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Hey, just a quick heads-up for all of you using the great journal CSS skin Official dA v5 journal CSS. As you might have guessed from the defacing of your current journal, there is a "needed" update: v1.20. Nothing about the appearance of the journal has changed but the code is a lot cleaner. Props to 33xiT on the update. I would also like to thank him for adding this journal to his deviation links. If you found this journal through the deviation, I hope you find it useful. As to the why of the change, read this:
I apologize for the force update. I am updating my server directory structure and I need to delete the directory where the current layout pictures are. You need to update journal layout code and the CSS code. Unfortunately, you have to update all your previous journal entries if you do not want missing layout pictures in all your previous journal entries. I plan to delete the directory in a few weeks. Please, update your latest journal entry if you will not get surprised with the CSS. Once again, I apologize for this trouble.
The new specs for v1.20 are:
- All layout pictures URL
- Stamps div added
- Gallery link updated
- "watch me" button has been replaced by "comment it" button (direct access to the comment form)
Note: The "comment it" button does not work in the preview mod (it's normal).

So here my unofficial official guide to updating your Official dA v5 journal CSS code to v1.20:

I found that most of the updating regarding the journal layout is focused on new links from 33xiT's site, the use of the new dA addressing format, and the like; in addition to the above mentioned changes and add-ons. So, first thing's first: copy over the old CSS code with the new. All of it; just copy/paste over the old script. Then you can begin the retrofitting of your journal layout. The code you're already using for the layout appears to be somewhat compatible with this new CSS code but I highly suggest you follow orders and update everything. However, how you go about this is up to you. I have a couple suggestions:

NOTE: Remember that you have to pay attention while attempting the following or you might end up "corrupting" your journal layout. The suggestions below are meant to save you time from having to re-enter all your personal information and current tweaks. However, if you do not feel comfortable with this, starting with a fresh and complete copy/paste might be the wiser path.

So far, I found the "easiest" way to update everything is to firstly replace all CSS coding with a simple copy/paste. Then, update all links in your journal layout. This is the not-so-easy part of this but it will save you a lot more time having to re-input all your personal information. Another, and I think better, option is to simply replace all existing code around your personalized information. Still a far amount of work but again it save a lot more and you can be sure to pick up any minor coding changes I have not found otherwise.

This process should only take you at most 10-20mins, pending on how you decide to upgrade. The fresh start might run you thirty or more. The advice given to you by 33xiT in the code documents is good and sound for both the first-time user and the more experienced updater. I suggest making note of all his says.

And just in case anyone is wondering, you can "edit" the journal layout. While this part has not been officially endorsed or rejected by 33xiT, it can allow you to better manage your journal layout. For instance, if you don't have prints, then don't include them; or, if you want to a different category, just editing the superficial parts. (Like my custom job to include favourites, my "thanks for reading", and.or "story time" edits.) So long as you stick to his advice or you are confident enough to venturer further, you should be safe.

Remember to contact 33xiT via the e-mail given in the code files or visit him here on dA to give feedback, report bugs (especially use the e-mail for this), and check out his other works like the newly created Official dA v5 gallery CSS. (I'll need to check that out myself!) I hope you found this guide worthwhile. Please feel free to contact me if you need help. If you want a users guide to anything else of his (or works from anyone else, just let me know.)

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Thank you very much for telling us how CSS works :). It helps a lot. it's great to see that different people have knowledge of it :).