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Tire by osterfire, visual art

Deviation Spotlight

Eating time..... by osterfire, visual art

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome weary traveler! I hope that the rode to this cafe wasn't that danger or trouble some, either way, I bet you are thirsty or hungry, so why not sit on one of our tables and get a menu? Soon one of our cute little maids will come to take your order. Relax and give yourself a well deserve rest, we hope that you enjoy your staying! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RULES and other things, read please. THERE ARE NEW RULES READ THE RULE AGAIN PLEASE -To participate, you need to be a member of Bagbeans -That say, you will need a Griffolk or companion (sorry) -Reason for prior rule, is because this is a very heavy Role Playing in it, so if that is not your thing, you have been warn! -I have the right to kick you out, if I feel like you are causing troubles. -This is not an activity from the group, so PG13 or more
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There are two type of items that you can encounter, there are Tools and Artifacts. Tools: This are passive item that normally increases or lower your stats. There are 3 categorist for tools: Weapon, Armor and Accessory. You can only hold 1 Weapon at the time, 1 armor and 2 accessory. Each one having strength and weaknesses. For example, weapons normally rise Attack, but may lower defense or even HP. Armor can rise Defense, but lower Action points. Accessory normally don't have any negative effect, but only provide a small buff over all. You can collect multiple items, they will be put in the backpack, you can only swap them out of fight. You also can sell them if you don't need them anymore. Artifact: On the other hand, Artifact are special items that have an effect in battle. Normally you can only hold 1 Artifact and have a Max. of 3 Artifact in your backpack. Note that, you can't swap Artifact in battle, so make sure to change them when you need to. All Artifacts can only be
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There are three different elements that enhance your battle potential, each one concentrated in an specific aspect or stat. Fire: Related to Attack Toxic: Related to your HP Ice: Related to your Defense How they are apply and levels of potency As mention before, each element have a different requirement to be trigger. There are 3 level of elements, each one applying a stronger debuff to the enemy. Ones it reach level 3, it will reset to level 0 in the next turn and apply a one time effect. Something to notice, is that, each elemental level don't stack, so for example, if the enemy is been affect by Fire Level 2, it will not be affected by both Level 1 and Level debuff, but rather, as a whole, suffer the effect of Fire Level 2 Also, remember the different term for Battle: Final Roll= The final number that is use after applying consistent roll, rolled number and reduction from the enemy defense roll Rolled Number= The number that was roll without applying bonus or block from
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Hi, are you willing to draw Pokemon for GC?


Stars (pink n blue) - divider Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1 Hey, I've seen you do a portait of my friend, Angelica. I only have GC, but could you draw Darkrai for me? It's a cool Pokémon that I would love to see being drawn in a creepy fashion.

Oh a pokemon, I could try, really don't draw them that much.

Do you want a full body or head shot portrait? Also, which type of portrait blue or brow?


Stars (pink n blue) - divider Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1 Fullbody. Also, no portait, really, unless you want to go for a black portrait with claws sticking out of it. Seeing how you draw, I look forward to seeing how it looks. :D

Oh ok if that is the case, then it is different, portrait and full body have different cost, but that is ok, do you want them with paper like background or none?

Also that would be 150gc you can start the trade quest in the group webpage

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OH! I see your cover! How adorable sheep doll :heart:

LOL thanks! yeah trying to get use to Eclipse, it is a 50/50 for me :T

Is OK to make fanart of your griffians? c: