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Legs, legs and more legs.
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My mom found a place that can fix my retainer for a cheaper price so I'll be able to afford to get it fixed with what I have! Thank you for all your help! ; 7 ;;;//

I've just been hit with a bit of a problem. I have a permenant retainer on mg teeth, but I broke the thin piece of glue attaching the wire to a tooth. Since my warranty is over, it will cost extra. I feel really bad for making my parents pay for it again, so I'm trying to earn around $170 to pay for it. Normally I would really not want to do this with so many commissions to do already, but I'm kind of desperate. There will be unlimited PayPal only slots now. Priority will be given to commissions already on my list though. I'll also be making some adoptables soon!


$12 || +$5 for additional character


$10 || +$5 for addtional character

Pixel Dolls

216th by ossanslegsLite-kun by ossanslegsRinusa by ossanslegs
Shotze by ossanslegsPrism-candy by ossanslegsAutumncrazed by ossanslegs

$16 || + $10 for each additional character

Blink / Wink animation is included, but any extra animation will cost extra.

I can pixel:
- Humans [ old / young, boy / girl / others... etc ] 
- Anthros
- Maybe mechas
- Mild Nudity

I will not pixel:
- Full blown nudity
- R - 18
- Animals [ not good enough at animal anatomy ] 
- Offensive / Hateful material
- Overly complicated characters
- Anything beyond 400 x 400
- Too many gradients

- Commissioner is allowed to use the pixel for their icon/ on their page/ etc...
- Please do not use if you are not the commissioner or have the commissioner's consent
- Please do not trace / steal
- No credit is needed on deviantArt, though is appreciated
- Commissioner may post on other websites with proper credit
- For personal use only, Please do not use for commercial use!


Username: [ dA username ] 
Payment: [ Paypal / Points ] 
Reference: [ Character Ref ] 
Animation: [ Blink / Wink / None / Etc ] 
Additional Info: [ Extras ] 

Thank you for your help!

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