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A Thought At Christmas
It's Christmas eve! I'm all alone,
save two cats and a dog.
I take artwork off of the walls,
warmed by my gas-flamed logs.
I think of all I hold so dear
and all so far away;
and of the fact that I must work
upon this Christmas day.
It makes me sad, so all alone
while others sup with kin.
While moving gives me two abodes,
they rest empty within.
I look back on my shameful deeds;
just coal for me this year.
As others give to prove me wrong
I can't in kind, I fear.
Yet as I pause and reminisce
a happy thought unfolds,
reminding me of all my friends
and family to hold.
"Behold the count of all you miss;
for whom your thoughts implore!
How lucky is the one who has
so many to wish for!"
I have a job and family,
and friends to wish me well.
I am so blessed in all of these;
their love's a truth to tell.
So Merry Christmas, one and all!
As moving day draws neigh,
I take a break to wish you grace;
my love will never die.
:iconosyris:osyris 4 1
Occupy Yourself by osyris Occupy Yourself :iconosyris:osyris 1 5
Tides of Darkness
Grotesque are the stars of the evening
Who come to replace courage with dread.
Unnamable things are now stirring
And some do not live just in your head!
Where tides of great darkness forms shadows;
Fade colors, and outlines, and sureness.
Where all that was once known unravels
As the high gibbous moon hides its fears.
Here will you find fresh morbid terrors
From ages remote and decayed;
Of horrors so sick and perverted
That shatters the mind and the brain!
What heavenly blasphemous figure,
A charnel-soaked visage of niter,
Alight by dark witch-flames from pyres,
Now broods over you with desire?
Hovering under the ether sky,
Churning with malice unspeakable,
Menacing wings of vaporous doom
Hauntingly fused with dreamland dew.
Loathsome profusions of ghoulish sounds
Flood forth to hollow your sanity,
With bellowing bayings of madness
Condemning your fate all too quickly.
Now creeping and crawling like chaos,
This ill of your nightmares brings shivers
That gnash at your painful delusions
:iconosyris:osyris 2 2
Dancing Strings
I revel in the waves come crashing from the sea
I sink into that blue sky falling down on me
Though every situation ne'er more will free
The shinning little dancers smiling for a fee
I see the revelations swirling like a bee
I need no bitter darkness for my calm to be
Nobody ever lingers for the dawn to see
The strumming of my heart strings dancing merrily
I always seem to wander in and out of time
I never count the hours when I'm lost in rhyme
In all but few occasions loneliness will chime
A moody intonation stepping into grime
I sit beside the fireside of my paradigm
I cannot stay forever, though I strive to mime
The love the seems to tarry, e'er more sublime
And prancing to the rhythm distant in its prime
:iconosyris:osyris 0 7
Candle Life
Flame that rises small in height
Melt me with your sweet delight!
So that I might breath new life
For a time between cold nights
Raptured by that sweet perfume
Freed a moment from my tomb!
Reaching up to touch the wound
Never shall I leave this room
Let me swim in warmth's embrace
As stout pillar burns in space
Lapping up the nectar cask
Bliss is captured in its place
Slowly I shall fade away
Rising, sinking like R'lyeh
In due time a bitter haze
Flameout locks me as a stray
Coldest is that final grave
Trapped inside I cannot stave
Frozen to those ether stains
Lacking luster to be brave
Unseen father, hear your son!
Leave me not, I am not done!
Breathe in me a final strum
'til wax and wick and flame be one!
:iconosyris:osyris 0 5
What Am I
I might be strange enough to be
a queerer lot to my kin.
Yet I am tame to those insane
least lies become my sin.
Thought that I can conjure here
are different, not unknown.
Poetic feats of my delight
might best describe my tomes.
How can I be a poet when
I do not share my dreams?
My musings of nocturnal bliss
do not instruct my streams.
Instead I write upon a whim
the thoughts within my mind.
A point of view I give to it
a philosophic rhyme.
Surely no philosopher
resides within my head.
Insight and depth I do not have
to pin out like a thread.
The thoughts of now a fleeting pass
to superficialness.
Perhaps a lyrical incline
explains my wordiness.
A song-write I can never be
for thoughts of mine can't sing.
My words on top inadequately
conform to simple rings.
The repeat of a simple plan
my words do not conform.
Then do I speak as I can see
the simple truth informs?
I could not be the common man
who gives it like he knows.
For all I think is anything
but common place to sow.
My notions
:iconosyris:osyris 0 16
Toasting the Dead
I sit back in my chair tonight and toast a beer
For a long-in-coming death, I say, but do not fear
He was a giant arse and prick, as you might know
It took a longer time, but then you reap what you sow
Now sure, he was a monster of our own design
And there's a lotta sins that we have done in kind
But as that good ol' Gandhi show us back in time
There is a better way of changing adverse minds
Too bad their is no Hell for his dead ass to go
But if you think there is, then I do hope he shows
Perhaps I should be kinder and forgive his crimes
But that is not for me, for I just speak in rhymes
Some say he's not the mastermind of 9-1-1
That is a different matter, so don't spoil this fun
He's done enough to have it coming long ago
Now lest him be a lesson that we all might grow
There's still a lot to do to make this planet grand
Let's stop with all the hate, so we can make a stand
Until then, let us struggle to be much more sweet
One less hater on this rock? Now, that can't be beat!
:iconosyris:osyris 4 2
Mature content
Not Enough :iconosyris:osyris 1 3
Frozen in time
I can't rest while she remains far away
Is she still mine?
Will she come home?
Is there any chance?
Doubt now hangs over
I dare not trust to hope
Yet I cannot stop
Guilt is controlling
So I do all that I can before I let go...
But can I ever let go?
Have I driven her away?
Guess now I'll never ever know
Yet I feel compelled to say...
I'm sorry
If I wasn't the father I needed to be
I'm sorry
If I couldn't protect you from life's misery
Day after day
You don't come home, all my hopes go down
Draining away
Clouds grow darker
Happiness is just a word
My search is over
I've done all that I can
But it's not enough
Grief now controls me
I drink as I curse as I smoke, and then I cry
Today I wanna just cry!
How did I let her get away?
I'm drowning in a sea of whys
But I have to tell myself…
I'm sorry
Sometimes we must settle for loss and ado
I'm sorry
As you do still love her, she still loves you, too
:iconosyris:osyris 0 6
I let you outside without a care
Two days went, but I did not despair
You knew your way, like a kid's rhyme
How could I know it'd be the last time?
I'm calling your name, but hearing no answer
Please come home…
I'm on the back porch, awaiting your answer
Please come home…
I'm soon very worried; my baby would not forsake her home
I sleep sadly all alone
Looking for you has made me so down
All these questions spinning me around
No one can tell if you've run away
Wether you're dead, or stolen that day
I search the field; when will you answer?
Please come home...
I'm standing right here, why don't you answer?
Please come home...
I'm giving it my all, but all of my hopes can't bring you home
I keep searching on my own
I've been calling for you day and night
This shit's fucked up; I can't make it right
Posters and online classifieds
Nothing has worked, now I'm terrified
I'm on the corner, begging your answer
Please come home…
Silence is dreadful, why won't you answer?
Please c
:iconosyris:osyris 1 7
Why am I writing? What is its meaning?
I don't know…
Nobody comments; nobody's reading
I should know…
I'm making up rhymes, but nothing I say will take a hold
I keep writing on my own…
Working for nothing; begging for something
End it all…
Can I describe it? Will I endure it?
Shaken cold…
I'm studying values, my offer will barely sell me whole
Wrapped up in my only vogue...
There are no answers; only my questions
I should go…
Where are my troubles? How can they listen?
I suppose…
It's coming from my mind, but nothing becomes of my poor soul
Passing feelings make me old…
Who is this watcher? When did he enter?
Right in my mirror; always he questions
All I sow…
Recovering my mind, discovering serfdom is my role
Slave entangled on the road…
:iconosyris:osyris 1 9
Without Aim
No one alive
All now are dead
And the cause was just, they said
Skewed battles
Through an endless strife
Churning madness like a knife
Cause and battles
Tears and shame
Without aim
Without aim
:iconosyris:osyris 0 0
The Catch
The allure of rewards and treasures was too much, overshadowing the warnings and consequences held within those myths and legends of old. It was then not a question of, would divine wrath accost and punish the ills of her captors? But the sadder reality of, would she survive to reap its salvation and grace?
It is thus for her, not those humans, that this tale turned tragic is spun; and it is for her sake, fair mermaid of the deep, that our story begins...
:iconosyris:osyris 0 2
Mature content
Hallelujah :iconosyris:osyris 2 6
In Her Eyes by osyris In Her Eyes :iconosyris:osyris 0 2 Attentive by osyris Attentive :iconosyris:osyris 1 4
Behold the fruits of my labor! You shall not be disappointed...



