are all different in life. Because if the existence and legacy of Bougainvillea family break up, it's really hard to know about any kind of circumstance. That's the end of this great world speech. I wish you all, good luck!"Three weeks later, while Sharrot continues to work as an agent for the Federal Bureau of Law (FBL), Zane Ackerman appears with the new soldiers who have become the winners of the Great War, and Zane says:"Hi, Sharrot. How are you?""Hi Zane, how long. Who are these over there? Are they the new recruits and the winners of the Great War who are below me...?" asks Sharrot."Yes, and besides, I let each of them introduce themselves to you. Do the honors, my comrades." Zane replied.And each of them introduced themselves to the Sharrot: Riky Quisbert, a beefy bruiser with pale green hair and emerald green eyes, wears green clothes and wears an oil blue ribbon; Kyuji Kinshiba, a tall, thin man with dark purple hair, with dark yellow eyes and a somber appearance; Sophie Siren, a girl with pink hair and light green eyes; Fergus Forbes, a small man with the unnatural appearance of a monkey and with pastel purple hair.After these presentations, more people who came with them show up, and Sharrot asks:"Hey, who are they...? So many people...""They are the acquaintances, relatives and friends of these former soldiers who survived during the massacre of high immorality and injustice done by Dietfried Bougainvillea before he teamed up with Azavolos. I learned that there are new houses to be sold in this town, because thousands of owners Old ones in these houses had been murdered during the immoral massacre caused by Dietfried.""Oh, don't tell me... You mean they're going to be our new neighborhood? How nice... Heh, heh, heh, heh..." said Sharrot, demonstrating gossip."Very funny, blondie…" said Zane."Like anyone has their own way, eh, champ brat?" said someone, and it turns out to be Russell Alphin, Bradley's older brother."Mr. Russell, how long ago. How are things?" said Sharrot, welcoming Russell."Things are fine. I'm so happy to see you again, boy. You're a man now. Since you've known me before Bradley, you were looking for your friend Asta for certain personal reasons, remember?" said Russell, reminding the Sharrot of old times."Yes, I remember. I remember it very well like it was yesterday…" said Sharrot remembering her past.(The flashback starts)One late afternoon, FBL captain Russell is chatting with his men when they hear the voice of a 12-year-old boy and see him. It was Sharrot shouting:"Asta! Asta, where are you?"Russell soon yells:"Hey, boy!"The boy hears the voice in his presence, stops and looks at Russell without saying a word. Russell is surprised to see the boy as it looks like he has seen him before."What are you doing?" Russell asks."I'm looking for my friend, sir. Her name is Asta Bergland." said Sharrot."Asta Bergland? What does she look like? And how did it all happen?" asks Russell for Asta's facial knowledge and the reason for the incident.Sharrot tells him everything:"Here's the thing, sir. It all started when Asta is taking a walk with her friends, and when they spread out and got lost, Asta started looking for them. It took 4 hours in this search, because Asta found almost all of them and put them at the footpath, and only one girl was missing. Asta tried to look for her everywhere, but she couldn't. The teacher told me everything after I got to that point. And that's why I'm looking for her everywhere.""I see. Well, don't worry, son. We'll be looking for her everywhere. You don't have to work so hard. That's our job." said Russell."I know, sir. There's no need for me to just run to find her, because in case she and I were running around, we could get lost even more. Besides, we need a plan. So, let's wait for her to come this way." said Sharrot explaining about the plan."Are you sure about this? I don't know this is kind of risky. But let's make it your plan this time." said Russell agreeing with Sharrot's plan.As they begin to work out the plan, Russell asks:"But I have a question. You... are a Lightrror, right?""What...? What are you saying...? How are you...?" asked Sharrot in surprise and confusion."I'll talk later, now let's get down to business." said Russell ready to start the plan.After all this time, Asta finds the last girl and puts her at the starting point. But before they could leave, there was a terrorist attack in the city. So Asta said to her friends:"Go... I take care of them... You must live... to be free...""No, Asta! You can't go! It's too dangerous! You're a child!" exclaimed the teacher, worried about the girl's fate."Don't worry. I'll be fine. I'll be happy to see you again. I promise..." said Asta."But, Asta..." said one of Asta's friends worried about what would happen to her."I feel that someone more important to me is in this town... I need to go... Take care..." said Asta going to save the people from the terrorist massacre."Asta!!!" shouted the very worried teacher.The car drives away, leaving the teacher and the girls very worried.Meanwhile, on FBL, Russell asked in surprise:"What was this...?"At that moment, a man appeared:"Excuse me, Captain Alphin! I have bad news! There's been a terrorist massacre in this town!""What did you say...? A terrorist attack...!? Then let's get everyone out of here! Inform the others immediately!" said Russell ordering the agent."Yes sir!" said the agent obeying orders."No, let me handle this..." said Sharrot."What are you saying, boy!? It's too dangerous for a child!" said the agent warning the boy."Boy, you..." said Russell with great curiosity in what the Sharrot is going to do."I know very well what I'm doing. Just watch and learn..." said Sharrot showing him what he's capable of.The great moment of myth begins, and Sharrot begins to demonstrate skills and extremely absurd interactions, such as: staying hidden in corners, making certain hits to draw the attention of his enemies due to the high level of stealth, using numerous teleports to not let anyone hurt or dead, breaking enemies' necks and using them as shields against bullets, using absolute speed to freeze time and avoiding any circumstance, grabbing and gathering various enemies and throwing at each other like homing missiles, etc. And Asta also did everything the same as Sharrot, even though they haven't met yet.Sharrot feels that there is one more terrorist left to be killed. But before he could kill him with the teleportation, Asta arrives first using the same power, mounts on top of the bandit and breaks his neck, literally killing him."Asta!" said Sharrot surprised by the reunion of his beloved."Sharrot!" said Asta with the same reaction.The two approach without showing any words and reaction, due to high emotional simplicity."Asta, where were you? You made me worried..." said Sharrot worried about the girl's delay."I'm sorry, I was just helping my friends... That's why I took so long... I'm sorry..." said Asta expressing her soft and sweet demeanor."I know... This is normal to happen. We living beings make mistakes. It often happens. Nobody is perfect. Not everyone understands for what they are and for their actions and behaviors. I can love you more than anything, but overdoing it on feeling and loving others can be a total detriment to human psychology. We may not accept emotional feelings so big or excessive that they make our emotional overloads worse, but our empathies are much larger and more important than normal." said Sharrot hugging and caressing Asta with a lot of love."Exactly. Whether you're worthy to me or not, it doesn't matter for necessary reasons. I've always received total empathy, affection and love from Mr. Androe, who taught me all about love and its types. The only love i never care and never like it is Mania, which is obsessive love. Because excessive love can be extremely harmful to psychology and human character." said Asta demonstrating her development."I know... That's why I'm always with you to protect you... I love you..." Sharrot said showing his love for Asta."Sharrot..." said Asta emotionally and full of tears.After that, the two arrive at FBL in the early evening, and Russell said:"Oh boy, you're here. You've got me worried. I never imagined the Lightrrors to be more superior than the omnipotent absolute infinities. Isn't that amazing, Sharrot Belledary?" said Russell.Sharrot is surprised by this and asks:"Of course, sir. But speaking of which, how do you know I'm a Lightrror and about my race? And how do you know my name?""It's easy to talk, son. Arnold Belledary was my childhood friend. When we were kids, he told me all about the Lightrrors, the Body Parade, etc. Six years ago, he showed me some pictures of him with his wife, and their kids, including you. He told me their name: Aurora, his mother; Jenlliot, his older brother; Samantha and Emily, the younger sisters of you and Jenlliot. In our childhood, he showed me some visions and told me about an all-powerful being called Azavolos. This being ordered his subordinate Makkapitew to wait over the years and manipulating the being of negative emotional complexity, high immorality and antipathy, low psychology and development, and the most superior negative character of all. But Arnold hasn't been able to figure out who he is. If this moment happens, we'll finally know.""Yeah, sure..." said Sharrot."But, tell me. Who is this girl over there?" asked Russell."This is the Asta Bergland I told you about." said Sharrot introducing Russell to Asta."H-Hi..." said Asta too shy to talk to the others."Ah, Asta Bergland... But what a beautiful, wonderful and sweet little girl. You are very lucky to have such a beautiful girlfriend like this..." said Russell."Oh sir... Don't you think you're exaggerating...?" said Sharrot, embarrassed and reddened."Oh, why? Just because her skin is reddened with embarrassment that you've shown her such love!? Ha, ha, ha, ha! That's a good one!" said Russell, fussing the boy.Sharrot's face was very abnormal, his eyebrows were very round, a little devilish and not drooping with sadness. His eyes got a little open and almost closed. His mouth opened abnormally with a drunk person, his mouth was round and open, making a faint noise. And he's doing it so as not to make the consequences worse and his negative irritation, which is one of his downsides to Body Parade.Asta was very embarrassed about this, having her cheeks rounded and touching her fingertips."What is it, boy? What is this reaction? Are you abnormal?" said Russell confused by the boy's reaction."That's what it looks like, isn't it...? Jesus Christ..." said Sharrot shyly."Sharrot!" shouted a female voice."Mom!?" said Sharrot suspecting that the voice was his mother's.Then a car appears and it was Aurora and Arnold from inside the car. And they got out of the car."Sharrot! Where were you, young man!? You had me worried!" said Aurora angrily."Sorry, Mom... Turns out it took Asta 4 hours to find her friends who got lost on the ride. So I had to go out to find her and find out what happened. Forgive me for taking so long..." said Sharrot regretfully."I see... But please, my son. Don't be exaggerating and wandering around. You know I was very worried about it. You're not immature at all, you're a Lightrror. And Lightrrors are never born that way." said Aurora warning her son."I know mom…" said Sharrot being a good son."Oh, Russell, it's been a long time. You've matured quite a bit, huh." said Arnold, thrilled to see his friend after so many years."You too, Arnold..." said Russell in the same way.After much conversation, the two couples return home.(The flashback ends)"Those were good times, weren't they? I'll never forget that..." said Russell very impressed."Me too, sir..." said Sharrot."And now you know who the being was that was manipulated by Makkapitew, serves Azavolos and is now your great enemy, don't you?" Russell asks."Yes. Dietfried Bougainvillea..." says Sharrot."That's right. That Dietfried brat is hopeless..." said Russell."That's right, isn't it, sir? But there's just a little problem..." said Sharrot, stating that there was something more to talk about."Huh? What is it?" asked Russell curiously."My omniscience informed me that after Dietfried brought chaos to this world and before he teamed up with Azavolos, he was already regretting what he did. Besides, he is not being manipulated by Makkapitew, it is Dietfried himself who accepted that on purpose. In order for Dietfried to become evil, normally he would have to be brainwashed. But as he is being totally dominated, he didn't want to do that. Even though he is totally antipathetic, he still has empathy for others. It really is hard to know what he really is…" said Sharrot."Really? Gosh, I never thought of that..." said Russell calmly and understandingly."You hit the nail on the head, sir. I have real behaviors compared to a real human being. And all Lightrrors are like that. And inhumanity has one of the downsides and most negative consequences of life. And inhumanity and optimism are one of the downsides of life. That's because excessive optimism can damage human psychology and the sense of reality, including the abilities to face reality and countless things in life. Understanding everything in life without intolerance and without agreeing with unfair falsehoods is the best thing that exists. But just arguing and talking too much would be a total waste of time to take a much-needed action for empathy and anything." said Sharrot."Now it all makes sense..." said Russell at Sharrot's words."Even for these reasons, I'm going to kill Dietfried, but without showing hatred, rancor, cruelty and antipathy. I'll have to save his soul. Because empathy has nothing to do with the taste that a person has for others, but for attention. Because even though antipathy has similarities to disgust and hate, it also has many differences. And being antipathetic is also very different from being envious, arrogant, selfish, evil, etc. Because being antipathetic is discordant, inharmonious or incompatible, it is one who feels aversion, dislike for someone or something; adverse, hostile, impatient and naive who is unaware of the consequences of antipathy. And even though there are people with positive antipathies, their antipathies are still similar to the antipathies we know, and these people they like others a lot, but they never pay much attention to others. Empathy and realism are what matter most in life.""That's my boy." said Russell, stroking the Sharrot's head and admiring his valor.Russell looks at the staff and says:"You must be the big winners of the Great War and your acquaintances, right? Well, I've heard Zane talk about it now. Welcome, my town will be your home."After that, each person chose their own place to live. And Sharrot started living with his brother until Azavolos was destroyed and they could live with the Bergland sisters.Afterwards, General Jake Belledary and his eldest son are riding in a carriage in Leidenschaftlich to visit Irma Fliech."So, Jignes, do you think it's going to work for you to try to get along with your old girlfriend one more time? Even if you've never insisted on this bitterness in your life? Be honest, my son…" said Jake."Oh, don't bother, Dad. If you hadn't put Sharrot in this war, of course I would have caused more trouble. Since my Lightrror class is just as inferior to his. I hear Irma's new boyfriend was killed during the massacre done by the tramp Dietfried. And that new boyfriend is Aldo Morini's son." said Jignes frustrated."I see. Arnold was so happy with his son's return after so many years…" said Jake.Meanwhile in Leidenschaftlich's theater, singer Irma Fliech is having trouble presenting the next show and asked with tears:"My God, how am I going to handle my role if this world disaster continues again...?""Take it easy, honey. Everything will be fine." said her boss, Aldo Morini."I know, Aldo. But I lost Hugo because of that terrible massacre caused by Dietfried Bougainvillea." said Irma worriedly."I know. That dirty demon will pay for taking my son's life." said Aldo, shaking his hand in anger.During this conversation, before Aldo leaves, someone knocks on the door. Aldo opens it and this person reveals to be a member of the Belledary family and a close acquaintance of Irma."Jignes!" said the surprised Irma.This guy is called Jignes James Belledary, eldest son of General Jake Belledary, paternal cousin of Sharrot and childhood friend of Irma, and he said:"Hi, Irma and Mr. Aldo. It's been a while since we've seen each other, hasn't it?""Hi, Jignes. How are you? You're already a man." said Aldo."Thank you. The reason for our separation is because I have certain problems with human armor. When I saw that Irma was dating your son, I decided to leave her alone for a while for the mistakes I made a long time ago. But now I'm very sorry for his death at Dietfried's hands. I'm sorry..." said Jignes."Serious...?" said Irma, very worried and full of tears."Yes. Mr. Aldo, can Irma and I talk alone? It's private." said Jignes."Sure, feel free..." said Aldo leaving."Irma, I realized the suffering you're having, and I never let my high empathy aside to make the consequences worse. That's why I want to be with you always... to protect you and love you..." said Jignes declaring his love for Irma."I... I..." said Irma."What is it? Is there a problem...?" Jignes asked."I... didn't understand from the beginning. From the beginning, you were very bitter, but inside, you're not like that. And now, I realized that you don't have any more problems. And the reason is because you're such a Lightrror. When we were kids, you told me all about the Lightrrors, and even the Body Stop, which is a function that can prevent me from doing right and wrong things for extremely wrong motivations, making mistakes, etc. It's kind of weird, huh? Heh, heh, heh. A human falling in love with an inorganic and omnipotent monster..." said Irma very enchanted."Yes, and I also fell in love with a human who thrives on the pride of others, and has the attention to protect and help people's happiness." said Jignes very happily."That's right. Jignes, I love you..." said Irma demonstrating her love for Jignes."Yes, I love you too..." said Jignes expressing the same way.After that, the two hug and kiss, moving their lips together in a very gentle way. After letting go of their hands and lips slowly, the eyes of Jignes and Irma start to shine, showing the beauty of each other."I learned that my cousin Sharrot arrived in his country, after 6 years of training in numerous professions. I can't believe that asshole has returned...!" said Jignes disgusted by his cousin's return."Asshole"? What are you talking about? Is Sharrot Belledary your cousin!? Why are you so jealous of him...?" asked Irma, startled."Calm down, I'm just saying this as a compliment. My dad, Jake Belledary, had invited him to participate in the Great War. And one of the reasons he became the big winner in that war is because he's class A+ and S-. And the reason for this is because of the barriers within him that are keeping him from reaching his full potential. It may sound crazy, but it's true." said Jignes."Really...?" asked Irma."Yes..." said Jignes.At that moment of interruption, a man opens the door and says:"Excuse me, Miss Irma. But the show is about to start. Are you ready?""Oh yes! Of course! I'm on my way! Sorry, Jignes, but I have a lot of work to do. Let's talk later, yes?" said Irma."Yes, don't worry. Because I'm also very busy with a lot of personal things in my country. So see you. Bye, Irma." said Jignes saying goodbye to his love."Yes, of course. Take care, Jignes..." said Irma.After that, Jignes returned to the carriage and Jake replied:"So Jignes, how was it?""It was wonderful. What a well-made and wonderful girl, huh...?" said Jignes, impressed by Irma's beauty."Very good. Now let's go home." said Jake asking to return home by ship."Yes, let's go." said Jignes.The chapter ends with Jignes smiling at Irma's winning of love, and Jake has the same expression of pride, only showing his mouth shut and showing his teeth, fine-tuning his mustache, and showing his devilish eyebrow down and the other round up."
