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The Pied Piper

Behold the Pied Piper of Hamlin.......Has a fetish for rats and children making him one of my fave book characters of all time.

The Very first artwork using a wacom. I'll try to do better next time for this is just a practice run. ^^
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I can feel his joyful music! I really love it !!
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If you are going to improve upon this, please show me when you're done! One of your fave book characters of all time? It's a small world!

Here is a poem I wrote about it.…

Hopefully it will inspire you to do more artwork of it! I like how in your picture the pied piper has a flower in his toe. It shows me that deep down, the Pied Piper has feelings just like you and me and that he is really a tender guy--with a very dark side. I want to know what makes him dark, and the flower is a clue!
What style would this be considered? I remember seeing characters like this in some turn off the century depictions but can't recall. Great job btw it really brings me back to a great time in my life when is in grammer school and read old children's novels
Otagoth may I please use this as I love it :)
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Your rats are so adorable!! I think Parachute Rat is my favourite xD
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i think i might draw parachute rat as his own character lol. Thanks.
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Hello Phil, This is my Favorite !
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This was like years ago. ahaha
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epic. i love this coloring and the pose and...yeah :D
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I've actualy never seen a red head for a Piper. Amazing job and pose!
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that's amazing! i love his hair, socks, the flower in his toes, and the rats are adorable :aww: :clap:
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This is amazingly beautiful! loving this very much.
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Anyone seducing rats with a flower between his toes is full of win in my book XD I love the parachuting mouse in the bg :D
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lol! think i was high on caffeine when i did this. :p
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Of the ground bean or the brewed leaf variety? Cause you should share whatever it is you're smo- I mean drinkin' :shakefish:
Otagoth's avatar
Hellz yeah! both brewed and the instant variety :D
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God XD I keep looking at your icon and lol'ing in RL...Epic way to throw off one's mental train of thought XD
I haven't really been one for coffee but Starbucks has slowly been twisting me around its littlest finger lately :shakefist:
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Well. :P coffee is brain food....i think. If you'd be where i am id definately force feed you some coffee. ^^ is nice. in fact im drinking one right now!! :D
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I have to admit it is growing on me a little XD I don't think it'll ever get to the point where I'll drink it straight black without sabotaging it with lots of milk and sugary substances :P How do you take yours?
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Well i prefer mines with 2 teaspoons of sugar and a hint of milk. Only when i get depressed or need to cure bad JUJU where i drink black coffee. :p
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looking real good :D
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Thanks Jen ^^
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no prob :D tis great!
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