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Chris Foss
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Aliens, Predator, Dances with Wolves, Star Trek and about 400 other movies...
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BBC F1 coverage and Factual Channels
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Neil Young, Genesis, Asia whatever is playing at the moment
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The Hobbit
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Alan Dean Foster
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World of Tanks, erm, looking for a new one to love...
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Canon Eos 550D, Gimp, Rainmeter
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Shiny things with buttons on them
I think 2016 has been about the busiest year I have had since leaving the Army 10 years ago!  So little time to spare on hobbies and interests, but finally I have some time to myself over Xmas and finally had so time to finish coding something I did a few tests on a year ago!  In that time of course Rainmeter has been improved and has more new features which I am incorporating, e.g. InLine setting, meaning you no longer have to write two meters to change fonts e.g. Lan IP in one colour, the IP in another, essentially halving the writing, if you can wrap you head around the expressions!, Audiolevel plugin is now built in (write your own VU met
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Has arrived in the UK this weekend with a 10-16 centigrade drop...  still, should make for a fun walk with the dogs later.  I'm working on a couple of skins, basically revisiting unfinished efforts from a while ago. Kind of annoyed that Winamp is whithering on the vine and looking around for a replacement, AIMP seems ok, but doesn't support M3U or the Year in Rainmeter for skins, which is a bit annoying.  May have to go fiddle with Foobar again and see if that works out better.  This ties in with the first skin where I am basically dropping all the bits from Dashboard I use on a daily basis into a single skin using the newer feature of Rainm
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Been way to busy for a couple of years and other than photography, I've not really had much free time for other things, like Rainmeter coding.  A new monitor has caused me to get my finger out and I am working through Dashboard making it compatible with HWInfo plugin v2.  This is something you can do yourself, half the point of Rainmeter, anyhow! The basic skins are fixed, I now need to work through all the the .ini files that I don't use and fix those too, so maybe all done by the end of the weekend.  When that's sorted I will finally finish off a new skin I stopped working on ages ago which reduces the coding overhead and will hopefully add
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I had to be the first!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend!!!
Thanks, if only they subtracted the years =D
Yea I know!  Funny how when you are young you look forward to another year.  Now you wish the birthdays would just go away!
Nice to meet you. Now very convenient in your awesome cobolt skins.
One thing would be, or would you like?
Displaying the top 5 of the CPU or memory for convenient skin there,
Network traffic downloads and uploads, make a similar thing!

I think I understand what you are asking, let me have a look and see if I can do it.
Thanks for understand my poor English, thank you
Finished waiting for the fun!