Dawn of Arcadia Chapter 65 - Fairy Tail/Tales Of,Story cover/Artwork drawn by Iceiclesified/Iceikory Check out her websites, , and ----Darren, his mother and three other men step out of the office together after a meeting that lasted for nearly an hour. As Darren and his mother stand outside the main door to their office, one of the men turn around and extends his hand to the manager."Thank you so much for the presentation, Mr. Leong." The middle-aged man said to Darren with a broad smile."And thank you so much for your interest in doing business with us, Mr. Hartono." Darren said as he shakes his hand."We will be in touch." Mr. Hartono said. With that, he and two of his associates turn around and walk over to their car. As they stood there, Darren and his mother watch another one of his associates opening the car door for Mr. Hartono. After the middle-aged man sits comfortably in the back of the car, the associate closes the door for him before he and the others hastily get in and drive off. When their latest business clients are out of their sights, Darren and his mother turn and squeal as they pull themselves into a warm embrace."What a great way to start the year of the Dragon, isn't it?" Darren said excitedly."Indeed! First Malaysia, then Brunei, then the Philippines, and now we are expanding our business into Indonesia as well!" His mother said eagerly."We've taken our business to the next level once again." Darren said as he and his mother break away from their hug."Your father would be so proud of you." His mother smiled at him with her eyes softened."Yeah…he would." Darren uttered.Two years and three months have passed since Darren returned safely from Earth Land to Singapore. Shortly after his return, he made his way back to his apartment where he finds his mother crying in front of his father's shrine on the wall. He could vividly remember the shocked expression on his mother's face after he called out to her that night.While hugging and crying onto his shoulder for nearly ten minutes, his mother revealed to him that shortly after he disappeared, or in reality, abruptly transported to the town of Underwood in Earth Land, she tried to call him, but quickly realized that he had left his phone in his room. She quickly called the police soon after and begged them to find him no matter what, for he is the only family that she had left after her husband's death. Almost every night for the next three months, his mother would cry over his disappearance, usually lamenting that he may have run away because she has failed as a mother. She would also call the police every week to get the latest update in their search for him, but always told that there was no progress. Even still, she holds a tiny bit of hope in her heart, believing that one day, her son would be found. Darren cried as well after hearing his mother's explanation and apologized for making her worried sick for the last three months. Although he could not tell her exactly what happened to him during those three months as no one would ever believe that he got transported to a fantasy world filled with magicians and flying cats, he did tell her that during that time, he had gone through a lot of self-reflection and vowed to her that he will become a better person moving forward.For the next seven days, Darren looked up the Internet to learn that Alicia, Shinji, Shouto, Momo, Brenda, Amelia, Mei Li, Sami, and many others have also safely return to their homes and countries. Stories of hundreds of missing people around the world mysteriously showing up and reuniting with their families all on the same week circled everywhere on the Internet, leading to several newspapers and websites questioning this phenomenon. Although their names and identities were hidden in the articles he found online, Darren knew exactly who they are by looking at their hometowns. The only one who did not remain anonymous though is Shouto, whom Darren was surprised to learn that he is the son of a member of the National Diet of Japan. He was also amused by the photo in the article he found of him looking annoyed while his politician father weeps uncontrollably as he hugs his beloved son. His mother, brother and sister look equally overjoyed by his return while standing in the background.Seven months later, Darren finally mustered the courage to take the advice of Natsu and Lucy in trying to reconcile with Wahid. He was able to track him down on social media and sent him a personal message, apologizing to him again for what happened back then and wish they can be friends again. To his surprise, Wahid responded to his message the following day, and they met each other again for the first time in seven years over a meal. They were able to converse for more than an hour, and it simply warms Darren's heart that they can chat and enjoy each other's company again. They kept in touch with each other afterwards and their relationship grew warmer with every conversation ever since.Darren also became more focused in running his family's business during the last two years and three months. Thanks to the times he had spent with Alicia, Sheena, Team Natsu and Brave Vesperia, Darren finally emerged from his life as a social outcast that followed him for the last six years, and it only got better since his reconciliation with Wahid. He took over his mother as the new manager of the company within a year, and under his leadership, he has helped continue his father's legacy and expanded their business outside the country."Darren, are you okay?" His mother asked."Huh…what?" Darren replied, realizing that he has been staring into space with a smile on his face.His mother chuckled and said while adjusting his tie, "Come on now. Stop dozing off and get in your car. You had your appointment with Wahid, don't you?""Oh yes!" Darren said anxiously as he straightens his black suit. "Look after the office while I'm gone!""Sure thing." His mother said. Darren plants a quick kiss on her cheek before he hastily runs over to his car parked at the other side of the road. He quickly gets into his car, puts on his seat belt, and waves his hand goodbye to her. His mother smiles and waves her hand back as she watches her son drives his way out of the industrial building.----Later, Wahid, dressed in a dark grey suit, looks down at his watch with his eyes narrowed as he waited outside Lau Pa Sat hawker center. He and Darren agreed to meet each other over lunch yesterday, but his friend still has not shown up. Just as he lowers his arm, he could hear Darren calling out to him."Wahid!"Wahid turns to his right and sees Darren running over to him. When he stops in front of him, Darren takes a moment to lower his head and catch his breath."It's about time you show up." Wahid said flatly as he folds his arms."Sorry Wahid. Am I late?" Darren asked wearily as he looks up at him.Wahid stays silent as he continues glaring at Darren, causing him to worry. But just as his face begins to turn pale, Wahid suddenly burst into hysterical laughter."Nope! Not at all!" Wahid whooped. Darren frowns at his friend as Wahid continues laughing and gives him a pat on the shoulder. "Seriously, you should have seen the look on your face.""Haha, I forgot to laugh." Darren replied sarcastically as the two friends walk into the hawker center together.They soon order their food and found a table located at the center of the dining area. For the next hour, they ate their meals and converse with each other by sharing what had recently happened to them this week. Wahid congratulates Darren after telling him that he successfully expanded his family business into Indonesia. Darren also congratulates Wahid for his recent engagement to his fiancée. They eventually finished eating their food and leave the hawker center together through where they originally entered. After stepping out of the building, Darren and Wahid shake hands with each other."Goodbye, Darren." Wahid said with a warm smile."See you around, Wahid." Darren replied as he smiled back at him."Good luck with your family business." Wahid said."Thanks. And don't forget to send me an invitation after you and your fiancée have set up a date for your marriage." Darren said."Of course I won't." Wahid winks an eye at him before he turns and waves goodbye. "So long!""Bye!" Darren said, waving his hand back at him. He briefly watches his friend leave before he turns around and makes his way back to his car.After walking a block away from the hawker center, Darren finds himself walking alongside an office building. He stops in his tracks when he heard laughter coming from the overhead bridge built near the office. Darren slightly turns to his left and sees a group of five young employees conversing with each other as they slowly walk down the stairs together. He continued watching them from a distance as they make a turn and walk towards the glass doors."So, I'll see you later tonight on Gun Gale Online?" One businessman asked one of his co-workers."You bet. Meet me at Kessel Avenue by 8 pm." He responded to him. "Teach me how to master the S-Ravage shotgun, alright?""I sure will." The businessman smiled at him while holding hands with the woman beside him."Oh, you boys and your crazy sci-fi weapon fantasies." The woman teased, causing the other four employees to laugh as they enter their office.Darren lowers his head and sighs inwardly as their light-hearted conversation greatly reminded him of his travels with Alicia, Sheena, Team Natsu and Brave Vesperia. He lifts his head back up about a minute later and resumes his journey back to his car.----Later that night, while his mother head to the kitchen to prepare dinner, Darren goes straight into his bedroom. After closing the door behind him, he gently places his suitcase down on the floor. He removes his tie and suit and places them neatly on his chair in front of his work desk beside him. He walks over to his bed, turns around, sits on it, and stares down at the plywood floor.Things were not all bright after Darren's return to Earth. After reuniting with his mother, Darren headed into his room and dug out the paper Alicia gave him the night before, which contains her e-mail address and the links to her social media pages. He managed to track them down on his computer and the first thing he did right away was to send her a personal message, asking her if she had arrived home safely. To his delight and relief, Alicia replied to him a few minutes later, telling him that she is back home with her parents. But their conversation was brief as Alicia told him afterwards that while it is great that they can keep in touch, it will take some time for her parents to accept the truth that she is in love with someone from another country and had no idea who he is at all. So, Alicia strongly urged him that until she finished university and convinced her parents to let her create her own path in life, it is best that they remain silent and do not communicate with each other. Darren felt disappointed at first. But knowing that her current situation with her parents was understandable, he reluctantly agreed. Alicia thanked him and promised that no matter how long it takes, they will see each other again in the future. Two years and three months later, that was still the last time they had ever spoken to each other.Knowing that his life must go on, Darren decides to focus on his family business and fulfill Wataru's dying wish in the meantime. He spent one night reading through his notebook, and knowing that Yukino, Aizawa and his family would not believe him that they were transported to a magical world, and Wataru was a victim of mind control, Darren came up with a different story that still parallels and stays faithful to the events that happened between them. He made two copies of his notebook with a photocopier in his office and contacted Momo through social media to help create a prison guard's badge and credentials for him with her magic. He received them from her two weeks later.Once he was fully prepared, he booked a flight to Tokyo on the third week of January. Thanks to the information Lenalee gave him on the night before their return to Earth, Darren found the home addresses of Yukari Yukino and Shouko Aizawa.Darren can remember how their meetings went. He explained to the both of them that he was a prison guard who transferred from Singapore to Tokyo in September 2021, and he proved to them that he was thanks to the badge and credentials Momo created for him. By the time he first met Wataru, his mental health had already deteriorated, and he began fantasizing that the prison they are in is a fantasy world and dungeon which includes humans with fire-breathing abilities and animal-like features. He would usually get into fights with him and other prisoners because of his unstable condition which he had no idea what caused it at the time. One day, Wataru was placed in solitary confinement after killing a fellow prisoner and tearing off his ear for believing he is an anthropomorphic rat. While Wataru was kept there, Darren and his friends eventually discover on their own that Wataru had been a victim of abuse and torment from some prison guards. They hope they can gather enough evidence to prove that Wataru's murder and violent behavior was the cause of torture and mental illness, and it would spare him from a possible death sentence. Unfortunately, it was too late for them as Wataru manages to escape solitary confinement and try to attack him and his friends once more. Darren had no choice to put him down in self-defense. During his final moments, Wataru apologized to Darren and confessed that he only wanted to find worthiness and inner peace in his life after being rejected his family, but because he could never depart from the path of anger and self-hatred, it ultimately led to his further downfall and eventual death. His death had a silver lining however as thanks to the evidence Darren and his friends have gathered, the investigators arrest the prison guards whom abused and tormented Wataru, as well as the warden who allowed this to happen, and they were all sentenced to life imprisonment. Darren later quits his job two days later but continue staying in Tokyo for nearly three months before deciding to return to Singapore, but not before paying a visit to Yukari, Aizawa and Wataru's family and explain to them what happened to him in prison.Yukari and Aizawa accepted his story before Darren hands each of them a copy of Wataru's notebook. He could remember their reactions and responses well. For Yukari, she thanked Darren for telling her the story and giving her a copy of his notebook, saying that while she will never forget that Wataru is responsible for her firing from Shinjuku High School back in 2014, she will also remember him for paving the path for her in regaining her strength and self-confidence, as well as finding new happiness and the man she loved.For Aizawa who has since been living with her boyfriend and became a silver medal winning Paralympian, she immediately breaks down in tears after receiving a copy of Wataru's notebook from him. Her boyfriend sat beside her to comfort her. Aizawa said that she will never forget what Wataru did to her body which eventually caused the loss of her foot, but she thanked Darren for delivering closure to her tragic past.After successfully delivering his story and Wataru's journal to them, Darren finally pays a visit to the Yoshimura family. Aizawa provided him their home address and he made his way there. Initially, upon arriving at their household and telling them he worked in the same prison Wataru was in, his parents refused to invite him in, saying that they have disowned Wataru as their son years ago. But one person inside the apartment insisted his parents in letting him in. It was Yuya, the younger brother of Wataru.As Darren and the Yoshimuras gathered in the living room, he proceeds to tell them the same story he gave to Yukari and Aizawa, as well as adding that Wataru wanted nothing more but to see his family one last time before his death. The family was silent at first until Yuya breaks down in tears. He confessed to Darren that even though Wataru was a criminal, he had never forgotten and disowned his older brother. He had thoughts of paying him a visit from time to time, but his parents urged him not to and focus on his studies instead. But Yuya still desire to know how Wataru is doing in prison for the last four years and four months, and it breaks his heart to finally learn from Darren that he has been suffering both physically and emotionally. As Darren hands the genuine version of Wataru's notebook to Yuya, his parents began crying as well, and the Yoshimuras later thank him for bringing him home.Darren lets out a heavy sigh. He had always dreamed of visiting Tokyo, but not like this. A day after his visits to Yukari, Aizawa and the Yoshimuras, he returned home to Singapore and focus on running the family business along with his mother. But although his life has become busier, there was never a day he did not think about Alicia. She should have gotten her associate degree back in the middle of November last year, yet she still did not contact him about her current situation, which caused him to worry that she is having trouble confronting her parents to let her live her life independently.But at least Alicia is still living in the same world as him. What about Sheena, Team Natsu and everyone else they have befriended back in Earth Land? He misses them dearly too and wonders what they are currently doing since the end of the war. How is Brave Vesperia doing right now, and is Karol still their leader? How is Sheena managing as the summoner of Mizuho? Is she still doing fine forming a pact with Volt every year? How is everyone in Team Natsu and Fairy Tail doing? Are they still the number 1 guild in Fiore? Did Allelujah, Marie and all other refugees who were displaced during the war manage to return to their hometowns? How is the relationship between the humans and demihumans now? Has Fiore fully recovered since the end of the war?There are so many questions regarding his friends and the current state of Earth Land that Darren wish he knew the answers to. But he will probably never know. There is simply no way to return to Earth Land and see them again. And sadly, as Lucas said back then, that is the way it is supposed to be.Darren looks up and sees his scabbard hanging above his computer and work desk by a display stand he drilled onto the wall. For a time, that katana served as his tool for protection and self-defense. However, with the war over, it only now serves as a reminder that everything Darren, Alicia and a minuscule percentage of Earth's inhabitants had experienced in Earth Land was real. From time to time, Darren would carefully withdraw his katana from its scabbard to polish it, but never again use it for battle. And as he polishes it, he would always recollect the memories of the fights he participated, and the wonderful times he spent with his friends back in Earth Land. Although his time there had its ups and downs, he would gladly relive it all over again if he were given the chance.As Darren continues gazing at his scabbard with a pensive frown, he can recall what some of his friends said to him and Alicia on the day they return home.'Don't ever forget about us as long as you live.'Darren slowly gets up from his bed and walks over to his work desk.'You two are some of the strongest people I've ever known. Never forget that.'He soon finds himself standing in front of his desk and continues staring solemnly at his scabbard.'Let this sword serve as a memento…that you are never alone.'Darren slowly reaches out his hand and gently places it on top of his scabbard.'True friendship never dies.'As he closes his eyes and sighs inwardly, Darren slides his hand across the scabbard as one last quote came into his mind.'Keep living out your life with all your might.'When Darren opens his eyes, his expression of sorrow now became one of newfound determination. It was as if whatever doubts he had before vanished in an instant. Although they will never see each other again, Darren vows to keep them in his memories for the rest of his life. And as long as he never forgets the journey he had with them, he will always remember what a strong and capable person he truly is. Team Natsu, Brave Vesperia and Sheena helped him become the man he is today, and no matter how far they are from each other now, he will not let them down.He also continues to have faith in Alicia too. She lived through the same experience as him after all, so he of all people should know that she is as strong and capable as him. With the strength and wisdom she gained from their journey, there is no way she will disappoint him and the others as well. And no matter how much longer he will have to wait, Darren believes that one day, she will return to him. After removing his hand from his scabbard, Darren turns to his right and walks over to his bedroom window to watch the sunset."Alicia, I promise you…" Darren whispered. He continues staring at the beautiful sight in the sky until he heard a creak coming from the door."Darren? Dinner is ready." His mother said to him while standing outside his room. Darren turns around and gives her a wide smile as he replied,"Coming."