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Painted a bear :)

What do u think?
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Is it a brown bear or a black bear? I can't really tell, with this lighting. :)
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That's a nice painting I don't have good skills in it but I think believe its wonderful
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Awesome my favourite animal 
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awsome , i used this for a school proyect , we need to draw animals with letters :p
is this ok to you ?
I like it!
Would you be interested in doing some artwork for my band?
Write me at []
and also if decided provide with a price!
The artwork will consist of a polar bear, beers, and shadows.
I have a good idea of how the artwork should work out, so you're
going to be working on mostly my idea.. Be prepared!

Thank you!
Kristian Ellingsøe (Denmark, Copenhagen)
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Scary bear. I jumped when I saw it.
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What brush did you use for this?
I'm having trouble finding a nice painty brush to use. OTL

You deserve a gold star for this. 8D
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Wow i love this. the background is incredible :)
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:iconcheerplz: this is so awesome!!!!
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Awesome painting of an awesome animal
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Beautiful painting of a godless killing machine.
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The lighting is so perfect, I thought it was a picture at first...awesome!
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Epic!! You PAINTED this? VERY Impressive..
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sure did! Thanks :)
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forget about bear..... I like your Forest...
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he is screaming HEELP!!!
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very nice - dark mood, scary atmosphere
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OMG BEAR! haha I love bears and you are amazing!

:headbang: Drox
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