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Twilight Sparkle in bed.

A sexy Twilight Sparkle in his bed, Reading relaxed.
Japanese pillow cover style :9
I will make the Mane 6 in the same style ;D

Hope you enjoy it :D

Una provocativa Twilight Sparkle leyendo relajadamente en su cama.
Al estilo de las fundas de almohada japonesas :9
Haré a las 6 en el mismo estilo ;D

Espero que os guste :D

          Pikie Pie:<da:thumb id="416231671">…
             Rarity:<da:thumb id="417327179">…
       Fluttershy:<da:thumb id="418297370">…
       AppleJack:<da:thumb id="420944548">…
Rainbow Dash:<da:thumb id="425979717">…

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic © Hasbro / Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:
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I actually think this is more adorable than saucy. That's not a bad thing though as I rather like this! :D Her surprised expression is adorable and the color scheme is very pleasing overall. The Daring Do book is a neat bonus to it too.

My only gripe is that it looks a little "flat" for some reason around her midsection and head. Like as if Twilight is sort of squished flat in the picture, if that makes sense. I can't really pinpoint why though... Maybe it needs more rounded shading edges? Ehh, it's not that big of a deal, it's just something I noticed.
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¡Muy bueno! Me encanta, sobetodo su expresión xD
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Twilight looks beautiful here! Those books are a nice touch to the drawing!
Dan001703's avatar
Dakimakuras are usually narrower in the horizontal.
OSuKaRuArT's avatar
i had to make room for the wings :P
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hnng!!! 2cute4me!!!
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Not sure if the mature tag is really needed but, this is very awesome :D
OSuKaRuArT's avatar
when you see the rest of the series, you'll understand :9
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Fijo que se estaba haciendo el Paco de Lucía con las "50 sombras de Gay", ¿verdad?
OSuKaRuArT's avatar
"hacerse el Paco de Lucía". Debe ser una expresión muy del Sur, porque en mi vida lo habia oido :D (me imagino a que se refiere :9)
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No creas. Lo saqué de la Frikipedia. =P
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Diría que es Twilight no "Twighlight" pero buen trabajo!
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Y esta es la mas SOFT de la serie que estoy preparando. :9
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perfecto, saca a flutershy!
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perfecto *W*
tienes que sacar a fluter shy  si o si!
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