----Six weeks and a day later, Darren and his mother welcomed a group of clients who recently flew straight from Kota Bharu to Singapore into their office. They escort the clients into a small but still sizeable meeting room where two of their employees are waiting for them. One of them being a young woman in her early 20s and has blue eyes and long black hair that goes down to her shoulders. After the two employees greet and shake hands with the clients, both groups of four sit down at opposite sides of a wide rectangular-shaped table and face each other. The meeting was rather uneventful for the first thirty minutes."These are very interesting products your company has to offer, Mr. and Mrs. Leong. But can you elaborate how much different and better your products are compared to others currently in Kelantan markets?" The leader of the clients inquired."Well, sir. Our-" Darren was soon interrupted when his smartphone chimed. His mother narrows her eyes at him in annoyance as he chuckled sheepishly. "So sorry."As everyone in the meeting room stare at him, Darren hastily takes out his phone from his pocket. But before he was about to switch his phone to silent mode, Darren widens his eyes and drops his jaw upon seeing the message displayed on its screen.'Care to meet me at the airport?'Darren jolts up from his chair, much to the bewilderment of everyone in the meeting room."Darren?" His mother asked dumbfounded."My apologies, gentlemen. You will have to excuse me." Darren said to the clients as he puts his phone back into his pocket."W-What?" The leader of the clients said in confusion as Darren turns and leans down to the black-haired woman."Rikka, can you take over the meeting for me?" Darren whispered into her ear."What? Are you serious?" Rikka replied softly and incredulously."Hey, don't worry. You got this." Darren said reassuringly to Rikka. He winks an eye at her before he turns around and walks out of the meeting room. After the door closed behind him, his mother and Rikka turn back to the clients who are still trying to comprehend what just happened. Rikka chuckled and smiled warmly at the clients before placing her arms on the desk and clasps her hands together."So sorry about that. But regarding your question…"----Darren rushes out of the office and into his car immediately after leaving the meeting room. He berates himself for leaving the meeting halfway and he would have to apologize and explain to his mother afterwards, but this is something that he must urgently attend to. After putting on the seat belt, Darren takes out his phone again and replies to the message.'Which belt are you in?'He receives a response a minute later.'Belt 8. See you soon.'Darren puts his phone back into his pocket and places his hands on the steering wheel. He drives his car out of the industrial building and makes his way to Changi Airport. When he arrived at his destination thirty minutes later, Darren drives his car into the carpark of Jewel, the airport's signature shopping mall. He hurriedly drives through every floor of the carpark until he manages to find a vacant parking space near the elevators to the mall, much to his relief. After parking his car into the empty space, Darren quickly gets out, enters an elevator, and makes his way up into the mall.When he arrived at the first floor, Darren hastily runs through the mall and head to the bridge connected to Terminal 3 of Changi Airport, not caring about the incredulous looks the passers-by gave him as they wonder why he is in such a hurry. As he runs through the bridge, Darren began sweating and breathing heavily, but he never once thought of stopping and taking a short rest.After arriving at the terminal, Darren takes the escalator down to the lower floor where the arrival hall is. He quicky makes his way to the middle of the hall where the exact belt he is supposed to meet up is located. He skidded to a halt when he arrived there. Darren frantically looked around and searched for any sign of her. But when his attempts fail, he turns to the left side of the arrival hall, takes a deep breath, and yells at the top of his lungs."ALICIA!" Darren's voice echoed throughout the arrival hall. Most of the people in the area stare at him in bewilderment as Darren whirls about to the other side of the hall and yelled again, "ALICIA!"When he still did not get a response, Darren continues his shouting as he turns around in circles while everyone else in the hall continue watching the strange display of a frantic man in search for a lost friend with a mixture of confusion and amusement."Alicia! You don't know how long I have waited for you! How agonizing it has been for me for the last two years! And I'm sure you felt the same way too!" Darren paused for a moment to catch his breath. "I kept our promise that we would not speak to each other until you sort things out with your parents! So you don't know how overjoyed I was to learn that you are finally here! You actually did it! You confronted them and came back for me! You kept your promise! So now it's time for me to do something for you in return! You told me that you always dream of being an environmentalist! THEN LET ME SHOW YOU THE WORLD! Let's travel around the world together! See all sorts of interesting plants and animals! Experience different cultures and people! Let us discover how beautiful our world truly is!" He paused again to take a few breaths and a gulp. "So please…I beg you, Alicia…SHOW YOURSELF!""I'm right here."Darren skipped a beat upon hearing her voice. After a few moments of awkward silence, a large smile finally takes form on his face as tears well up in his eyes. He adjusts his glasses and pushes away a few strands of hair from his eyes before turning around to face her."Hey there. It's been a while." Darren said softly as he stares at the blonde-haired woman who is currently dressed in a sleeveless black sweater, blue jeans, and white boots, and had her hand placed on the handle of her metallic green luggage. The two of them silently gazed at each other until Alicia burst out a chuckle."You haven't changed much." Alicia commented.Darren wipes away his tears before he and Alicia run straight towards each other. They both wrap their arms around each other and pull themselves into a tight embrace, accompanied by loud cheers and applause from everyone in the arrival hall as they watched the spectacle."This is so much better than last night's episode of that Korean Drama!" A middle-aged woman said to her husband in amusement as they sat together at the waiting seats.As their clapping dies down, Darren and Alicia pull away from their hug and stare into each other's eyes again."So, um…care to explain to me how you got here?" Darren asked. "Did you manage to convince your parents to let you set your own path in life?""Yes." Alicia nods her head. "When I return home late that night, my parents cried and hugged me, saying that for the last few months, they were worried sick that they might have lost me, just like Daniel. But of course, their mindset in having me attend university in Auckland and become the next CEO of their medical company did not fade away. So, I did go to university two months later in January. And for the next twenty-two months, it was just study, study, and more study for me until I got my associate degree on mid-November last year. After the ceremony, not only did I told my parents that I wanted to take a year-long break from university before pursuing my bachelor's degree, I also finally told them that I do not want to become the next CEO of their medical company. I still want to become an environmentalist and forge my own path in life." Alicia gently grabs his hand. "And I also finally reveal to them about you, and I wanted to move to Singapore to be with you. Unsurprisingly, they were not happy to hear any of this, and for the next three months, it was mostly arguments and debates between me and them.""Harsh." Darren said."Oh, you think that's harsh? During January, my mother tried to persuade me to stay in New Zealand when she introduced me to some spanking rich guy who worked for some big company. Of course, because he is nothing like you, I rejected him. And you should have seen how red he was after I threw water at his face." Alicia laughed."Oh, how I wish I've seen it." Darren said as he chortled along with her."They were really mad at me for resisting them. But I do not care what they threw at me. I still stand by my desire to live my own life and see you again." Alicia said."So, what finally made them change their mind?" Darren asked."Well, they were starting to become weary and exhausted in arguing with me by the first week of February. One night, I told them that while I appreciate their concerns, nothing will make me change my mind, because the life they are trying to give me will not make me happy. Everyone deserves to find their own happiness. And if Daniel were still alive, he would never want that life for me either." Alicia paused as her face turn grim. "My father cried afterwards. He realized now that he was so focused on caring about pursuing his own happiness, that he completely forgot about how I feel and what I want. So, he finally gave in and allowed me to be independent. My mother soon agreed with him. I thanked my parents for everything they have done for me up to that point, and I spent another month packing my stuff afterwards…" Her lips curved upwards. "Before I finally book a flight to Singapore and meet you."Darren smiled back at her as he grabs her other hand. "I am so proud of you.""I would never break a promise…" Alicia replied. "Ever."Darren closes his eyes and leans his head towards her. However, Alicia places her fingers on his lips to stop his advance, causing Darren to look back at her in confusion."First, tell me, is it true that you will show me the world in return for keeping my promise to you?" Alicia asked with a smirk.Darren smiles at her, and he replied as she removes her fingers from him, "Yes. Of course I will. Whether if it's the Amazon rainforest, the Grand Canyon, or even Antarctica, I will take you anywhere.""Promise?" Alicia asked. Darren releases her hands and slides his fingers across his chest."I cross my heart…" Darren vowed before holding up his right hand. "And hope to die."Suddenly, Alicia throws her arms around Darren and plants a kiss onto his lips. Darren stares blankly at her for a moment before he closes his eyes and finds himself kissing her back. Everyone in the arrival hall erupt with cheers and applause again as they watch the couple share a tender kiss with each other.As she and her husband stay in their seats, the middle-aged woman wipes away a tear and commented, "This is so beautiful. Naneun geugeos-eul joh-ahanda!"After breaking away from their kiss and hug, Darren and Alicia exchanged glances before they chuckle and place their foreheads against each other. They both first fell in love with each other in a different world, only to be separated when they found their way home. But after nearly two years and five months, they are finally reunited in their own world, and they could not be happier.----Later that day, Darren drives Alicia to his office and introduces her to his mother, Rikka and some of their employees. Darren apologizes to his mother for leaving the office halfway during their meeting. Although she felt a little frustrated, she nevertheless forgives her son, and demands him to give Rikka a raise. Thanks to her, their business meeting with their clients from Kota Bharu was still a success. Darren thanked and praised Rikka for her handling of the meeting.Darren and his mother spent the rest of the afternoon giving Alicia a tour around their office. When his mother asked her how they first met, Darren and Alicia knew they could not tell her the entire truth. So instead, they told her they met each other through social media. They enjoy chatting and getting to know more of each other until Alicia decides to move to Singapore and meet Darren personally.When early evening came and all their employees have left, Darren, Alicia and his mother drive to their favorite hawker center and have dinner together. The three of them happily converse with each other as they eat. Not only did Alicia love the Singaporean cuisine, but she also enjoyed telling Darren's mother about herself and all sorts of interesting information about New Zealand. She was delighted to learn that Alicia is a plant enthusiast like her and her son. In return, Darren and his mother shared with her stories of their lives in Singapore.Because Alicia has not found an apartment of her own yet, Darren's mother decided to let her live in their home for the time being. Since there are only two bedrooms in their apartment, they all decided that Darren and Alicia will share the same room together, as long as they sleep in separate beds of course. Darren decided to give up his bed for Alicia while he sleeps on a spare mattress on the floor.After entering their apartment, Darren, his mother, and Alicia gave their respects to his father as they stood in front of his shrine. Afterwards, Darren takes Alicia to his room and opens the door for her. When she first entered, Alicia was astonished by the shelves placed at the left side of his room. They are all filled with comic books, video games, action figures and a few statues."Y-yeah, I'm…quite a nerd." Darren said sheepishly as he stands at the doorway and scratches the back of his head."No, it's okay. I like it!" Alicia said as she turns around and smiles at him. As Darren chuckled, she also noticed his scabbard hanging on the wall above his computer. Their smiles disappear as Alicia walks over and gently places her hand on it."You took good care of it." Alicia said softly."Do you miss them?" Darren asked."Of course, I do." Alicia said as she turns to him. "Even while I was busy with my studies, I not only think about you every day. I also think about them.""Alicia…" Darren uttered as he walks over and places his hand on her shoulder. "It's going to be alright. Remember what Gray said?"Alicia smiles at Darren again and nods her head. "Don't ever forget about them as long as we live. We became what we are now because of them. We won't let them down."As he smiles broadly at her, Darren holds up his hand. Alicia grabs it firmly and they both stare at each other, with confidence and determination.----The next day, Darren and Alicia had their breakfast together at a nearby hawker center and market before buying some food and groceries back for his mother. Because their office is closed on weekends, Darren and Alicia decide to spend most of the afternoon and evening today travelling around the city together to do some shopping and sightseeing. When they are done with their tasks, Darren and Alicia leave the building while carrying the bags containing the food and groceries they helped bought for his mother and walk down the sidewalk together as they make their way home."You should teach me some of that Chinese you spoke to those store owners earlier. I couldn't understand a single word you just said." Alicia said to Darren. She is currently wearing a plain grey tank top, black shorts, and white shoes while her boyfriend is dressed in a simple brown t-shirt, tan khaki shorts and black sandals."Or you can just speak English to them. Most of us Singaporeans are bilinguals after all." Darren replied with a smirk. Suddenly, he could hear his phone ringing. Darren takes out the phone from his pocket with his free hand and briefly stares at the screen before answering it. "Yes mom, what is it?""Darren! There are a lot of people outside our home right now! I'm not sure who they are!" His mother panicked."What?" Darren said to her in concern. "Calm down, mom. Who are they?""I don't know, but there are like…ten of them!" His mother responded. "One of them has spiky pink hair, another has dark purple hair, and one woman has long pointy ears that go sideways for some reason! I am scared they may be gangsters or something! Hello?"Darren fell silent upon hearing the descriptions of their mysterious visitors. No. It cannot be. It had to be a coincidence. But then again, why would anyone on Earth have ears that go sideways?"Darren, what is it?" Alicia asked. Darren lowers his phone as he turns to her."M-My mom said…there is a man with spiky pink hair…and a woman with long ears that go sideways outside our home…" Darren said. Alicia gasped in shock."No way…it can't be…" Alicia uttered."Hello!" Darren could hear his mother cried to him on the phone."Mom!" Darren replied as he places his phone beside his ear again. "Can you ask the man with pink hair his name?""What?" His mother replied incredulously."Just do it, please!" Darren pleaded. He could barely hear his mother questioning one of the visitors in the background for about half a minute before she got back to him. He widens his eyes and drops his jaw after hearing her answer."Mom…it's okay. They are my friends. Let them in." Darren said before hanging up his phone. He hastily puts it back into his pocket before turning to Alicia. "It's him."Darren and Alicia suddenly sprint down the sidewalk, make a sharp 90-degree turn and run across the pedestrian crossing, not caring about the driver who blared his horn furiously at them while bringing his car to a halt.They soon arrived at the bottom of their apartment building at the other side of the road and quickly get inside an empty elevator. They make their way up, and the elevator stops at the floor they lived in. As soon as the doors open, they rush out of the elevator, run over to the corridor on their right, and make another right turn to see Darren's mother standing near the entrance to their home."Mom!" Darren called to her as he and Alicia run over to her."Darren! Alicia! Your friends are in the living room." His mother said. "I just stepped outside and-" She is soon interrupted when Darren and Alicia hurriedly pass the food and grocery bags to her."Yeah, yeah. Here you go, mom. Exactly what you asked us to buy." Darren said to her before he and Alicia walk past her and over to the door at the end of the corridor. They notice ten different pairs of shoes, boots and sandals placed all over the mat and floor. The two of them briefly exchanged glances before they grab each other's hands and look back to the door."Guys?" Darren called out to their guests inside their home. When he and Alicia place their hands on the door, they gently push it open to reveal ten people and two winged cats sitting and standing around the living room."SURPRISE!" Team Natsu, Brave Vesperia and Sheena all exclaimed as soon as the door is pushed wide open.Darren and Alicia froze at the doorway in shock. No. It can't be. It's not possible. This cannot be real at all. But it is. Sitting and standing right before them were the original twelve companions who travelled alongside them since their first mission in Halure and till the final battle in Crocus.Natsu and Lucy sat together on the sofa behind the coffee table. The Fire Dragon Slayer is dressed in a long-sleeved black jacket with yellow outlines, a black shirt underneath it, a black belt with a silver buckle around his waist, white pants, and his signature white scaly scarf around his neck and collarbone. Lucy on the other hand has her long blonde hair tied to two ponytails by light purple ribbons and currently wears a sleeveless pink tank top with light purple horizontal stripes, a pair of light blue denim shorts, and black socks that go up to the bottom of her knees.Sitting on the armchair next to the sofa is Erza, who is currently dressed in her signature sleeveless white blouse with a blue ribbon tied around her collar, and a blue skirt that goes down to her thighs.Standing beside Natsu and Lucy on their right are Gray, Wendy, Happy, Carla and Sheena. Gray is dressed in his white long-sleeved coat with dark blue outlines, a black shirt and his silver cross necklace underneath it, a brown belt with a silver buckle around his waist, and dark green pants. Wendy had her long dark blue hair tied to two long ponytails by pink ribbons and wears a green long-sleeved jacket with a pink shirt underneath it, a white skirt, and a black pantyhose.The ice mage and Sky Dragon Slayer are also currently holding Happy and Carla in their arms. The blue exceed remains the same as he is while the other is wearing a long-sleeved pink blouse and a pink skirt.Sheena still keeps her black hair in a messy ponytail, but she is currently dressed in a dark purple long-sleeved jacket with a white crop top underneath it that exposes her midriff, a white belt with a gold buckle around her waist, and black jeans.Finally, standing beside Erza on her left are Karol, Judith, Estelle, and Yuri. Karol has his brown hair mostly swept back, while keeping several strands of hair hanging in front and over his right eye. He is dressed in a white long-sleeved shirt with a red ribbon tied around his collar, green pants that reach down to the bottom of his knees, and white socks.Judith is wearing a long-sleeved unbuttoned white suit with a dark red collar shirt underneath it, a black belt with a silver buckle around her waist, and black pants that exposes the sides of her legs.Estelle has a white hair clip on the front of her shoulder-length pink hair and wears a long-sleeved light orange sweater with a tan shirt underneath it, a short red necktie around its collar, a brown plaid skirt, and long black socks that go up to the bottom of her knees.And lastly, Yuri has his long dark purple hair tied to a hair knot and wears a short-sleeved dark blue uniform with a white collar shirt underneath it, a black belt with a silver buckle around his waist, and dark green plaid pants."Guys…" Alicia uttered. She and Darren take a gulp as tears consumed their eyes."It's you…" Darren said. When he and Alicia are finally able to comprehend that their minds are not playing tricks with them, Darren shouted ecstatically as his tears roll down his cheeks, "IT'S REALLY YOU!"Not caring to take off their own footwear, Darren and Alicia both make a beeline towards their friends, and everyone in the living room burst with unbridled joy as they all pull themselves into a warm group hug."Karol! Judith! Erza!" Alicia squealed as she and Darren gleefully give hugs to each of their friends."Natsu! Lucy! Sheena! Everyone!" Darren cried in delight. "You're all here!""We