I can has llama?
United States
I am a writer, poet, podcaster, photographer, composer, pseudo-public speaker, satirist, motorcyclist, geek, history buff, and all around deviant. I attend U.W. Tacoma for a Communications degree and thus live in the south Puget Sound region. I am also the owner of one Curtis T. Raccoon, who you might have seen dancing atop a blue Jetta during the summer months or atop my heat at U.W.T. Monday-Thursday. I do post things here when school papers are not stacked against me.

Current Residence: Auburn, King County, Washington, USA, North America, Terra, Terran Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy
deviantWEAR sizing preference: L-XL (depending)
Print preference: Big! Awesome! Expencive! Catgirl! (...and other stuff)
Favourite genre of music: Techno, Industrial, Rock, Folk, Traditional, Classical, Jazz
Favourite style of art: deviantART :P
Operating System: MacOS X v10.6.3 Snow Leopard
MP3 player of choice: Black 80Gb iPod "Oni of Aaru"
Favourite cartoon character: V, Numbah 362, Bender, Batman, Roger Smith, Raj, Anemone, Megatron, Shnitzel
I'll keep this short and sweet... I'm back, baby! :D
  • Listening to: geese fly by.
  • Reading: the Iron Wizard & Billy the Face!
  • Watching: my kitten-kat Lexus watching the outside.
  • Playing: with time I do not have.
  • Eating: store-bought White Castle cheeseburgers!
  • Drinking: Goose Island Matilda Belgian-style Ale


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