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ORB OS X Icon Pack by Luke O'Sullivan -UPDATEDx2

Now over 55 icons. ICNS, PNG and a blank PSD included.

***Now updated with update 2.1.1 (see 'Full list of icons' below for details)***

***I've included an icon style I've been working and would appreciate feedback;
It's the same style as this set, but made to fit in better with OS X Yosemite's style. Let me know what you think. 

Smart and uniform, with a brand new, completely redesigned Finder icon.

Includes icons for the main apps on OSX, as well as icons for Citrix Receiver, Leap Motion and MS Office.

Even the icons I have already posted have been remastered and revamped to make them sharper and bolder in colour than before!

Don't forget to favourite and comment - I will add to the icon range over time, so feel free to add suggestions :)

Note: I'm quite busy at the moment and haven't been able to update icons with your suggestions very much, but I've included a PSD now so that you can create your own :)

Full list of icons:

Update 2.1.1:
- MS Outlook
- Mailbox for Mac
- Blank PSD added for making your own icons (!)

Update 2.1:
- Adobe After Effects
- Unity
- Calculator
- VirtualBox
- Firefox
- Microsoft Office (x4)
- Genric Download Icon

Update 2.0:
- Activity Monitor
- Airport Utility
- Bluetooth (File Exchange)
- Chess (!)
- Chrome (from Frost for OS X)
- Dictionary
- Disk Utility
- DropBox
- iConvert Icons
- Adobe Illustrator
- Adobe InDesign
- Mission Control
- OS X
- Adobe Photoshop
- Skype
- Spotify
- System Info
- Time Machine

Version 1.0:
- App Store
- iLife (iMovie x2, GarageBand x2, iPhoto)
- Calendar (x2)
- Citrix Receiver
- Contacts
- Dashboard
- FaceTime
- Finder
- Font Book *
updated in 2.0*
- iBooks (x2) *
updated in 2.0*
- Image Capture
- iTunes (in blue and red)
- Keynote 
*updated in 2.0*
- Launchpad
- Leap Motion
- Mail
- Maps
- Messages
- Notes
- Numbers
- Pages
- PhotoBooth
- Preview 
*updated in 2.0*
- QuickTime (x2)
- Reminders
- Safari
- Settings (now x2) 
* updated in 2.0*
- Terminal 
*updated in 2.0*
- Text Edit 
*updated in 2.0*
© 2014 - 2021 osullivanluke
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Hi, how can I change the calendar icon? I'm into system/library/coreservices/dock/contents/resources and I can't find it, please help, thanks

Cool ! can u make ios phone icon?

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Thanks for these :)
These are amazing. Best collection and fully optimized. Thank you
looks awesome man! great work!, Would be cool if u have time to make more icons for: uTorrent, Deluge, Trend Micro, Eset :)
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can we get a Steam icon?
These icons are great - I'm "rounding out" my dock!  Now that Microsoft has released the new Outlook for Mac with a blue icon, any chance of an additional blue one to go with the yellow?
Love the Yosemite-optimised icon, any chance you have a PSD template for that one?
Love the new icon just as much as the old ones!
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salut! Your icon set is AWESOME thanks 2 you ! Yosemite optimised icons package +1 8)
Love them!

Some requests - if you find the time:

the unarchiever
game center
Youtube to mp3
Disk Space Tab 
Disk Diet
Image Capture
DVD player

I might have missed one that is actually in the folder, if this is the case, please excuse me :)
no time for updates so far?
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Nope, sorry! I've added a blank PSD (as well as 2 new icons) so you can create your own if you need - but will work through the best suggestions when I get time.

Let me know what you think of the updated Yosemite-optimised icon since that's how I'm expecting to move forward with the set.
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Can we get the Outlook Icon as well into the awesome Office Collection please (:
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Added :D (finally :P )

Let me know what you think of the updated Yosemite-optimised icon since that's how I'm expecting to move forward with the set.
how to apply in android device?
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