miss you all so much!" Alicia added as she and Darren finish by giving their last hugs to Lucy and Natsu respectively."We miss you too, guys." Natsu chuckled as he and Darren pull away from their hug."But why? Why did you come here?" Darren asked incredulously as Alicia and Lucy back away from each other. "If you guys came here from Earth Land through Cornelia's machine, there is no way for you guys to return back to your own world!""That's true…until now." Natsu said."You see, because we immediately miss you two after you step into the portal and return to your own world, us Fairy Tail and Brave Vesperia submit a proposal to Queen Hisui and the Magic Council to use the magic from Cornelia's machine to create teleportation routes between Earth Land and other worlds." Lucy explained."Of course, we needed their approval first." Estelle said. "This kind of magic is extremely dangerous when it is under the hands of someone like Cornelia and Mard Geer after all, and we remembered what Lenalee said about the people in your world being afraid of what they can't understand and comprehend. But long story short, after six months of debates, discussions and planning between Queen Hisui, the Magic Council, the guilds and the town leaders, the project to establish a transport hub between worlds was greenlit. The golden rule we established is that Earth Landers are allowed to travel to different worlds as long as they do not reveal their magic to their inhabitants as much as possible. Rune Knights will be dispatched into those worlds to apprehend anyone breaking this rule.""You really got to thank Rita and Sheena for making this transport hub into a reality." Yuri said. "Thanks to Rita's knowledge and oversight in this project, within a year and seven months, we are able to finish building it and establish multiple teleportation routes with many worlds outside our own including Edolas, Telsis and of course, Earth.""Passenger ships will be able to travel freely between worlds, and at fast speed too thanks to Volt's Lightning." Sheena said."Volt's Lightning?" Darren said. Sheena nods her head to him."After the end of the war, my people realized how vulnerable Mizuho still is despite its defenses and why it is so important to cooperate with Crocus and other settlements in Fiore to combat any future threats. So, after many generations, Mizuho finally abolished its isolation policy and opened itself with the rest of the world." Sheena said."Earth is the biggest and most populated of all the worlds, which is why we established four different transport hubs throughout your world, hidden and isolated from the rest of the public. One of them being right here in Singapore." Gray said."We spent another two months testing out the teleportation routes. Mages from several guilds including ours and Brave Vesperia volunteered in travelling through these routes. Thankfully, all the tests we conducted were a success. And another month later, the transport hub is finally opened to the public." Erza said."The response from the public was overwhelmingly positive! Millions of Earth Landers show up on opening day, eager to see what these other worlds outside our own look like!" Happy squealed."Of course, the first world we all decided to visit on its first day of operation is yours, and we remember Darren lived in Singapore. Thanks to Natsu and Wendy who remember how he smell like, we were able to travel all the way from the city to your home. And that's how we got here." Carla said."With four different transport hubs here in your world, this also means you guys can visit Earth Land again and anytime!" Lucy said excitedly before she leans towards Alicia and whispered into her ear, "We'll give you both the secret location of the transport hub here in Singapore later.""If you ever drop by at Earth Land again, come visit Mizuho! My hometown is now welcoming tourists from all over the world, which of course keeps Mei, Kallen and Sumeragi busy!" Sheena said with her arms folded and a wide grin on her face."We can finally visit Edolas again without the need of Aqua Aera!" Wendy cried happily."Aw man, you should see how cute Edo-Lucy and Edo-Natsu's daughter is!" Natsu said with a grin."And you should visit Telsis too! It's really beautiful!" Judith added cheerfully."What about Allelujah and Marie? Are they okay?" Darren asked concernedly."Don't worry, they are doing fine." Estelle said reassuringly to him. "They and the other Azadistanis returned back to Azadistan after the end of the war. Their city has since been reconstructed, and like Mizuho, they have opened to the rest of Fiore. And both Allelujah and Marie now have a wonderful pair of twins together.""In fact, all the cities and towns in Fiore have been rebuilt since then. Zaphias, Lhant, Baticul…turns out a lot more civilians and former praetors survived the war than we expected." Yuri added."That's great." Darren smiled back at them, relieved to finally know that his Azadistani friends and everyone else are alright. "I should definitely pay them a visit one day so we can catch up on things.""Speaking of catching up, I can't wait to introduce you two to Aquarius! I reunited and reforged our contract with her during the 100 Years Quest we took after you both left Earth Land." Lucy said eagerly to Darren and Alicia."If you are wondering about the suit by the way, Makoto and I have been working part-time as demihuman ambassadors for the Magic Council to help promote peace and friendship between the humans and demihumans." Judith explained before she smiles tenderly and cups her chin with one hand while placing the other behind her back. "I still look attractive in this suit, don't I?""And man, I can't wait to share with you two about Brave Vesperia's first ever participation in the Grand Magic Games! We came in second last in the end though, but it was still a great experience!" Karol said excitedly."We all still have big dreams." Yuri said as he and Estelle both smile at Darren and Alicia while clasping each other's hands."But enough about what's been happening in our world for now. We got questions for the both of you about your world too. Like, are men seriously not allowed to show off their chests publicly on the streets in this world? What's the deal with that?" Gray asked with an arched eyebrow."You should have seen the look on Gray's face when he got scolded by the knights!" Happy snickered, failing to hold back his laughter."SHUT UP, YOU!" Gray bellowed as he glares down at Happy."Knights? You mean police officers, right?" Alicia said in confusion."Yeah, that." Wendy chuckled before she and everyone in the living room chortled.When their laughter dies down, Darren and Alicia observe the smiles on everyone's faces, and they could not help but feel the urge to cry once more as tears of joy form in their eyes again."Thank you…all of you…" Alicia said to them softly."You did all of this…just to see us again…" Darren added."Of course we would come back for you." Lucy replied as she, Sheena, and the other members of Team Natsu and Brave Vesperia could feel tears pool up in their eyes too."We all see you both…as family." Natsu added."And a family always stay together!" Happy squealed as he lifts his paw up in the air, with tears freely rolling down his cheeks like tiny rivers.As they all begin weeping silently, everyone present in the living room go up to each other and pull themselves into another warm group hug, completely unaware that Darren's mother has been standing outside the doorway the whole time and watching the display with a wide smile.As they stay in their embrace, Darren and Alicia look back on what an amazing journey this has been, and it all started with them being mysteriously transported into a completely different world after suffering tragic fates back in their own. As if it were arranged by destiny, they would later meet Sheena, Team Natsu and Brave Vesperia, who took them on an adventure that later turn from a journey to return home, into a mission to save the world. The fight for survival was terrifying for them at first, but it eventually ended with victory over the enemy, and they both came out of it with a renewed sense of hope and determination for the future.And just when their story could have ended with their reunion years after their return home, they are now also reunited with their friends from Earth Land. Now it is their turn to experience a whole new world. And as long as they have each other, they look forward to whatever lies ahead of them next. For as they have always wish for themselves…keep living out your life with all your might.The End----Song Suggestion:The Story Ends and the Journey Begins (From Ring a Bell) by Motoi Sakuraba (Throughout the epilogue)----Epilogue…(A slideshow of pictures of what Darren, Alicia, Sheena, Team Natsu, Brave Vesperia and all the surviving characters are now doing after the end of the story.)Later in the afternoon, Darren takes everyone to the Merlion Park where they get up close and personal with the country's iconic white statue of the mythical creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish. With the entire view of the right side of the Merlion statue in the background, Darren, Alicia, and their friends all stand close to each other and smile cheerfully as their mysterious photographer help take the shot for them with Darren's smartphone.In the next picture, as they stand in front of the left side of the Merlion statue, Darren, Alicia, Natsu, Lucy and Sheena all huddle close to each other and made ridiculous grins to the camera as their photographer takes a shot of this moment.Next, Erza smiles blissfully as she stands in the middle and rests her head against Natsu as she wraps her arms around him and Gray. Both Natsu and Gray look equally annoyed while Lucy, Wendy, Happy and Carla crouch and stand in front of them as they smile for the camera.Next, Sheena and Karol positioned themselves in front of Yuri, Estelle, and Judith as they pose together in front of the left side of the statue. As she crouches beside him, Sheena and Karol grin as everyone gave peace signs to the camera. Yuri and Estelle laugh as they lean their heads against each other while Judith smiles calmly.Lastly, in a picture that shows an angled view of the Merlion's head, Happy spreads out his arms and squeals in delight as he sits on top of the statue.Later, Darren takes everyone inside the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. As they enter, Alicia, Sheena, Team Natsu and Brave Vesperia look around the interior of the large and vibrant shopping mall in awe.As they stand outside of a Western restaurant near the entrance, Natsu and Happy gawks at the food laid on one of the tables while the customers stare at them in fear and concern. Lucy, Erza, Darren, and Alicia chide Natsu and Happy to stay away from the food and apologize to the customers.Everyone momentarily went their separate ways. Inside a women's clothing store, Lucy and Estelle happily converse with each other as they look through a rack of dresses together. Standing nearby, Erza and Judith smile approvingly at each other as they each hold up a beautiful sleeveless dress in front of them.In a men's clothing store, Yuri tries on a leather belt in front of a mirror. Nearby, Gray holds up a black leather jacket in front of him…while he is shirtless. The store's manager is about to go over and advise him to put his coat back on and only strip in the dressing rooms.At a toy store, rather than being amazed by the toys that the shop has to offer, the children instead gather around Wendy and Karol who are both carrying Happy and Carla in their arms and wanting to stroke or give a pat on the exceeds' heads. The four of them all laugh and smile happily in the picture.Both Sheena and Alicia stand outside the supermarket after buying some sushi and drinks for themselves. Sheena eats her sushi with her eyes wide, realizing how delicious they are and wish they had this back in Mizuho now. Alicia stands beside her and watches in amusement while carrying two bottles of coke in her hands, and a plastic bag of other types of sushi they bought around her right elbow.Inside a sports shop, Natsu sits down on a chair and converses with Darren while showing him a pair of black sports shoes with red and orange flame decals that he is currently trying to wear. Darren smiles as he stands beside him and holds up two other pairs of fancy sports shoes that the Fire Dragon Slayer can try on.After everyone finish their shopping, they reunite at the middle of the mall where the canal and fountain are. Darren, Alicia, Natsu and Lucy sat together in a sampan, and they smile and wave their hands to the photographer as they ride along the canal.Gray, Wendy, Karol, and Judith ride together in another sampan while Happy and Carla sit on their laps. As their sampan makes a slow turn around the fountain, they all smile and wave their hands to the photographer just as water pours down from the top and splash beside them.Yuri, Estelle, Erza and Sheena sat together in another sampan. As their ride is about to come to an end, Estelle widens her eyes in shock as Yuri plants a surprise kiss on her right cheek. Erza and Sheena simply smile and gave peace signs to the camera as they sit in front of the couple.After leaving the mall, Darren takes all his friends to the Gardens by the Bay. Shortly after entering the Cloud Forest, everyone took another group picture as they all stand close to each other in front of some falling streams of water coming down from the top of a lush green mountain behind them.Natsu and Lucy take a picture together by crouching in front of a large sculpture of a white lotus flower. They grasp each other's hands as they smile for the camera.Darren and Alicia also take a picture of themselves as they stand against the railings of a metal bridge, with a section of the lush green mountain behind them. They also hold hands and lean their heads against each other as they smile at the photographer.When they all reach the top of the mountain, everyone took another group picture as they all stand in front of a large display of plants, ferns, and flowers in the middle of a pool of water. Darren, Alicia, Natsu, Lucy, Sheena, Yuri, and Estelle wrap their arms around each other while Carla, Wendy, Gray, Erza, Judith, Karol, and Happy crouch in front of them. Everyone smiled as the photographer takes a picture of them.Later in the evening, after almost an entire day of shopping and sightseeing, Darren takes them to Makansutra Gluttons Bay, a food court located beside the Esplanade Theatres. After ordering what they want to eat for dinner, Darren, Alicia, Natsu, Lucy, Erza, Gray, Wendy, Happy, Carla, Sheena, Karol, Judith, Yuri, and Estelle all stand in front of their tables and close to each other while holding out their plates of food. They all smile at the camera as the photographer takes a shot of them.After taking their group picture, Darren, Alicia, Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Sheena and Karol sat around one of the round tables. In the middle of the shot, Natsu and Happy are pigging out on their mee goreng, barbeque chicken wings and fried fish. Lucy, who sat beside them on their right, chided them while trying to eat her fried rice. Darren and Alicia simply laugh as they sat beside Lucy on her right and watch the Fire Dragon Slayer and his exceed in amusement while eating their nasi lemak. Sheena and Karol are both speechless and have sweat rolling down the side of their heads as they sat beside Happy on his left and watch the display with their plates of chicken rice in front of them.Gray, Wendy, Carla, Erza, Judith, Yuri, and Estelle sat around the other round table beside theirs. Gray blissfully eats his ice kachang while Wendy takes a bite on a satay stick with her eyes wide as they sit beside each other at the left side of the picture. Carla munches on her fried fish as she sits between Wendy and Erza. Erza and Judith converse happily as they sit beside each other while eating their bowls of laksa noodle soup. Finally, as they sit beside Judith on her left, Yuri and Estelle smile at each other as they both pick up some of their fried carrot cake and place their chopsticks inside their mouths.After finishing their dinner, everyone crossed a bridge and make their way back to Merlion Park. They all sit down on the stairway beside the Merlion statue, and they widen their eyes and gape their mouths open in awe at what is displayed in front of them right now.In the next picture, it is revealed that they are currently watching the spectacular night light and water show across the other side of the Singapore River. Jets of water pump into the air at the other side of the river, while the Shoppes, the Marina Bay Sands building, the ArtScience museum, the Helix Bridge and the Singapore Flyer are all brighten up with beautiful shining lights.As lasers shot down from the top of the Marina Bay Sands and onto the Singapore River, Darren holds up his smartphone to take a quick selfie of him and some of his friends. Alicia, Sheena, Erza, Natsu and Lucy stand close to him as the latter grabs the arm of their photographer and pulls her into the shot, revealing to be Virgo who has been helping to take pictures for them all along. While Virgo remains expressionless, Darren and the others all smile for the camera with the laser show and Marina Bay Sands building in the background.As the light and water show comes to its finale, Darren, Alicia, Sheena, Team Natsu and Brave Vesperia take one last group picture together as they stand at the edge of the river with the Marina Bay Sands building and its surrounds in the distance. Virgo takes the shot as they all huddle close to each other, creating another memorable photo that they will cherish for years to come.Darren, Alicia, Sheena, Team Natsu and Brave Vesperia are not the only ones enjoying their time in Earth.Over in London, Rita, Raven, Patty and Flynn are standing at the side of River Thames. With the iconic Tower Bridge behind them in the distance, they all wrap their arms around each other and smile at the photographer.In another part of London, Bacchus, Jager, Nobarly, Rocker, Semmes and Warcry all walk across the zebra crossing at Abbey Road together, recreating a certain iconic album cover.In Barcelona, Asbel, Cheria and Sophie all stand in front of Sagrada Familia. They smile as they look down at the lacrima phone which the new mayor of Lhant is holding downwards with a selfie stick. Asbel takes a shot of them with the top front view of the iconic basilica in the background.Over in Paris, Jeanne and Jack smile at the photographer as they lean against the metal railing at the balcony of their new apartment, with a perfect view of the Eiffel Tower in the background. When she first arrived, the Maid of Orleans shed tears of joy upon setting foot on the capital of France for the very first time in her life.In the Johannesburg township of Soweto, Nolan, Velvet, Laphicet and Eleanor take a group picture with several children and townspeople they have met and befriended during their visit. Nolan holds up his lacrima phone with a selfie stick as he, Velvet, Laphicet and Eleanor stay in the middle, while the residents of Soweto stand around them. They all look up at the camera, wave their hands, and gave their happiest smiles as Nolan takes a shot of this beautiful moment.Over at Geneva, Noel, Makoto, Tsubaki, Ragna and Jin are enjoying their boat ride around the city's lake. They lean against the railing at the top of the boat, wrap their arms around each other and smile at the photographer as they pose in front of some mountains in the distance.Somewhere at the outskirts of Fairbanks, Jason and Yegor are in the former's family ranch. They both smile for the camera as they sat on the saddles of their horses.In downtown Chicago, as they take a photo of themselves with the Cloud Gate behind them, Kirito crouches down to Yui's level, wraps his arms around her, and snuggles his cheek against hers. Yui giggles as they both smile for the camera.At Liberty Island in New York City, while wearing similar crowns on their heads, Juvia, Gajeel, Levy, Panther Lily, Cana and Gildarts wrap their arms around each other, look down at their camera and smile as they take a shot of themselves with the entire front view of the Statue of Liberty behind them.Over in Los Angeles, Mirajane, Elfman, Lisanna, Laxus, Freed, Bickslow and Evergreen wrap their arms around their shoulders while Makarov places his hands on the sides of his hip as he stands in front of them. They all smile at the photographer as they stand in the middle of a palm tree lined street with a clear view of the Hollywood Sign in the background.At the Grand Canyon, Alzack carries Asuka in his arms as he and Bisca stand behind the metal railing with a gorgeous view of a section of the canyon behind them. They stand close and lean their heads against each other as the family of three smile for the camera.At Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Tryo, Macey, Miruko and Pony all smile and each gave a thumbs-up to the camera as they stand behind the railing and take a shot of them with the entire view of the sculpture of the four presidents.At a beach in Oahu, Sol, Aria and Totomaru are dressed only in their