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Eating time..... by osterfire, visual art

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome weary traveler! I hope that the rode to this cafe wasn't that danger or trouble some, either way, I bet you are thirsty or hungry, so why not sit on one of our tables and get a menu? Soon one of our cute little maids will come to take your order. Relax and give yourself a well deserve rest, we hope that you enjoy your staying! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RULES and other things, read please. THERE ARE NEW RULES READ THE RULE AGAIN PLEASE -To participate, you need to be a member of Bagbeans -That say, you will need a Griffolk or companion (sorry) -Reason for prior rule, is because this is a very heavy Role Playing in it, so if that is not your thing, you have been warn! -I have the right to kick you out, if I feel like you are causing troubles. -This is not an activity from the group, so PG13 or more
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"After walking for a long time, some how you manage end up in an open clearing. There is a heavy mist hanging around the area, and you notice a couple of stands and buildings, some looking better than others." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- •Fire Tongue Café The Fire Tongue Café, as the name imply, it is a simple Café that serve a variety of drinks and food. All waitresses are dress up as maids. A perfect place to relax and chill, it is highly recommended to visit. Sadly, the place is not open all the time, and normally it only stay open for a short period each month, so make sure to check back if they are not open! -Status: -CLOSE- -Level: 2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- •Scary House of Horror A strange looking house (hut), say to make Griffolk look very different. Many that enter come out as a new creature, twisted and malicious...why
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Goat: "Baaaaa! For realm I really don't know what am I doing in here...." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RULES AND NOTES Only drawing Griffolks or companions. I have the right to denied a commission if I feel incapable or uncomfortable drawing something. Please don't take it personal. Complicated design can increase the price (Cloth, big mutations, accessories, etc) Not going to draw more than one character per slot/commission, basically, not going to draw 2 or more characters in the same drawing. EACH commission take a slot! it is not per-person. So if some one commission to draw 3 characters, 3 slots will be taken. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: Exchange rate in the shop at the moment is.... 1$ = 50 GC For any commission, please fill the following format: Link to the Griffolk to draw: Type of Custom: (Normal commission
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Hi, are you willing to draw Pokemon for GC?


Stars (pink n blue) - divider Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1 Hey, I've seen you do a portait of my friend, Angelica. I only have GC, but could you draw Darkrai for me? It's a cool Pokémon that I would love to see being drawn in a creepy fashion.

Oh a pokemon, I could try, really don't draw them that much.

Do you want a full body or head shot portrait? Also, which type of portrait blue or brow?


Stars (pink n blue) - divider Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1 Fullbody. Also, no portait, really, unless you want to go for a black portrait with claws sticking out of it. Seeing how you draw, I look forward to seeing how it looks. :D

Oh ok if that is the case, then it is different, portrait and full body have different cost, but that is ok, do you want them with paper like background or none?

Also that would be 150gc you can start the trade quest in the group webpage

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OH! I see your cover! How adorable sheep doll :heart:

LOL thanks! yeah trying to get use to Eclipse, it is a 50/50 for me :T

Is OK to make fanart of your griffians? c: