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Llama Supreme

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Today (8/7/2010) is my birthday as well as DeviantART's birthday. So, I thought I'd draw something special. and what could possibly be more special...... than LLAMA SUPREME!?!?

yeah. I noticed that there's a llama craze around DA nowadays... before, it was mudkips.. now llamas?

This right here is the Super Albino Llama.
you can get it when you collect 100 llama badges.
This is the first time I've drawn a llama... so I'm not sure how it turned out.
They are unexpectedly hard to draw! o_o

Here's the list of what llamas you can get on DA:
(1 badge) Llama
(10 badges) Super Llama
(50 badges) Albino Llama
(100 badges) Super Albino
(500 badges) Ninja Llama
(1000 badges) Fancy Llama
(2500 badges) King Llama
(5000 badges) Spartan Llama
(7500 badges) Wizard Llama
(10000 badges) The Golden Llama

I think there was also a Rainbow Llama but apparently they're not available anymore?

I have a Ninja Llama at the moment.
maybe this pic could get me some more badges..??? ouo

Thank you everyone who gave me a llama badge! :D

So, I'm 21.
Now I can legally do all the things I've been doing since I was 13! yaaay~ :p

Happy birthday, myself, DeviantART, and all the other cool kids that were born on August 7th!

We gon' light~ it~ up~
like it's Dy-no-mite~
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It’s the super Llama, here to come to the rescue!

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well done!  :D

Walking llama Walking llama Walking llama 
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I am up to Super Llama
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This is so awesome!!! :llama:
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YAS! Llamas with hats YAS! Rainbow Llama 1 
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Nice sketching haha super albino looks great :D
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Haha awesome!! But what the hell is this whole llama thing? :o
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Dude I freaking love it, but I was wondering I have two llamas but I don't know what there for! Someone please tell me! Kitty begging 
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Did you find out? I'm very curious to know too :-p
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Yeppers! It's just like a way too give and receive, really there's nothing too it! 
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Very cool llama.
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Llama. Llama, is Supreme.Pants on Head retarded
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yay!! awesome and ... well....awesome!
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heehee, very silly :)
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:wave:Your llama deviation is in a Llama Feature here [link]
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I can't even begin to describe the epicness of this picture...:llama:
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