trunks as they lie down on their mats they placed on the sand. They all have huge smiles on their faces as they place their hands behind their heads and rest.Over in Pisa, as they stand far away from the Pisa Cathedral and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Ivar tilts himself to the side and extends his left arm out as he wants the photographer to take a good shot of him looking like he placed his hand onto the iconic bell tower. Unfortunately for him, as Ivar starts to lose his balance, the photographer was a second late, and they ended up taking a picture of him tripping over with his eyes wide and his jaw plummeted. Milla, Jude, Leia, Ludger, and Beatrice stare at him with a mixture of concern and amusement as they all stand beside him at the left side of the picture.At the Acropolis of Athens, Kira, Lacus, Achilles and Atalanta all huddle close to each other and smile for the camera as they stand in front of the Parthenon. The four of them travelled to Greece to take a break from their duties as leaders and protectors of Petunia.In Berlin, as they stand at the center of a sidewalk, Brenda holds down her smartphone with a selfie stick, and she, Emmanuel, Yukino, Sting, Rogue, Minerva, Sorano, Lector and Frosch all smile and pose for the camera with the Berlin Victory Column in the background. During their visit, Brenda revealed to Sting and Yukino that she had since managed to return the possessions of the former members of her expedition, including of her late friend Petra, to their relatives during the two years and four months since her return home. Both Sting and Yukino are happy to know that Brenda is now doing fine on her own.At the Himalayas, Allelujah, Marie and their nomad successfully climbed up to the top of a ridge. As the husband and wife wrap their arms around each other, their nomad help take a picture of them smiling with a clear view of Mount Everest behind them.Over in Seoul, while dressed in colorful hanboks, Ichiya, Hibiki, Eve, Ren, Nichiya, Jenny, Sherry, Sherria, Lyon, Yuka, Toby, and Jura all gave their flashiest grins and poses for the camera as they stand at the center of the square in front of Geunjeongmun Gate in Gyeongbokgung Palace.In Xi'an, Amelia, Mei Li, C.C., Road and Lero happily bite on their sticks of sausages and fried squids as they stand in the middle of the street through a night market in the Lianhu District.At the district of Ikebukuro in Tokyo, Celty, now dressed in a plain black biker suit and black gloves, stands beside her new companion Shooter, disguising as a black motorcycle, as she poses for the camera and in front of the Cinema Sunshine building in Sunshine 60 Street.Inside a restaurant, Archer, now dressed in a white long-sleeved uniform, black pants, and black leather shoes, stands in front of the cash register with his arms folded and his lips curved slightly upwards to form a wan smile. As Miki Okudera and her husband Shoji stand beside him, the two of them smile delightfully at the camera, welcoming their newest chef.Inside the Sky Restaurant in Tokyo Skytree, Gilbert Bougainvillea and Violet Evergarden sat across from each other at a dining table next to the windows, showing an aerial night view of the bustling city. As Gilbert places his only hand on the table, Violet places her new right prosthetic hand on top of it while she uses the other to hold up a glass of water. They both turn their heads and smile at the photographer while enjoying their dinner.In a small Chinese restaurant located in the middle of the streets of Shinjuku, Allen gorges himself on his bowl of rice, youtiao, and pork rib soup. Lenalee, in her casual clothes, smiles sheepishly as she sits beside him and realizes what a big appetite her boyfriend has. Her friends, Yukari Yukino, Takao Akizuki, and Taiga Fujimura all laugh as they sit at the opposite side of the table and watch the display with amusement. The restaurant owners, Lin Tai Feng and Izumo Kamiki, smile as well as they stand nearby.At Palette Town in Odaiba, Shinji and Misato sit beside each other inside one of the cars of Daikanransha Ferris wheel. They both smile at the camera in delight as Misato holds out her smartphone in front of them. Since his return to Earth, Shinji's relationship with Misato had greatly improved, and he also finished his senior year of school with flying colors and graduated in November last year.Over at the district of Asakusa, Shouto, Momo, Tenya, Mirio and Mei stand beside their friends, Izuku Midoriya and Ochaco Uraraka, and behind Katsuki Bakugo, Tsuyu Asui, Eliot Smith, Melissa Shield, Denki Kaminari and Kyouka Jirou who are crouching down. They all smile cheerfully as their photographer takes a group shot of them in front of the Kaminarimon at Senso-ji Temple.At the other side of Oshima Island where Momo's former summer house is located, Tokoyami stand alongside his new friends, Mina Ashido, Eijiro Kirishima and Nejire Hado. As they stand together in the center of a forest between the house and village, Kirishima holds out his phone in front of them and they all smile for the camera.On the shore of Nagahama Beach in Kozushima Island, Hodaka, Hina and Nagi all pump up their fists and jump with joy while dressed in their trunks and swimsuit, ready to spend the entire morning having fun and enjoying each other's company.At a floating market in Bangkok, Kallen and Sumeragi purchased some canned drinks and a coconut from a drink vendor they passed by earlier. As they sit beside each other at the center of a wooden boat, Kallen and Sumeragi slurped up their coconut water, their eyes wide as their mouths puckered around their straws.In downtown Kuala Lumpur, as they look down at the camera in front of them, Tsugumi and Ayase smile as the half-demihuman places her hands on the handles of her friend's wheelchair, while standing below and in front of the Petronas Twin Towers.In Sydney, while standing at the viewing platform at the back of a tour boat, Jellal, Erigor, Erik, Meredy, Richard, Wally, Shou, Macbeth, Sawyer, Millianna, Kagura, Beth, Arana and Risley all huddle together and smile at the photographer as they take a shot of them with a clear view of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge behind them.At the Western Desert of Egypt, Lucas and Sayyid turn their heads around and smile at the camera while sitting on the backs of their camels as they ride towards the direction of the Great Pyramid of Giza.Somewhere in Finland, as they stand far away from their cabin, Sami and Vasda, both dressed in their winter clothes, smile and wave their hands at the camera as they take a shot of themselves standing under the Northern Lights in the night sky.At the Mexican state of Yucatan, their photographer takes a shot of Sorey, Mikleo and Raine squealing in excitement as they run towards the Temple of Kukulkan in Chichen Itza. As they chase after them, Rose, Alisha and Genis call out to the three to wait for them while Lloyd, Colette, Zelos and Lailah laugh.Over at the Red Square in Moscow, Luke, Guy, Tear, Anise, Natalia, and Jade stand in front of the Monument to Minin and Pozharsky and Saint Basil's Cathedral. Everyone stood close to each other, except Guy who placed himself about a meter away from Anise and the others, and they all smile for the camera.On the viewing platform at the top of Sugarloaf Mountain, Magilou, Rokurou, Edna, Eizen and Zaveid stand behind the metal railing, wrap their arms around each other and smile at the photographer as they take a shot of them with a beautiful aerial view of Rio de Janeiro behind them.Finally, in the Indian city of Agra, Romeo, Macao, Wakaba, Mickey, Pii-Chan, Kinana, Laki and Mest stay close to each other as they crouch down in front of the reflecting pool that leads up to the Taj Mahal. They all smile and hold up peace signs as their photographer takes a picture of them with the iconic mausoleum behind them in the distance.In one final picture, Darren, Alicia, Sheena, Team Natsu and Brave Vesperia stand together in front of a small playground located below and behind Darren's apartment building.Darren and Alicia stand together in the center and wrap their arms around their shoulders. Happy, Natsu and Lucy stand beside them on the left as the Fire Dragon Slayer and the Celestial Spirit mage have their arms wrap around their waists. Happy simply places his paws on the sides of his hip. Karol, Wendy, and Carla are standing next to Darren and Alicia on their right. The leader of Brave Vesperia and the Sky Dragon Slayer have their hands place behind their backs while Carla folds her arms.Standing behind Natsu and Lucy are Yuri and Estelle, who hold each other's hands and lock their fingers together. Beside them and behind Darren and Alicia are Judith and Sheena, who both hold up their hands and gave peace signs. Finally, beside the Krityan and the summoner of Mizuho are Gray and Erza, who place their hands on the shoulders of Karol and Wendy as they stand behind them.Everyone smiles blissfully at the camera as Virgo takes a clear shot of all of them.This picture has been placed inside a wooden frame and beside his computer in his bedroom to serve as another memento for Darren that no matter where his friends may be, they are still much closer to him than he thought.
Dawn of Arcadia Chapter 64 - Fairy Tail/Tales Of,Story cover/Artwork drawn by Iceiclesified/IceikoryCheck out her websites, , and the battle was over, the mages, Rune Knights, Cherry Blossom Holy Knights, Mizuhans and Qital Dire warriors travel around the city to help clean up the wreckage and find any surviving civilians who are still trapped or hiding inside the damaged buildings. The hospitals are filled with injured civilians, soldiers, and mages, with Ayase, Tsugumi, Sumeragi, Mei, Celty, Natalia, Sophie, Cheria, Asbel, Cosmos and Kama being among those placed under intensive care. And after the Rune Knights placed magic sealing chains and handcuffs around their ankles and wrists, Riah and Cornelia are taken into one of the Magic Council ships and being transported to their headquarters in Era where they will no doubt face trial and receive a heavy punishment far worse than anyone can imagine.The damages that the battle had left behind was greater than expected. But on the following day, instead of showing sorrow and despair, the citizens of Crocus and everyone who participated in the final battle against Cornelia and Mard Geer displayed a strong sense of hope and unity, knowing that peace and stability has returned to the capital and all of Earth Land.When they see Hisui and Toma approaching the balcony of the highest tower of the Flower Light Palace, with Arcadios, Darton and a few other Cherry Blossom Holy Knights following them from behind, the entire city roared with cheers. All the mages, knights, former praetors, Mizuhans and Azadistanis who participated in the final battle of the war and are not currently hospitalized are invited into the palace grounds, where they gather round the central square and look up at the Queen and her father with smiles and cheers.Meanwhile, the citizens of Crocus stood outside the palace walls where they can still watch their beloved Queen deliver her speech by staring at the large and wide magical screens floating in front of the walls. The other mages, knights and Mizuhans are also able to watch her speech while resting on their hospital beds by staring up at the lacrima screens hanging from the ceiling in front of them.As she and her father stood at the balcony, Hisui momentarily looks down and notices Team Natsu smiling and waving their hands at her as they stand in front of everyone at the central square below. Hisui chuckled and waves her hand back at them before she lifts her head up and gazes at the entire city of Crocus in front of her."People of Crocus, Fiore and all across Earth Land…" She began. "Our battle against the former organization known as the Abbey is officially over. And thus, we are now entering a new era of peace and stability across the world. But this day does not just belong to humanity. It also belongs to the demihumans, and all other races who live across this beautiful world. According to the Rune Knights, one of the leaders and masterminds of the Abbey was the demon known as Mard Geer Tartaros, the same man responsible for the Tartaros Incident, which caused the great divide between humans and demihumans. But today, if it were not for the help of the demihumans, if we humans had not fought alongside them, Mard Geer Tartaros and the Abbey would have destroyed this beloved city and continue their mission to erase all life on Earth Land. As Queen of Fiore, on behalf of all humans in this nation…I thank you all demihumans for your great assistance. So may this battle also serve as a lesson to all of us…that when we accept everyone from all walks of life, and stand united as one, we can overcome anything, even the darkest of times. We humans and demihumans have triumphantly won against the enemy. Now it is time for us to rebuild our home together. And let us hope that this new era of peace and stability will last us for all time."Everyone in the central square, outside the palace walls and throughout the capital cheer and applaud after Hisui finished her speech. Some humans and demihumans even began sharing hugs with each other.Down at the central square, Natsu, Lucy, Darren, Alicia, and Sheena all smile at each other as they continue clapping and celebrating along with the other mages, knights, former praetors, Mizuhans and Azadistanis.Judith, Makoto, Road, Lero and Pony bore tears in their eyes after hearing their Queen thanking their race for their hard-earned victory against the Abbey. When Pony could not resist the urge to cry any longer, she began sobbing uncontrollably and wiping away the tears that are now flowing down her cheeks. Tryo and Miruko smile at her as they gently wrap their arms around her shoulders.Noel gives a gentle pat on Makoto's back as she stands beside her. Makoto turns and stares at her friend for a moment before she weeps and hugs her tightly. Noel chuckles as she wraps her arms around her friend, and they are now locked in a warm embrace. Tsubaki smiles as she stands behind them and watch. But to her surprise, Makoto and Noel suddenly grab her arms and pull her into their hug."This is such a beautiful day, Lerrrroooo!" Lero wailed jovially as the umbrella sheds tears of joy."I know!" Road replied as she hugs him tightly in her arms. Archer simply smiles at the girl and her umbrella as he stands behind them. Tokoyami and C.C. also smile at them as they gently place their hands on Road's shoulders.When Achilles noticed Atalanta wiping her eyes, he wraps his arm around her shoulders and gives her a warm smile. Atalanta blankly stares at him for a moment before she snorts and turns her head away."It's not what you think." Atalanta murmured, causing Achilles to chuckle.After Judith wipes away the tears in her eyes, she could feel Karol gently grabbing her right hand. The krityan turns and looks down at the young leader, who smiles tenderly at his fellow guildmate."Our mission to build a peaceful world for both our races is far from over. I could definitely require your help with that." Karol said. Judith's eyes softened and her lips curved up into a warm smile."With pleasure." Judith replied with a nod. Yuri places his hand on her left shoulder as he, Estelle, Rita, Flynn, Raven and Patty stand beside them. The members of Brave Vesperia and Flynn all smile at each other before they turn skyward and look forward to the future ahead of them."Erza…" Jellal said to his childhood friend. Erza stops clapping and lowers her hands as she turns around and sees him standing in front of her. They both gaze into each other's eyes for a few seconds before they pull themselves into a warm embrace, and a prolonged and romantic kiss.Both Happy and Carla fly down to Natsu and Wendy and put away their wings to allow the Dragon Slayers to wrap their arms around their bodies. The Dragon Slayers and their exceeds laugh as they snuggle close to each other. After Erza pulls away from her kiss and hug with Jellal, she turns to Darren, Alicia, Sheena, and her fellow members of Team Natsu, and they all smile at each other. As everyone around them continue cheering and celebrating, they all wrap their arms around each other and pull themselves into a warm group hug, giving themselves a pat on their backs for another job well done.----The next morning, Darren, Alicia, Sheena, Team Natsu and most of Brave Vesperia visit the royal theatre located at the other side of Crocus. The building itself was spared from any damages thanks to its location far away from the Flower Light Palace and the residential districts that are nearest to the city's main entrance.Shortly after the celebration yesterday, the Rune Knights and Rita brought Cornelia's machine to the theatre where the researcher soon got to work in getting it operational to bring Darren, Alicia, and many others back to their own world. Originally, they thought of having Cornelia to do the job after capturing her, but they no longer require her to do that since Rita happens to be just as intellectual in both lacrimas and machinery as the former leader of the Abbey. It took nearly ten hours, but Rita eventually managed to crack Cornelia's security and intelligence codes to reverse the machine's interdimensional flow, which will transport people from Earth Land to the other world.When the job is done, Nolan, Lucas, Noel, Makoto, and Medea contacted everyone who participated in the final battle about this, saying all the people of Earth will finally be able to return home tomorrow. They invite them to come to the royal theatre in the morning, and any friends they have made in Earth Land are welcome to watch their departure.Darren, Alicia, Sheena, Team Natsu and the other members of Brave Vesperia were initially overjoyed by the news. That is until Darren and Alicia quickly realize that once they enter the machine and return to Earth, they will never see the friends they have made in Earth Land again, and what was supposed to be another joyous occasion ended up being plagued with a sense of melancholy. The members of Team Natsu could emphasize with them, as they too experience the same feeling after leaving Edolas eight years ago. Nevertheless, knowing that their relatives back on Earth are worried sick over their disappearances, Darren and Alicia reluctantly pack their stuff and prepare for their departure. Nobody else say a word after that, and the rest of the night for them was uneventful.After passing through another pair of golden doors, Darren, Alicia, Sheena, Team Natsu and Brave Vesperia arrived at the bottom floor of the auditorium. It has a large and wide stage at the other end of the room, and facing it are about 420 seats lined up in 14 horizontal rows. There are also additional seats located in the upper floors and both sides of the large room. Upon entering, they immediately spot Rita, Nolan, Lucas, Noel, Makoto, Medea, Kirito, Yui, Hina and Jeanne standing on stage and beside Cornelia's machine. As they stay in their seats at the frontmost row, Sting, Yukino, Allelujah, Marie, Velvet, Laphicet, Jack, Shouto, Momo, Tenya, Mirio, Hodaka, Shinji, Lenalee, Allen, Emmanuel, Brenda, Jason, Yegor, Amelia, Mei Li, Violet, Beatrice, Sami and Vasda turn around and see the newest visitors of the auditorium standing at the doorway."You guys have arrived." Nolan said to them with a wan smile, his voice echoed throughout the mostly empty theatre."Sorry we took a while. Some of us were still trying to comprehend what is about to happen here." Gray said as he and his friends walk through the lane between the rows of seats. Darren and Alicia briefly lower their heads and purse their lips. They stop between the second frontmost row of seats and near the stage."I'm sure most of you here already know this, but this machine which Cornelia built to gather up souls and revive Mard Geer into his physical form is in fact the same machine used to transport many people from the other world into ours." Nolan explained to everyone present in the auditorium. "Thanks to Rita, she managed to reverse the interdimensional flow of the machine, which will help return you all back to Earth.""And Telsis, which is the home world of Miss Evergarden over there." Rita said as she gestures to Violet."The Great Rita Mordio does it again." Judith chuckled."I'll be able to see him again." Violet said softly with a weak smile as she places her remaining prosthetic hand over her emerald brooch. Velvet, Laphicet and Jack all smile and nod their heads to her as they sat beside her."What are Kirito, Jeanne, Allelujah and the others doing here?" Happy asked as he floats behind and above Natsu and Lucy."We heard from Medea that Darren and Alicia are returning home. So, we came to bid our farewells to them." Allelujah responded. Darren and Alicia momentarily widen their eyes at him and Marie, as if his words have struck their hearts."And once we return to Earth…" Alicia murmured as they grew despondent. "We will never see them again." She, Darren, Sheena, Team Natsu and Brave Vesperia lower their heads and stay silent for a few moments."That's the way it's supposed to be, unfortunately." Lucas said to them grimly."When