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Cobolt 2.5

Supeseded by version 2.6 [link]

2.5 brings:

* Updated to reflect changes in Rainmeter 2.3
* Third Media Player skin variant which shows controls & details when you hover mouse.
* Added Speedfan shortcut to launcher as Speedfan refuses to start via Windows StartUp menu.
* Revised all graphs to scroll from Left to Right.
* Fixed issues with first 4 weather icons.
* Too many other minor tweaks & fixes I can't remember!

You need to install Rainmeter (2.3 or better) which can be found here. [link]

CPU & GPU temperatures are captured by Speedfan which needs to be running in the background. [link]

Analogue Clocks
Analogue Uptime
CPU Load
Desktop Search - Bing, Google, IMDb & Wikipedia - 1 toggle variant that combines all, middle mouse to toggle).
Digital Clock
Digital Uptime
Feedreader 3 feeds, middle mouse button to refresh
Hard drives (1 to 3)
Memory (RAM & Swap individually or paired)
Lyrics - separate skin which can be toggled from the media player skin by clicking the musical note or left clicking the skin.
Media player - three versions, full, coverart & pop-up controls and compact with scrolling details. Pupports WMP, Winamp, iTunes, Foobar, AIMP, Spotify MediaMonkey and MusicBee - more details here. [link] on the progress bar will jump to that part of the track, --> [link]
Processor, 5 variants with options on CPU & Memory usage.
Quotes - a simple text file with words from the wise on your desktop
Slideshow - tell it where your pictures are it will do the rest.
Temperatures (1, 2 & 4 Cores CPU, 1-3 GPU)
Volume control Click on the bar to adjust.
Weather - 1 and 3 day forecasts
Wifi Hover over for more info)
Windows Controls - Shut-down, Restart, Hibernate, Lock, Task Manager, Screen saver, recycle bin & Speedfan.

If you don't use Winamp, then you will need to edit the media player skin - instructions are in the ini file (Right click the player and select "Edit skin"

This suite would not be possible without the help of the talented people at the Rainmeter forums.
© 2012 - 2021 OsricWuscfrea
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Wow.  Thanks for the effort you put in to this, and for sharing it.
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Thanks, glad you like it. =D
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Nice n lovely skins. Thanks for sharing
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nice work thanks
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Wow! Great job, very sexxy!
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Thanks for the kind words.
This is a wonderful suite! I have a question about the network variant. The displayed throughput speed seems to be low by about a factor of 10. I tried changing the NetIntf variable to 1 and 2, and neither worked. I am connecting through wifi exclusively. What can I do to improve the accuracy? It is showing Mb/s which is what I want, and am measuring throughput against.

Very appreciative!
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NetInf=0 takes the total from all inputs, so if you are only using wifi that would be the right number. There are no dividers or multipliers applied to the measure, so there is no reason for the value to be out. Are you mixing up megabits with megabytes?
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I downloaded your .rmskin and it was impossible to install it. I changed it to a .zip file to extract and put the folder in my raimeter installation in "documents" folder... doesn't work anyway! Did i made any mistake somewhere?[link]
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Sounds like you are NOT using the current version of Rainmeter which at the time of writing is 2.3.3. You can get it from here [link]
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The calendar is Lua Calendar by Smurfier which can be found here - [link]

Once it is installed navigate to xxxx\Rainmeter\Skins\LuaCalendar\@Resource\Styles. It needs the two .inc files - & (both are plain text files) in a new folder called Cobolt, I have put them here - [link] - it's a 6kb zip file which also includes the two required image files. Extract them to the folder xxxx\Rainmeter\Skins\LuaCalendar\@Resource\Styles. So you end up with xxxx\Rainmeter\Skins\LuaCalendar\@Resource\Styles\Cobolt with the two .inc files and two .pngs in it.

Finally, open Settings.Inc in xxxx\Rainmeter\Skins\LuaCalendar\@Resource\ and change Style=Default to Style=Cobolt. Then refresh Rainmeter.
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Sorry friend, I only speak English.
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Looks very nice! :)
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NOW THAT IS AWESOME!!!! HOLY @#@#!!! I LOVE THIS!!! Well done!
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Thanks for the kind words.
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