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SpotifyMini 1.0

By Ostragot
My second rainmeter skin release. 

Since rainmeter/nowplaying plugin doesnt fully support Spotify (no volume control, no duration, no progress bar, no album cover), I tried to make a mini player which looks like Spotify media player exactly.

Feel free to ask any questions or give feedback.

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Had to redo the measures and replace the plugin used with the Spotify Plugin, but I got it working. ofc the long names get cutoff due to the size of this player, lol
Can't see the artist or song title. Is there a way to fix this?
hi can someone help? im new to using rainmeter and can't figure out how to make the song title and artist appear…
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Seems slightly not wide enough for some of my songs. For example: "Thirty Seconds To Mars" goes into the Previous button and close to the play/pause button. Could you make it adjustable or maybe two options one that wide, and one a little bit more wide? Thanks!
Yo btw, I made a plugin that works with spotify, it should be pretty easy to implement aswell.
I didnt know where to publish it so I published it as a skin here on deviantart which made it hard for people to find I guess. If you want to update the skin you could try use that plugin and just send me a message if you run in to stuff I need to add. :)
The plugin uses spotifys own spotilocal library, so I can make it do pretty much anything you want. Alltho, it hasnt been added into rainmeter for fear of spotify not supporting it (making plugins stop working if they make big changes).
I've had it working for ~2years now though :P
edit: actually nvm, seems like someone released another plugin on the rainmeter forums. Might wanna use that one instead :)
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Looks awesome. :3
But I wished spotify would be fully supported by the plugin. :(
All the player controlls for rainmeter are useless (I just want a cover :D )...

You had a good idea, I like it. :)
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Yeah I wish the same thing too. I designed the whole thing with complete controll stuff but "partial support" for spotify just dissapointed me. 

Spotify just updated its UI recently, so i made another skin for the new interface. Gonna upload it soon.;

Thanks so much by the way. I appreciate it.
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Uh nice... Can't wait. :)
This one is such nice, wonder how the new controll looks like. :meow:

I used the beta with the new ui with a trick I found on the web and I really like the new skin (mean spotify this time).
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