we return back to our own world," Mirio examines his hand for a moment before looking up at Rita. "Will these powers we have remain inside us?""Yes. I believe the particles of the interdimensional flow does not affect the human anatomy since all of you first arrived here perfectly fine with no side effects. Why do you ask?" Rita inquired."Let's just say back in our world, people are usually afraid of what they can't understand and comprehend." Lenalee said with a cringe."I see. Well, judging by the time and training you have spent with the Abbey, I'm confident you will all be able to keep these powers under your control." Rita said."We'll do our best to keep them a secret." Tenya said as he, Shouto, Momo, Mirio, Allen, Lenalee, Sami and Beatrice solemnly bow their heads to her."Speaking of their powers, what have you done with the lacrimas that gave them these powers, Rita?" Karol inquired."I never like doing this to my personal creations, but after Nolan's friends deliver them to me straight from Zaphias, I destroyed most of them." Rita said."Most of them?" Estelle asked."I saved five." Rita said as she summons one of the lacrimas recovered from the former Abbey laboratory. "I keep one for myself, and I give one each for the four people whom Nolan and I trust the most in keeping it safe from the wrong hands." Noel, Kirito, Hina and Jeanne step forward and hold out their hands to summon a lacrima each on their palms."Not to worry, everyone. These special lacrimas are under our protection." Kirito said before flashing a cheerful grin."In the name of the creators, I will keep it safe with all my heart." Jeanne smiled as she solemnly bows her head and places her other hand on her chest."You can count on us." Hina added before she, Noel, Kirito, and Jeanne dematerialize their lacrimas and lower their arms."I guess we can't waste any more time since I know many of you here are eager to return home." Nolan said to everyone in the auditorium."So, step right up folks! All of you will be the first people to return back home to your world before everyone else back in Era." Makoto proclaimed cheerfully as she gestures everyone to the machine. As she faces the machine, Rita swipes her arm through the air, causing the circular doors below its meter board to slide open and reveal a neon green portal."Darren, Alicia, would any of you two like to go first?" Nolan asked. Darren and Alicia turn around and stare at their friends for a moment before looking back at him."Can you give us some more time?" Alicia asked. Nolan nods his head."Very well. When you are ready." Nolan replied before looking back at the people sitting on the front row seats. "Anyone wish to go first?""I'll go." Beatrice said as she gets up from her seat and walks up the stage. As she approaches her and the machine, Rita swipes her left hand down to summon a screen and keyboard in front of her."Type in the names of your world and hometown on the keyboard, Beatrice." Rita said, turning the screen to Beatrice."Earth…Milan…Italy…" Beatrice said as she types the keywords with the keyboard. After entering them, everyone in the auditorium could hear a whir coming from the machine, followed by the portal changing its colour to blue."That indicates the coordinates to your world and hometown are set. You may step inside, Beatrice." Rita said. Beatrice turns to the people at the front row seats and bows down to them."It was nice meeting all of you." Beatrice said to them with a warm smile. "I hope you guys can drop by Milan some time and look for me." She winks an eye at them before turning to Rita, Nolan, and the others on stage. She bows to them as well before she walks over to the portal and waves her hand goodbye at the people in the front row seats."Ciao." She said one last time before fully entering the portal."Next, please." Rita called to the people still sitting on the front row seats. Violet stands up from her chair and raises her hand."I'll go." Violet said before Velvet, Laphicet and Jack stand up as well. She turns to her friends who all smile sadly at her."Don't ever forget about us, Violet." Laphicet said. Violet smiles weakly at Laphicet and Jack before gently stroking the boy's hair."No matter where we go from here…" Violet said softly before she now strokes Jack's hair. "We will always stay connected through our hearts and memories."When Violet notices tears forming in Jack's and Laphicet's eyes, she kneels to their level and the two pull her into a warm embrace. Violet hugs them back and they both stay this way for about a minute. After Laphicet and Jack inevitably pull away from her, Violet stands up and sees Velvet smiling back at her."Safe travels, Violet." Velvet said as she holds up her left bandaged arm and hand. Violet bows her head to Velvet before she uses her left prosthetic hand to grab her hand firmly, and they both give each other a handshake. After releasing her hand, Violet makes her way up the stage. She walks over to Jeanne and they both give each other a hug."Take care, Violet." Jeanne said softly to her."You too, Jeanne." Violet responded before they break away from their hug.Violet now walks over to Rita and enters the names of her world and hometown on the keyboard. The machine makes a whir again and the portal turns to pink. Violet bows to everyone on stage and the front row seats one last time before walking into the portal."Next." Rita called. Brenda gets up from her seat and makes sure the straps of the duffel bag she is now carrying is placed securely over her shoulder. She turns to her left and gives a weak smile to Jason, Yegor, Hodaka, Sting and Yukino."I'll see you guys around." Brenda said to them."Send me a postcard from Germany." Jason replied, winking an eye at her."Drop by Kozushima anytime." Hodaka said with a cheerful grin."Bezopasnoye puteshestviye, Brenda." Yegor said."Take care of yourself, Brenda." Yukino said to her with a tender smile."We hope you will find peace and happiness." Sting said with a slight nod. Brenda nods her head to them before she turns around and walks over to Mei Li, Amelia, and Emmanuel."See you guys around too." Brenda said to them."Hooroo, mate." Amelia said as she gives a salute to Brenda."May our paths cross again in the future, Brenda." Mei Li said with a tender smile."Au revoir, Brenda." Emmanuel said while slightly lifting his cap up. Brenda takes out a small, folded piece of paper from her pocket."Before I forget…" Brenda hands it over to Emmanuel and gave a pat on his shoulder. "Auf Wiedersehen."As Brenda turns and walks over to Darren, Alicia, Natsu, Lucy and Happy, Emmanuel unfolds the paper and widens his eyes upon seeing her phone number and e-mail address. He squeals for a moment before folding back the paper and inserts it into his pocket."Thank you, for keeping your promise in defeating the Abbey and bringing us home." Brenda said as she bows her head to Darren, Alicia, Natsu, Lucy and Happy."You're welcome, Brenda." Alicia said smiling."Have a safe trip home." Darren added."Whatever lies ahead of you next, we wish you all the best." Lucy said as she extends her hand to her. Brenda grabs and shakes her hand as the two girls smile broadly at each other. When she is done, Brenda turns and makes her way up the stage. She walks over to Rita and the machine and types the names of her world and hometown on the keyboard."Earth…Bremerhaven…Germany…" Brenda enters the keywords, and the portal turns yellow. She bows to everyone on the stage before turning to the machine. She takes a few moments to look down and unzip her duffel bag, making sure that every precious item that once belonged to the former members of her expedition are placed inside it, including Petra's metal heart necklace, photos of their spouses and relatives, and the final letters they wrote before their tragic deaths."We're going home, everyone. We're finally going home." Brenda managed to choke out as she felt tears starting to form in her eyes. She zips the bag and looks back at the machine. After letting out a heavy sigh, Brenda walks forward and enters the portal."Next." Rita said aloud, and Emmanuel stands up from his seat. After shaking hands with Mei Li and Amelia, he turns to Darren, Alicia, Team Natsu, Sheena and Brave Vesperia and gave them all a solemn nod. After seeing them smiling and nodding their heads back at him, Emmanuel goes up the stage and walks over to Noel, Makoto, and Medea."It's been a pleasure to have you working alongside us, Emmanuel." Noel said with a warm smile. Shortly after Emmanuel nods his head to her, Makoto rushes over and gives him a tight hug, causing him to cringe."We're going to miss you so much!" Makoto cried with tears in her eyes."I-I-I'll…miss y-you…too, Makoto." Emmanuel struggled to reply. After placing him down and unwrapping her arms around him, Makoto wipes away her tears and gives Emmanuel a wide smile and a pat on his shoulder. Emmanuel chuckled before turning to Medea."Will you not come back with me to France, Medea?" Emmanuel asked."Well, back in our world, I'm still considered a criminal. So, I'll definitely be staying here for a while." Medea said."I understand. This new life suits you anyway." Emmanuel said. Medea chuckled before they, Noel and Makoto all gather round and pull each other into a warm embrace."No matter where you are, you will always be a part of this team." Noel said to Emmanuel after breaking away from their hug. Emmanuel gives them one last smile and nod before walking over to Rita and the machine. He types in the names of his world and hometown on the keyboard and the portal turns blue.Emmanuel turns to the remaining people on the front row seats and removes his cap as he bows down to them. A few seconds later, he puts his cap back on his head and walks into the portal.Jason now stands up from his seat and makes his final handshakes with Yegor, Hodaka, Sting, Yukino, Mei Li and Amelia. Darren and Alicia silently stand by and watch him until they feel Erza and Gray placing their hands on their shoulders. They both turn around to face them."Darren, Alicia, we all know how you both feel. But you should not keep your loved ones back in your world waiting." Erza said calmly to them. Alicia briefly pursed her lips."It just feels so hard for us to leave because…" Alicia paused and gave a heavy sigh. "You guys are our friends. We love you all so much.""I have never made so many wonderful friends since my breakup with Wahid and the death of my father." Darren said grimly."Neither did I after the death of my brother." Alicia added. "You all helped us fill in the holes that are left behind in our hearts.""That is why all of you…are so dear to us." Darren said with his voice trembling."If that is the case, don't ever forget about us as long as you live." Gray said firmly to them."Gray is right." Karol said as he and the other members of Brave Vesperia approach them. "Before he died, my former guild master Don Whitehorse said to all of us in Altosk that every journey we share together will inevitably come to an end. But with every end of a journey, also marks the beginning of a new. So, no matter where we go next, adventure still lies ahead of us." He walks over to Alicia and grabs hold of her hand as he stares into her eyes. "Alicia Ribery, your journey with Brave Vesperia has ended. Now it is time for you to set out your own. And with your newfound strength and wisdom, I believe you will succeed."Alicia stares wordlessly at Karol for a few moments until she takes a heavy gulp and tears cascade down her cheeks as she closes her eyelids. When she looks back at him with watered eyes, Alicia manages to crack a weak smile and said hoarsely to Karol, "Thank you so much for everything, Karol. I…I really am going to miss you…"As she now breaks down crying, Alicia kneels to Karol's level and wraps her arms around her now former guild master. Karol smiles sadly as he hugs her back."I'm going to miss you too, Alicia. You truly are a special member of this guild." Karol said softly into her ear. Alicia sheds her tears onto his shoulder for a few moments until she manages to regain control of her body and pull away from her former master. She flashes a quick smile at him before standing up and backing away. Darren walks over to Karol and extends his hand to him."I wish you all the best in your duty as the leader of Brave Vesperia. I believe you will go far." Darren said to him.Karol chuckled and replied as he grabs his hand and shakes it, "Thanks Darren. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours too."As they continue smiling at each other, Darren gives a gentle pat on Karol's shoulder. In return, Karol gently pats Darren's right upper arm. Both Darren and Alicia now face the other members of Brave Vesperia and Judith approaches them. She wraps her arms around them, and both Darren and Alicia pull her into a warm embrace."You two are some of the strongest people I've ever known. Never forget that." Judith said calmly into the ears of Darren and Alicia. After breaking away from their hug, Darren and Alicia nod their heads to her. Judith leans closer to Darren, and to his surprise, the krityan plants a small kiss on his right cheek."Stay strong, Darren." Judith said softly as she gently pats his right shoulder. Darren smiles sheepishly as the krityan turns around and walks back to her guildmates, while Alicia chuckled and gently nudges his left arm. Yuri and Estelle now walk over to Darren and Alicia, and they extend their hands to them."So long, you two." Yuri said with a smirk. Darren and Alicia smile back at them as they grab their hands."Yeah, it's been fun." Darren replied."Please take good care of yourselves." Estelle said to them with a warm smile. After releasing their hands, Darren and Alicia turn to each other and the latter wraps her arm around his lower torso."We will." Alicia said as Darren wraps his own arm around her shoulders. The four of them bow their heads to each other before Yuri and Estelle turn around and walk over to Judith while Patty and Raven step forward."Even though we don't know much of you, thank you for fighting alongside our friends." Patty said to Darren and Alicia."And bringing the guild back together." Raven added as he and Patty now bow to them."It was no problem at all." Darren said as he and Alicia bow their heads back to them. As Patty and Raven back away, Darren and Alicia remove their arms around each other and turn to their left to see Erza approaching them."Darren Leong, Alicia Ribery, it has been an honour to have you both as my apprentice, and my friends." Erza said, smiling broadly as she extends her hand to them. Darren and Alicia smile back at her as the former grabs her hand and shakes it."I'll miss fighting and travelling alongside you, Erza." Darren said."Likewise." Erza nods her head before letting go of his hand."Also, while I was packing last night, I thought about it and…because this originally belonged to your First Master, I believe I should return it to your guild." Darren said, removing the scabbard containing his katana from the loop on the back of his harness. He holds it out to Erza, gesturing her to take it. However, when Erza places her hand on the scabbard, she gently pushes it back to him."Keep it." Erza said, still smiling at him. "Let this sword serve as a memento…that you are never alone." Darren smiles back at her before putting the scabbard back through the loop of his harness."Thank you for everything, Erza." Alicia said as she and Erza shake hands with each other."You're welcome." Erza replied with her eyes softened. When Darren felt Gray placing his hand on his left shoulder, he turns to his left and sees him with a smirk on his face."Farewell, you two. And don't worry. Both of you will be fine on your own." Gray said reassuringly. Darren smiles and nods his head to him."I believe you're right." Darren said as they shake hands with each other. After releasing their hands, Alicia walks over to Gray and gives him a pat on his left bicep."Stay cool, Gray." Alicia said with a smirk. Gray laughed in response."And um…may the Force be with you, Alicia." Gray said. Alicia arches an eyebrow at him before turning to Darren."Yeah, I taught him that." Darren said, scratching the back of his head. The three of them laugh before Alicia and Gray give each other a final handshake."Darren! Alicia!" Wendy called to them. Darren and Alicia turn to her and see the Sky Dragon Slayer hurriedly run over and hug them."Safe travels, you two. I'll miss you." Wendy said hoarsely as she rests her head against their bodies. Darren and Alicia smile as they look down at her."Thank you, Wendy." Darren replied as he and Alicia hug her back."We'll miss you too." Alicia said as she gently strokes the back of her hair. Wendy later breaks away from their hug and smiles at them with tears in her eyes. They bow their heads to each other before Darren and Alicia look up and see Happy and Carla flying over to them."Farewell, you two." Carla said as she and Happy extend their paws to them."And always be happy!" Happy added cheerfully. Darren and Alicia chuckled as they grab and shake their paws."Thanks guys." Darren said to the exceeds."We will." Alicia added. After Wendy and the exceeds back away, Natsu and Lucy walk over to them."Natsu, Lucy, thank you so much for everything." Darren said as he and Alicia give weak smiles to them."We'll never forget you both for what you have done for us." Alicia said."All of us at Fairy Tail will never forget you both as well." Lucy said to them."Take care of yourselves. And as our First Master said, keep living out your life with all your might." Natsu said."I sure will." Darren replied."Me too." Alicia added. With that, the four of them wrap their arms around each other and pull themselves into a warm embrace. They all place their heads against each other as they stay in their hug for what felt like a long time."You will always remain in our hearts, Darren, Alicia." Natsu said softly."Likewise, Natsu, Lucy." Darren responded."Likewise." Alicia said. After breaking away from their hug and patting themselves on the shoulder, Darren and Alicia finally turn to Sheena, who smile at them with her arms folded."Well, it's been a good journey, you two." Sheena said before extending her hand to them. Darren smiles at her as he grabs her hand. And to her surprise, Darren suddenly pulls her into a tight embrace."Thank you so much, Sheena. For taking me into your care when I first arrived here…and for travelling and fighting alongside me until the end." Darren said softly into her ear. Sheena stares blankly into space for a moment until a warm smile plasters across her face. As fresh tears form in her eyes, Sheena hugs her friend back."As I said before, Darren…true friendship never dies." Sheena sniffled as her tears roll down her cheeks. "I…I will never forget you…""Me too…" Darren said as tears brim in his eyes. When they pull away from their hug, they both stare into each other's tearstained eyes for a few moments."Darren…" Sheena uttered. "I love you.""I know…" Darren replied with a weak smile. Sheena chuckled before the two friends hug each other again. After nearly a minute, Darren and Sheena finally back away from each other, and the latter turns to Alicia."Take good care of Darren here. He can be a bit of a klutz." Sheena said to Alicia."Don't worry." Alicia smirked as she places her hand on Sheena's shoulder. "You can put your faith in me."Sheena chuckled. "Alright. And look after yourself too.""So do you." Alicia said as her lips curve down into a wan smile. They soon pull themselves into a warm embrace and give each other a pat on their backs.When they are done, Alicia, Darren, Sheena, Team Natsu and Brave Vesperia turn back to the stage and front row seats where everyone has been watching them. Even Jason prolonged his return to Earth by standing near the machine and waited for Darren and Alicia to finish giving their farewells to their friends before giving them his own. When they see Jason smiling and waving his hand at them, Darren and Alicia did the same thing back at him. With that, Jason looks back at the machine and takes a deep breath."Hey Alaska! Your son is coming home! Whoo!" Jason whooped and pumped his fist into the air as he walks over to the machine and enters the portal."Next." Rita called. Shouto, Momo, Tenya, Mirio, Hodaka, Shinji and Lenalee all stand up from their seats together."Come on everyone. Let's first say goodbye to our friends before returning home to Tokyo." Tenya said to them with a broad smile. After the others nod their heads to him, Tenya, Shouto, Momo, Mirio and Shinji walk over to Darren, Alicia, Sheena, Team Natsu and Brave Vesperia. Hodaka goes up the stage and over to Hina, while Lenalee approaches Allen."Goodbye, everyone." Momo said as she, Shouto, Tenya, Mirio and Shinji solemnly bow to Darren, Alicia, Sheena, Team Natsu and Brave Vesperia."Have a safe journey home, everyone." Natsu said as he and his friends bow back to them."Darren, Alicia, if you ever drop by Nerima, Tenya, Momo and I would like to introduce you to our neighbourhood, and our friends." Shouto said."Or you two can also drop by Oshima island during the summer, and I'll make you both the best candy apples around." Mirio said with a wink of an eye."We sure look forward to it." Darren said as he and Alicia smiled at them."What about you, Shinji? Don't mind if we drop by to pay you a visit some day?" Alicia asked as she and Darren turn to him."Sure thing. You can find my apartment in Adachi. Though I'm not really sure if you will be a fan of my guardian, Misato." Shinji said, chuckling sheepishly with his hands behind his back."Hey Shinji, I heard from Mei and Sumeragi about what you did during the battle." Sheena said. She paused for a moment to give him a solemn bow. "Arigatou. Always remember from the battle that you are gifted, just like the rest of us."Feeling overwhelmed by her words of gratitude and support, Shinji stares wordlessly at Sheena, Darren, Alicia, Team Natsu and Brave Vesperia for a moment as he notices the proud and encouraging smiles on their faces. He eventually snaps out of his thoughts with another chuckle."Why, thank you, eheh…I'll keep that in mind." Shinji said, scratching the back of his head. He extends his hand to Darren and Alicia. "I'll see you around.""You'll do fine." Darren said as he shakes his hand. After also shaking hands with Alicia, Shinji bows his head to them again before he, Shouto, Momo, Tenya and Mirio turn around and make their way up the stage."Will you not come to Tokyo with me?" Lenalee asked Allen as she stands in front of him."Not right now. I got some business to settle back in England first." Allen said while staying in his seat."Very well." Lenalee said before taking out a business card for the Chinese restaurant she is currently working in and hands it to Allen. "I'll be waiting for you."Allen takes the card and stares at it for a moment before looking back up at her. "I look forward to that day." He said with a smile. Lenalee smiles back at him, and they give each other a handshake."Goodbye, Lenalee." Sami said as he and Vasda sat beside Allen and smile at her."Farewell." Vasda added as she extends her hand to Lenalee."See you around, Sami, Vasda." Lenalee replied before shaking hands with the both of them.Hodaka sniffled and lets his tears roll freely down his cheeks after hearing Hina's explanation that she cannot come with him to Earth, and that she had her own family to return to in Mizuho. With a weak smile on her face, Hina gently wipes away the tears from Hodaka's cheeks with her hand."Don't be sad, Hodaka." Hina said softly as she grabs his hands. "No matter how far we are from each other, we'll be alright."Hodaka gazes at Hina until his lips manage to curve up slightly. "Yeah…we'll be alright." He said as he clenches Hina's hands. The two of them place their foreheads against each other and stay there for a few moments. When they look back up at each other, Hina gives a smile to him."May Volt watch over you, Hodaka." Hina said. Hodaka nods his head in response."Goodbye, Hina." Hodaka said softly before he releases Hina's hands and walks away."Safe journey." Hina said as she watches him step down from the stage and head over to Mei Li and Amelia, not knowing that tears are now freely cascading down her cheeks.As they prepare to say their goodbyes, Mei Li and Amelia bow their heads to Hodaka, just as he extends his hand to them. The three of them stare blankly at each other for a moment before Mei Li and Amelia reach their hands out to him, only for Hodaka to bow his head to them instead. They stare at each other in bewilderment again before they all burst out laughing and pull themselves into an embrace."See you around, mate." Amelia said to Hodaka after they pull away from their hug."May our paths intertwine again someday." Mei Li said to him."I hope so." Hodaka replied to her before he turns and walks up the stage again to join Shouto, Momo, Mirio, Tenya, Shinji and Lenalee."Thank you so much for taking care of me." Shinji said to Kirito, Yui and Hina after bowing down to them. "Say goodbye to Nagi and the Emperor for me.""We will." Hina said."Take care of yourself." Kirito said as he pats Shinji on his left shoulder."And don't let any pumpkin trees bite your arm again." Yui teased. Shinji laughs in response."Don't think I will." Shinji said. He quietly smiles at the three of them for a few seconds before giving them one last bow. "Goodbye, everyone.""Goodbye." Kirito, Yui and Hina said in unison as they bow back to him.As Shinji joins the others, Tenya turns to the keyboard and types the names of their world and hometown. When he is done, the portal in the machine turns white."All set." Rita said. With Tenya leading the way, the seven of them hold firmly onto each other's hands."Let's go home, everyone." Tenya said."Hai!" Shouto, Momo, Mirio, Shinji, Hodaka and Lenalee responded. They all bow down to everyone on stage and the front row seats one last time before they all step into the portal together."I guess it's our turn now." Darren said to Alicia."Yeah." Alicia said softly as she nods her head. She and Darren soon felt Natsu and Lucy placing their hands on their shoulders as they stand beside them."We'll follow you until the end." Natsu said to them."Thanks guys." Darren said.Everyone in the auditorium watch Darren, Alicia, Team Natsu, Brave Vesperia and Sheena walking together as they slowly make their way to the machine. They savour every step they make, knowing that this would be their final journey together as a united guild. They turn to their left to allow Darren and Alicia bid farewell to Sting, Yukino, Velvet, Laphicet and Jack first."On behalf of Sabertooth, it has been an honour fighting alongside you both." Sting said as he and Yukino extend their hands to Darren and Alicia."We'll never forget you." Yukino added."So will we." Alicia said before she and Darren shake hands with Sting and Yukino."Goodbye, you two." Darren said. Sting and Yukino nod their heads to them. Afterwards, Darren and Alicia walk past them and over to Velvet, Laphicet and Jack."To think we started our relationship by having me trying to capture you. But we have come a long way, haven't we?" Velvet asked with a wan smile."We sure did." Darren chuckled before extending his hand to her. "Take good care of yourself.""You too." Velvet said as she grabs his hand and shakes it."Goodbye, Velvet." Alicia said as she extends her hand to her as well."Goodbye, Alicia, Darren." Velvet said, nodding her head to them as she shakes Alicia's hand. Laphicet and Jack later approach Darren and Alicia and bow their heads to them."Goodbye, Darren." Laphicet said."Goodbye, Alicia." Jack added."Goodbye, Laphicet." Darren replied as he and Alicia smile at them."Goodbye, Jack." Alicia said before she and Darren kneel to their level, and the four give each other a hug. After pulling away from them, Darren and Alicia stand back up and wave their hands goodbye to them. Velvet, Laphicet and Jack wave back as Darren, Alicia, Team Natsu, Brave Vesperia and Sheena turn around and walk over to Amelia and Mei Li."Well, umm, so long, mates." Amelia said with her voice sounding rough as she extends her hand to Darren and Alicia.To her surprise, Alicia wraps her arms around Amelia and gives her a warm embrace. Amelia looked stunned for a moment before her lips curved into a weak smile and her eyes are filled with tears. She hugs Alicia back and rests her chin on her shoulder."See you later, Amelia." Alicia said softly."Heh. You're an absolute legend of a mate, y'know that?" Amelia replied as some tears roll down her cheeks. After pulling away from their hug, Alicia gives a gentle pat on Amelia's shoulder. Darren also extends his hand to Amelia and they both give each other a handshake. Darren and Alicia turn to Mei Li who is failing to fight back her tears."Have a safe journey home, you two." Mei Li said, ending with a sniff."Oh, you too, Mei Li." Darren said before he and Mei Li pull each other into a warm hug. Mei Li sobbed as she weeps on his chest while Darren rubs her back to comfort her."Bao chi jian qiang, Mei Li." Darren said.Mei Li takes a gulp before she replied, "Ni ye shi."The two of them pull away from their hug a few moments later and Mei Li turns to Alicia. They also hug each other for half a minute before Mei Li unwraps her arms around her, stands up straight and bows her head to them. Darren and Alicia bow back to her before they, Sheena, Team Natsu and Brave Vesperia walk over to Allelujah and Marie."Goodbye, my dear friend." Allelujah said to Darren."Goodbye to you too, Allelujah." Darren said sadly before they grab each other's hands and shake."Thank you, for helping me regain my strength and will to live." Allelujah said with a wan smile."Thank you, for doing the same thing for me." Darren said. Both men wrap their arms around each other and embrace. A few moments later, Darren pulls away from Allelujah and turns to Marie, who smiles and bows to him with gratitude. Darren bows back to her and said, "Take good care, you two. Nothing is more precious than your love for each other.""We sure will." Marie said as Allelujah wraps his arm around her shoulders. "Goodbye, Darren Leong."Darren nods his head to the couple before he, Alicia, Sheena, Team Natsu and Brave Vesperia turn to the stage and walk up the small set of stairs. When they reach the top, they make another turn and walk the final stretch of their journey towards the machine. As Darren and Alicia continue walking closer to the machine though, Sheena, Team Natsu and Brave Vesperia suddenly came to a halt, marking the end of their journey with them. Darren and Alicia turn around and see them standing away from them by a few feet. Their friends smile and nod their heads to Darren and Alicia, encouraging them to finish their journey home without them. Both Darren and Alicia frown sadly. But nevertheless, they nod their heads, turn around and continue moving forward. The two stop in front of Rita, who bows her head to them."When you're ready." Rita said, gesturing them to the screen and keyboard before walking away and heading over to the rest of her guild. Darren and Alicia turn to Nolan, Lucas, Noel, Makoto, Medea, Jeanne, Kirito, Yui and Hina, who all smile at them."You two are some of the finest men we've ever fought alongside with." Nolan said."We'll make sure no one in Earth Land ever forget what you have done for them." Noel said."And us." Makoto added before she, Noel, Medea, Lucas, and Nolan stand up straight and formally salute them."Whatever lies ahead of you next, may the creators aid your spirits." Jeanne said calmly to Darren and Alicia while Kirito, Yui and Hina nod their heads to them. Darren and Alicia now turn their attention to each other. They grab hold of each other's hands as they gaze into their eyes."I will confront my parents. I will come back for you." Alicia vowed. Darren's lips formed into a wan smile."And I will wait for you. No matter how long it takes." Darren said. With that, they both close their eyes and lean their heads towards each other. Soon, they could feel their lips gently press against each other, and they stay in their kiss for a seemingly long amount of time.When they eventually break away from their kiss, they could hear Erza using her magic to change into another one of her armours. Darren and Alicia turn back to Sheena, Team Natsu and Brave Vesperia, and see the scarlet-haired mage now dressed in a mostly white armour and long skirt. Her breastplate and pauldrons have yellow decorated markings, and her headpiece has white angelic wings symmetrically pointing upwards. There are also a long dark blue and yellow banner hanging down from her waist and at the centre of her skirt, and a velvet cape with white fur tucked underneath her pauldrons. Finally, she holds a dark blue and white metallic lance in her left hand, and has a red flag depicting a white Fairy Tail symbol surrounded by a yellow laurel wreath hang onto the side."Even though you two aren't officially members, we still feel that the both of you were a part of our guild, and our family." Erza said to Darren and Alicia with a warm smile as she stood in front and centre of everyone. "And that is why we feel it is still appropriate to deliver a proper farewell ceremony."Natsu, Lucy, Gray and Wendy step forward and stand beside her."There are three conditions in leaving Fairy Tail, and you should engrave them in your hearts." Wendy said as she and the others smile at Darren and Alicia as well."One." Gray said firmly. "You must never reveal sensitive information about Fairy Tail to others for as long as you live.""Two." Lucy said solemnly. "You must never use former contacts met through your being in the guild for personal gain.""And three!" Natsu said with a grin. "Though our paths may have diverged, you must continue to live out your life with all your might, you must never consider your own life to be something insignificant…"After Erza sniffed and lets her tears cascade down her cheeks, she, Lucy, Gray, Wendy and Natsu all shout together in unison as they finish delivering the oath."And you must never forget about your friends for as long as you live!"Feeling overwhelmed by what they said to them, Darren and Alicia stare wordlessly at Team Natsu as tears flow freely down their cheeks. Despite her trembling arm, Erza lifts her lance up and let its flag wave proudly through the air."We will never forget you…no matter where you are." Erza said hoarsely to Darren and Alicia.After managing to regain control of themselves, Darren and Alicia wipe away their tears and nod their heads to Team Natsu."We will never forget you all as well." Darren vowed."Thank you for everything you have done for us." Alicia added. After seeing Team Natsu nod their heads to them, Darren and Alicia turn back to the screen and the latter places her hand on the keyboard."Earth…Wellington…New Zealand…" Alicia murmured. When she enters the keywords, the portal in the machine turns green. Alicia and Darren turn back to each other and smile."Goodbye, Alicia." Darren said softly."Goodbye, Darren." Alicia responded. Without saying another word, Alicia turns and walks towards the machine. As she goes through the portal, she smiles back at Darren and keeps waving her hand at him until she is completely gone from everyone's sight.Darren just stood there and gazed at the portal for a few moments before he finally turns to the screen and types in the names of his world and hometown."Earth…Singapore…" Darren whispered and enters the keywords. As the portal turns red, Darren momentarily opens the left side of his jacket to check that Wataru's notebook is placed securely inside its pocket. After making sure it is, he closes his jacket, turns around, and stares at Sheena, Team Natsu and Brave Vesperia for one last time. They all smile back at him as Sheena, Lucy, Erza, Wendy, Karol, Estelle, Happy and Carla bore tears in their eyes.As fresh new tears form in his eyes, Darren manages to crack a weak smile at them before he turns to the machine and approaches the portal. With his head and shoulders held high, Darren never looked back at them as he steps into the portal and makes his way home.It was then that everything around him went white.----When Darren finally wakes up after what felt like several minutes, he lets out a heavy moan and quickly finds himself lying on a grassy field. He gets himself up on a sitting position and rubs his eyes to make his vision become clearer. When it does, Darren widens his eyes and adjusts his glasses. He gets up from the grass and stands up on his feet.Immediately realizing he is standing in the middle of the open grassy field on top of Marina Barrage, he could see the city of Singapore and several of its iconic landmarks such as Gardens by the Bay, the Marina Bay Sands building and the Singapore Flyer in the distance. As he continues staring at the city's evening skyline, Darren's eyes softened as he uttered to himself,"I'm home."
Sharrot Belledary: Chapter 1In the middle of a darkness, you can see a light growing and approaching, and at that moment, we heard some voices during the pregnancy: "Ah! Ah! Ah!""It's being born! The baby will be born!" "Ah! Ah...!!!"At the end of delivery, you can see the baby being born without showing a single drop of crying, due to its high level of maturity and psychology, etc. at the moment, some voices were heard:"Look, he's a boy! But how can he have eyelashes and girly looks...? Does he have the same looks as his mother...?"The mother answers:"I'm so delighted to have such a wonderful child like this... But, I wonder... What could the life of this little love of mine be...?"During this, her husband appears, and he is 2.25 tall and well pumped:"I'm so glad this happened, Aurora..."He is Arnold Belledary, and his wife is called Aurora Jensen, but after their marriage, she was renamed Aurora Belledary:"I know what I'm going to name him, dear. And he's going to be called...Sharrot."21 years later...During a thunderstorm night on the second day of the year, General Arnold Belledary and Dietfried Bougainvillea talk about the true origin of Violet Evergarden, and Dietfried asks:"So General, what do you tell me about this?"The General looks at the photo and asks:"Asta? Is she in army clothes...?"And Dietfried asks:"Asta? Is that Violet's name?"And the General answers:"I don't know, man. Besides, I don't remember Asta joining a Leidenschaftlich army and taking part in the Great War. The first time I met Asta, she was 10 years old in 1914, and she was accompanied by her older sister, Hella Bergland, and Androe Jensen, the their guardian and my brother-in-law. He let both sisters live in my house. And my son Sharrot show a strong relationship of love for Asta. The two end up falling in love, as did my first son, Jenlliot, along with Hella. When Asta was 14 years old and Sharrot was 16, they end up saying goodbye very happy, because Asta went to her home country to learn more about there, and Sharrot participated in the Great War at the request of my younger brother, General Jake Belledary. Sharrot became the world's biggest winner of that war, and he became very well known in the world because of this. But he never demonstrates importance of it because of him having a high level of lucidity and detachment, and he does not have no ambition and obsession.""Really? That made me curious. Because the first time I met Violet was when she was on a desert island in same year, 1914, and she had killed my mates, and then I took her to my house and I handed her over to my little brother, Gilbert. And that was around the time when Violet was about 10, and when she was about 14, she and Gilbert had split up at the end of the war, until they met last year. But I wonder, does that mean Asta and Violet are two different people...?" Dietfried question."Who knows, buddy. But it's not clear whether they're related or not. We'd better investigate about that." replied Arnold.Three weeks later, one beautiful morning, Dietfred Bougainvillea and his men arrive on a desert island and discover a mysterious dark energy. One of the men tries to touch the energy, but none of them can touch it tangibly and nothing happens. Dietfred tries to touch the energy in order to analyze this matter, and finally he got infected, and ends up teleporting into the darkness, and then, a mysterious voice comes up and says:"Welcome, Dietfried Bougainvillea. I've been waiting for you after many years...""Wait...that's the same one I heard when I was young..." Dietfried replied.After that, Dietfried ends up having a flashback since he was young and being mistreated by his father, and then a voice comes up and says:"Do you wish your father dead?""Who's there!?" exclaimed Dietfried."I understand that he is not a good father to you, as he has a low psychology and mentality, but that would be a matter of habit." replied the voice."So, does that mean…?" asked Dietfried."Well, let's get down to business. Tell me, do you want your father dead or not?" asked the voice."I don't know who you are...but I accept. Go ahead! Finish him!" Dietfried replied.After that, the voice explains that the reason Dietfred was infected by black energy would be due to the fact that he has very negative emotional complexity, high levels of complete antipathy and pessimism, low and weak levels of development and human psychology, high levels of immorality, and others."Really...? I never thought of that..."And then the mysterious voice shows a vision and explains the whole truth about Violet's true origin:"Violet Evergarden is a clone of a beautiful little girl of high emotional simplicity named Asta Bergland, who is currently alive along with her older sister named Hella Bergland. When Asta was still a baby, her parents sent a letter to an old friend named Androe Jensen to take the girls out of their city and raise them in the Belledary family country, due to the fact that they learned that a terrorist attack will terrorize the city. After Androe appeared and took the Bergland sisters to the Belledary family country, the parents of the two sisters tried to save the rest of the Bergland family, but they had died beforehand because the terrorist attack had started. So the parents of the two sisters and the entire Bergland family were all wiped out, except for the two sisters. One beautiful night, while Asta was sleeping at the age of 10, Androe went to her bed slowly without making a sound, and cut only a strand of Asta's hair with a pair of scissors to create a clone of herself, making mental modifications, expanding