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Version 1.1:

* Added another 15 samples and replaced a couple of lower quality ones with something better.
* Added alternate rectangular version of the skin.
* Updated code to reflect changes in Rainmeter since the skin was originally written.


Whilst tinkering with something else, it occurred to me that it should be possible to combine buttons and quotes and in Rainmeter. The result was the first of soundboard/button written using Rainmeter ;)

The HAL button sits quietly on you desktop watch until you click the button and HAL from 2001 then utters one of 30 quotes.

You need to have Rainmeter installed to use this. [link]
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Rip Douglas Rain
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it is like a robot speaking to you, and i love robots
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old file but this skin shares a name with another hal based rainmeter skin and im wondering if theres a zip file i can d/l of this one or how to change the skin folder name?
heh shoulda looked before i asked im sure its sloppy but i got it to work with a different folder name now 
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That's good point =D
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There has to be HAL groups on here.

He sure has enough fans on here.
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Shame he will not open the pod bay door =D
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really nice, now I just have to translate
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Thanks, although it does beg the question, translate what? :)
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translate what we say in my language, so it's nice! are not English, I'm Italian
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You could replace the sound samples with Italian ones ;)
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You're giving me some ideas for a Star Trek skin I've been working on... Good job !!!!
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Thanks for making this, made it shutdown my pc if i click on it, big red self-destruct button ftw :D
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Easy to use it for other things as you have ;)
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lol this is nice! :halfliquid:
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Great job!I like it! Can you give me permission to port it for XWidget ? thanks :)
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very god job i like it ;)
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made me lol. nice.
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Perhaps I can do that Dave :)
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