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Old-Timey Mario and Luigi (Cuphead inspired!) by Otakatt Old-Timey Mario and Luigi (Cuphead inspired!) by Otakatt
The old cartoon aesthetic of Cuphead is just too good and inspired me to draw Mario and Luigi this way. :) I'm not so great at emulating styles but hopefully this comes close enough.


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hiroshiparadox Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2017
Hehe, I like their smiles! I like Luigi's big, toothy grin and how his cheeks push up against the bottom of his eyes, making the smile even bigger. Mario's smile just feels upbeat and friendly.

I'm not very familiar with Cuphead, but I've gathered it's based on like 30s-40s era cartoon aesthetic, and I think you did a pretty good job making their faces, their hands fit that aesthetic. They've kinda got the proportions too -- the noodly arms and round body shapes. Whenever I think of those old cartoons, things are ALWAYS moving, they're always kinda bouncing in place even when standing still, so it might've carried that "good Lord do they every stand still?!" feel through a bit more if maybe their knees were bent a bit? Just me wondering.

I think it'd be really fun to see the Mario's in a whole old timey style cartoon. Awesome job giving us a taste of that! : )
Otakatt Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2017   Digital Artist
Thanks! In the sketch stage Luigi looked TERRIFYING but my bf suggested I just keep it that way, haha. Then it kinda worked itself out better by the time I hit line art. Maybe bending the knees a little would have helped? IDK. I think I'm more annoyed by all the negative space around it. I mean, yeah there's a background but... I dunno. I guess I've been noticing more in works that I like there's not a lot of "negative space" going on around the subject and I think I've been very very guilty of just having a bunch of nothing going on in pictures.
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