her physical abilities and strategies of fight, nullifying his normal behavior, just like he did with Asta and Hella, but the only difference is that Androe didn't implant the Lighttror genetics in Violet, and the reason is that he wanted to leave Violet compared to an ordinary human, and to finish, and put a pill in her mouth that makes her sleep for 24 hours, and the reason Androe created this clone is that he got a message from one of the inhabitants of an island who needs a perfect bodyguard, and Androe managed to fulfill the agreement. Androe flies a plane towards the island, and drops the sleeping clone along with an open parachute before being thrown.By the time the clone wakes up, she had no personality and no behavior at that time due to the reductions in mental modifications. When she is walking around the island, a mysterious dark energy appears in front of her and totally nullifies her memory and her human behavior, which motivates Violet to have killed many people on this island and your old companions after finding her, perfecting her excessive optimism, and even nullified her ability to speak and understand words, completely reduced her memory and used a type of genetic manipulation to manipulate the clone and make her have full respect for a man named Dietfred Bougainvillea and his family, which is you, in which the energy showed a vision of who this Dietfred guy is. This energy also ordered the clone to she would kill every inhabitant of this island except you.And the rest you already know. One month later, you and your buddies arrive on the island and their boat runs aground, finds the female clone, who kills your buddies, and after a while, Dietfred takes her home and gives her to Gilbert, and then, Gilbert calls the female clone "Violet".Two weeks have passed since you gave Violet to Gilbert, and Androe took the Bergland sisters to Arnold Belledary's house, and upon their arrival, they both meet Arnold's two oldest children, Jenlliot and Sharrot, including their two sisters, Samantha and Emily. When they first met, a strong bond of love between Sharrot and Asta went on forever, just as it did between Jenlliot and Hella. And the rest Arnold has already explained to you."After this revelation, Dietfred says the following:"What...? A clone of... Asta Bergland...? The Violet I had always known since I found her on that desert island and had given her to Gilbert, was a clone of a girl of Asta, created by Androe Jensen all the time...? How could it!? Her life all this time was a complete lie!? It can't be!""Sharrot... Belledary... So this is the boy who had a strong love relationship with Asta Bergland...? And he also became the big winner of the Great War...?" said Dietfried in surprise.And then, Dietfred is completely calm and cold, and replies:"Now it all makes sense. So you were the one who manipulated Violet into turning her into a monster and killing all my companions and showing total respect for me, huh? How dare you, you monster!? How dare you!? Huh! Huh!? YOU BASTARD!! YOU DARN!! TELL ME!!"The mysterious voice answers:"I see you're completely furious that I was responsible for everything in the beginning. But answer me one thing, Dietfred. How were you born so poorly developed and highly immoral?"The irises and pupils of Dietfred's eyes got so small and diminished in size from so much that he was shocked and scared, and he said:"WHAT!?"The mysterious voice answered again:"I understand your positive points and reasons for empathizing with others, helping Violet in certain situations and other things, but answer me one thing. In the beginning, you were a normal kid. But how did you have this antipathy so great and complete in the course of your life? Hmm? Don't you know? Too bad. No matter how many times you get along and have a happy ending with others, you're still going to remain the total negative person of emotional complexity all along, and the rest of me I've already explained to you. But do you think that shooting Gilbert and putting it in front of Violet would be a sign of love for you? Well, you're wrong. That kind of thing you would do wouldn't be real love, but cruelty and real immorality. But if it were in difficult, extreme, and complicated times, it can make it even worse for you, due to your low levels of development and human psychology, and high immorality. And the reason you have these things is not because from difficult moments and situations that you went through since your childhood until now, and yes because you were born that way. And the answer to that is quite simple, not everyone goes crazy, and not everyone who has childhoods and difficult lives becomes envious and selfish people, because all of us, living beings of everything in life, have our own psychologies. And as you can imagine, everything in life is different. Since you acquired this high antipathy, you still have empathy for your brother, even if that empathy is very weak. That explains why you never pay much attention to him and others."Dietfred is completely shocked just hearing all this and said:"I see. I was never worthy of a true human being. And even though I love my brother very much and worry a lot about him, I never give him much attention due to my low level of empathy. I never had morals and neither character. But you're right by everything about me. I'm a totally immoral person. I'm a real human garbage. But you intend to offer me the chance for me to accept your power so I can overcome her, huh? Whatever. Go ahead! Use me! I accept!"And the mysterious voice is impressed by this and responds:"Excellent. Now that you've finally shown your real persona, I'm going to show you my real face."And Dietfred said:"So that's your form, huh? You look terrifying."And the mysterious voice answers:"Heh, heh, heh. Surprised by my demonic appearance? I know. That's why I'm always used to acknowledging the question of any living being. My name is Makkapitew. I'm one of the great subordinates of the almighty god Azavolos. Although I am fully aware of the his presence, it would be customary for everyone to recognize what is really one's own. So, Dietfred, let's get down to business?"And Dietfred replied:"Yes let's go."And then Makkapitew is impressed by this, enters from within Dietfred, and has made all the dark energy manifest from within his body, which amplifies his physical supernaturalness, having invulnerability, and other powers. And this evil power has infected Dietfred's physical functions and characteristics, and then Makkapitew responds:"Hey, Dietfred. I want to tell you something. As my evil power has already infected all of your physical functions and characteristics, did you know that if you were freed from that power, you would also disappear and die with it? would be how 100% negative you really are."And Dietfred answers:“Really? I see. Now you can see how much worse a human being I really am from everything you say. But that doesn't matter anymore. I don't have an iota of importance in my life because I have great disinterest in everything. And so, let's get started."And finally, Makkapitew answers:"Very good. That's how I like it."Back to Earth, at the place where he found the dark energy, Dietfred's men are frightened by the dark energy that is between his body and ask what happened to him, and Dietfred replies:"It's a long story. But I'll explain the consequences later. Let's go."After that, Dietfred takes advantage of spreading throughout the Leidenschaftlich and ends up killing all the members of the Bougainvillea family, using his supernatural powers to present everyone who has his family's lineage, and using his teleporter. After Dietfred kills all the Bougainvilleas except Gilbert, Violet appears:"Mr. Dietfred, what's going on? What's this massacre going on?"And Dietfred says:"You'll know by now, you insolent little one."Violet is shocked to hear it, and Dietfred grabs her and throws her to the ground, and steps on her stomach:"What are you doing, Mr. Dietfred!? Why are you… attacking me?"And Dietfred answers:"Never ask such stupid questions, monster. Just die."And Gilbert arrives and says:"Violet!!!"Violet says:"Major!"And Dietfred answers:"Ah, Gilbert. My little brother. Just in time."And Gilbert asks angrily:"What are you doing with Violet, brother!? Are you crazy!?"And Dietfred answers:"Crazy, me? Hmm. That's a pretty obvious question to answer. Watch this vision."And Dietfred shows various visions in Makkapitew's voice, just to everyone Violet knows about everything that happened, about Violet's real origin, the moment she encountered the dark energy and met Makkapitew, to the point where Dietfred killed all members of the Bougainvillea family, and then showed and talked about Asta Bergland and Sharrot Belledary."Now let's talk about Asta Bergland, she also has the same personality and behavior as Violet, since Androe Jensen adopted the two sisters, he experimented on the two sisters, nullifying and eliminating the emotional complexity, and made them have high emotional simplicity in simplicity complete levels, extreme and great lack of other things like: obsession, ambition, optimism, pessimism, credulity, fear, opportunism, antipathy, intolerance, low self-esteem. And the two sisters have absolute levels of understanding, empathy, realism, absolute psychology, lucidity, detachment, absolute levels of moralism, morals, lack of wrong motivations, etc. But Asta is not overly optimistic and does not have total respect for Dietfred like Violet, and she also has a total and absolute lack of antipathy for everything in life, and she also has high levels of sympathy and enthusiasm, psychology and maturity of complete levels, and she is never right and not wrong for everything in life, but just logic of everything just like Sharrot himself, due to the effects of the Lighttrors' genetics that Androe implanted in her before creating Violet Evergarden. Although Asta and Hella have become Lighttrors, they are not like that at all, because they are literally human and were born that way in the beginning. And this proves that they are a hybrid of Lightrror and human, in other words, possessing the bloodstreams and skin of humans mixed with the inorganic physiology of the Lighttrors. And the reason Androe did this with the two sisters is because one of Azavolos' subordinates, which is me, Makkapitew, had a plan to manipulate the Bergland sisters into having full respect for the Bougainvillea, and Androe's omniscience was automatically activated, which informed about it. And to avoid that kind of circumstance, Androe used genetics to turn the Bergland sisters into Lightrrors as a way to make them immune to my powers. And since I had nothing to do, I had to manipulate Violet to proceed with Master Azavolos' grand plans."After explaining all this, Makkapitew tells all about the Lighttrors, a race of omnipotent beings with inorganic physiologies. And then he told about the Corporal Stop, which is a function that can prevent the Lighttrors from doing right and wrong things for extremely wrong reasons, making mistakes, etc. And one of the great feats of Lighttrors is the Absolute Nonsense, for example: if a Lighttror lost all its powers, functions and the Absolute Nonsense, it could all this inside or outside without having it all inside or outside without any logic, due to the effects of Absolute Nonsense itself. And the reason for all this is because the Lighttrors have high emotional simplicity in complete levels, extreme and great lack of other things like: obsession, ambition, optimism, pessimism, credulity, fear, opportunism, antipathy, intolerance, low self-esteem, normosis, normopathy, etc. And they have absolute levels of understanding, abnormality, empathy, realism, absolute psychology, lucidity, detachment, absolute levels of moralism, morals, lack of wrong motivations, sympathy, enthusiasm, psychology and maturity of complete levels, etc. And another reason they are more superior than omnipotents of absolute infinities and anything else is because they are never right and not wrong for everything in life, but just logic of everything."No... It can't be... Is this my true origin?... I'm a clone... of a girl... named... Asta... Bergland? And I was raised by one man named...Androe Jensen?" Violet said shocked after learning of her real origin.And Dietfred answers:"Yes, that's right, Violet. You were a clone all along. And your life was a lie. And even if I am freed from this evil power, I will still disappear and die along with that power, because I have emotional complexity very negative, high levels of complete antipathy and pessimism, low and low levels of human development and psychology, high levels of immorality, and other things. And Makkapitew told me the whole truth about myself and made me demonstrate my true persona."And Gilbert says:"Brother, you weren't being manipulated by Makkapitew, you're the one who accepted this just to get rid of Violet, isn't it!? How dare you!? I trusted you! I believed you! How dare you!?"Dietfred answers:"As I don't care, I don't have any interest in you two. But it looks like our love is finally gone forever. Goodbye!"Dietfred kicks Violet in front of Gilbert, almost touching him, and walks away.After that, Dietfred invaded many military dictatorships and conquered several of them, becoming a very terrible world dictator, and he brought monstrosities, consequences of immorality, antipathy, and many things around the world, and he became known around the world for everything that.A week later, in a deserted place, Dietfried was completely empty and said:"So Makkapittew, tell me. Why did you ask me to come here...?""Have you forgotten, Dietfried? I'm only doing this for your own good. Remember everything I've told you. The circumstances and other things that can happen to you if you don't accept my agreement." said the Makkapitew."Yes, I remember... I remember everything you told me... But I was the one who should have died before mistreating Violet and Gilbert... so I shouldn't have accepted your agreement... Why? Why did you force me to do this...?" replied Dietfried empty and depressed."It's what anyone would think..." said the Makkapitew.At that moment, someone was lying down and relaxing in a tree, and jumped to the ground. Dietfried heard the noise of the floors, and saw who he was and replied:"Uh...!? Who...!? Who are you...?""I see that Master Makkapitew's plan has finally worked, after so many years..." said the man."Serious...? Does that mean you are one of them...?" asked Dietfried."Before I say, let me introduce myself. My name is Ethan Graymont. Since my ancient times, I have suffered through difficult, extreme and complicated moments. For the reason I became this way would not be because of these moments, and yes because I was born that way, and that would be because I have high emotional complexity to full levels, and even though I have the right motivations due to my history, I also have extremely wrong motivations, great emotional imbalance and persistence, high level of antipathy, high immorality, and even though I like others, i never has high levels of empathy to pay attention to others. And the reason Master Makkapitew manipulated Violet into taking orders and showing total respect for you and your family is because he is taking orders from master Azavolos." replied Ethan."See, Dietfried? Ethan is just like you. Any resemblance is evident..." said Makkapitew."Well, that kind of makes sense... But speaking of which, what are we going to do now?" asked Dietfried."Let us go to the realm of Azavolos, and then serve him forever, as a way to start a new life." said Ethan."Yes, that's how I like it. I never want to go back and live in this world again. Let's go." Dietfried replied.Upon arrival in the realm of Azavolos, Dietfried and Ethan arrive at the master's throne, and the mighty god and his underlings appear among them:"Welcome to our absolute alliance, Dietfried of the Bougainvillea family. Thank you for bringing him here, Ethan Graymont." Azavolos responds."So you're Azavolos, huh? His appearance is pretty terrifying." said Dietfried.As the Makkapitew explains everything about Azavolos, Dietfried is impressed and begins to serve this god forever.Two months have passed, and thousands of newspapers from all over the world explain about the news that Dietfried Bougainvillea had disappeared all over the world, and this destroyed Violet Evergarden's personality.As Violet and her friends were in President Hodgins' office, Violet said, very sad and full of tears:"I can't believe this... I'm a mere clone of a girl named Asta... The reason I always kept taking orders and having full respect for the Bougainvillea was all Makkapitew's plan because he took orders from Azavolos... The reason I have all this personality and behavior, except this behavior of taking orders, was all inherited from Asta... Everyone in the whole world hates Captain Dietfried and they want to wait for him to die... And now, what do I to do?""Calm down, Violet. I also don't know what I do to save and my brother. I'm sorry..." said Gilbert.However, a soldier from the Leidenschaftlich cavalry shows up at the office and tells him that an army fighter from another country, led by Captain Zane Ackerman, a former colleague of Sharrot's from the time of the law academy, will arrive here to send a message to everyone about the great world incident, as the marina and Leidenschaftlich's superiors no longer want to accept Dietfried as captain or hero, for all he has done in the world. And when they arrive at the place where Zane Ackerman is going to arrive, that's when he finally arrives, a young man with straight dark gray hair and purple eyes, who said:"Greetings, people of Leidenschaftlich. I heard about the situation going on in the world. So ex-Navy Captain Dietfried Bougainvillea showed his real face, didn't he? Well, it won't be as difficult as we'd expect. Because the only one who will end his existence is the great world winner of the Great War, and my former colleague at the law academy, Sharrot Belledary."After Zane gives this message and leaves, Violet gets scared and says:"Sharrot... Belledary? Same childhood friend... and lover of Asta Bergland? It can't be..."As he arrives in General Arnold's country, President Hodgins and Zane are talking to him, and Hodgins said:"Well, that's the story it all happened, General...""I know. Not to mention that I mistook this Violet for Asta without showing an ounce of credulity. And the reason for that is because my omniscience was automatically disabled so I could improve my physical normalcy so I could deal with rejection, loneliness, maladjustments, etc. That's because we Lightrrors have a central focus on these things much more than strength itself." said Arnold."You're... what? A Lightrror!? But what the hell is that!?" asked Hodgins in amazement."You'll already know. Because my omniscience and all the Lightrrors have been activated for about three days, and we've seen everything about Dietfried, since he was infected by the dark energy, accepted Makkapitew's agreement to the point that he allied himself to Azavolos and abandoned our world forever." replied Arnold.At this very moment, about three guys arrive, and they reveal themselves to be: Sharrot Belledary with a gas mask, Bradley Alphin and Wilfred Cowman, an old man with a very well made and pointed mechanical arm. Bradley Alphin was Sharrot's great mentor and father figure, as Gilbert was to Violet, because Bradley has much more empathy and realism than Gilbert, he lets Sharrot take care of his family without even hurting their feelings, due to his high level of disbelief and sense of everything."Hello General Arnold! It's been 6 years since we've seen each other, hasn't it?" said Bradley very excited."Yes, it's been a long time, buddy. That one in the middle is Sharrot, right? It's been a long time, my son. You grew up, and I loved your new outfit. But by the way, why are you wearing a mask, huh?" answered and asked Arnold."I'm so happy to see you again, Dad. I just heard about Uncle Androe's visions, who explained and showed about Violet Evergarden, an Asta clone created by Uncle Androe, and even about her acquaintances, including Claudia Hodgins. And by the way, I'm wearing this mask because I want to surprise him, just to show him my strong resemblance between me and Uncle Androe." replied the Sharrot.Then, Sharrot took off his mask and showed it to Hodgins:,"He... has the same eyes as his uncle...! But why does he have feminine eyelashes in his eyes...!?" asked Hodgins shocked by the Sharrot's appearance."It's because he inherited it from his mother, Aurora, my younger sister." said Androe Jensen, creator of Violet Evergarden, who appears out of nowhere and grabs Hodgins by the shoulders, feeling a great admiration for him."Huh!? You're... Androe Jensen! Violet's creator!" said Hodgins, surprised by Androe's presence."Well, I have to admit. Nothing more wonderful than a reunion between old friends and family. But what could go wrong...?" said Sharrot with his great enthusiasm.The chapter ends with everyone laughing, except Hodgins, who is scared without knowing why, and Sharrot showing his big smile to show his great pride.
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