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"What in Princess Pisum bag is going here! What is THAT thing? It look like an Ealeg but...corrupted? No, more than just corrupted...After choosing a new location for the Cafe, and gathering the materials for it, I hired a Magic Guild that specializes in Dark Magic and Portals, so they could seal the Black Portal in the old Cafe...Everything was going well until, a damn Void Rift hit the place! The energies didn't mix well and...well that THING pop out of nowhere! Now we need to deal with it! or who knows what will happen..." ???: "HELP! Some one! HELP ME!" "What is that? it sound like someone is calling for help! We should hurry and stop this creature!" DEFEAT THE CORRUPTED EALEG! Task: Draw your Griffolk fighting the corrupted Ealeg. This Ealeg is not...normal, it is more than just infected with void but something else? This is not your typical Eather corruption! [The Ealeg change shape and form, you are more than free to draw them as you want to] Rules: -Only NEW art, no
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After taking votes for the new location of the Cafe, we have decided to build the Cafe at the nearby Lake! And I'm not going lie, that was a pretty good pick if you ask me, the lake is sure the sight. Now it is time to get the materials for the construction and THAT is where you come in to the picture! Are you ready to do some errant? ALL CLOSE, thanks for participating!
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"Hello there, name is Goat, and I'm the owner of a Café call 'The Fire Tongue Café'...well at least, I use to own such establishment, until I found out that, the Café was build on top of an old ritual site...yeah things got out of hand. Thanks to some brave Griffolks, the portal is under control, for the moment, so it is time to rebuild the Café in a new place! Can you help me with it? We could have all the help, the more help we get, the sooner the Café will open again!" "But you know...this is actually a great opportunity to, not only rebuild the Café, but to expand it! Yes! this is a good excuse to do things that probably would had been to hard to make in the past, so we can provide more services in the Café!" Step #1 Choosing a new place "For out first step, we need to chose a new place to build the Cafe. As mention before, there is an EVIL PORTAL in the basement of the old Cafe, and we need to...keep an eye on it, we don't want some creature from another universe to hop
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Osta is the G.O.A.T goatiest goat!

Hi, are you willing to draw Pokemon for GC?


Stars (pink n blue) - divider Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1 Hey, I've seen you do a portait of my friend, Angelica. I only have GC, but could you draw Darkrai for me? It's a cool Pokémon that I would love to see being drawn in a creepy fashion.

Oh a pokemon, I could try, really don't draw them that much.

Do you want a full body or head shot portrait? Also, which type of portrait blue or brow?


Stars (pink n blue) - divider Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1 Fullbody. Also, no portait, really, unless you want to go for a black portrait with claws sticking out of it. Seeing how you draw, I look forward to seeing how it looks. :D

Oh ok if that is the case, then it is different, portrait and full body have different cost, but that is ok, do you want them with paper like background or none?

Also that would be 150gc you can start the trade quest in the group webpage

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