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Love to animate winged creatures!
If you want to see full work please download it. ^^ The zoom in the Eclipse design is awful Angry 
Character belongs to :icontan-dreamstiller:
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what kind of animating app do you use? this is FIRE! i always wanted to become an animator myself. what do you use to make these animations?

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great motion art it awesome with very nice colours

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Your work is God tier, wholly crap!!! I'm in love <3

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your animations are just on another level entirely. I hope one day you make some kind of animation demo where you show your process that would be so cool

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Imagine being able to animate and draw

I obviously can't relate =w=

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Man this looks epic! I wish I could animate this well.

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Jesus... that light???

Hey OstinLein, great animation, so freaking cool!

Anthropomorphic art is my favorite because I'm working on an ART bundle concept involving anthropomorphic characters with story background and music themes.

Would love to work with you in the near future. Great job🔥 !

Also, if you know other artists that do this sort of art, please send them my way🙂.

IG: @joselazarre/

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So answer me these questions. When are you going to post this animation onto Sakugabooru? Do you know what Sakugabooru is? Should I explain it to you?

Can I add it to phones or will it kill my phone
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I dunno, this is a GIF format it works badly on my phone!

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Animating something like this would kill me for sure, how are you alive
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wow! incredible
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This is so cool good job I love it!!!!
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that is cooooooooooooooooool

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Just give the character some texture and it would look straight out of the film Klaus!

okay, so you're just an amazing animator :D Makes sense!

Wow, so smooth. I kind of reminds me of the netflix show dragon prince and the skywing elves. This must have taken so long, I am in awe at your determination.

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I love dragon prince!
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this is so amazing!! and so fluid, too!

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