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Derp of babysitting
     “We’ve got trouble!” the words themselves could have been entirely different, and the message would have hit home all the same, Samira’s voice just filled with worry.
     “Whiteouts an’other unspeakable horrors roaming downtown?” Finn asked, trying to guess just what could get that tone out of her.
     “Ner an’Brad got into Holmes’ secret stash an’released everythin’ in it?” that was his only guess worse than whiteouts.
     “Wo- Okay, not quite worse than that.” Samira conceded.
     “Good, I couldn’t even guess a worse to that.” Finn chuckled “What’s wrong?”
     “Zev is busy as well tonight.” she let the news some time to sink in before adding “He can’t babys
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Bounty Hunters 4
     “He’s chasing us!” Nero yelled, hearing the booming footsteps and feeling the tremors running through the ground beneath them.
     “No shit, Nero. Of course you had to yell and tell him we were after his head.” Dean snarled “That always makes giants feel so at ease and in a nice mood.”
     “So now it’s my fault?!” Ner said, pouting at the mere implication.
     “Well, it fucking is!” Dean growled.
     “Less bitching, more running. He’s catching up.” Nero said dismissively.
     “Why don’t we just turn and fight instead?” Dean asked “I always wanted to punch that fucking holier-than-though face of his.”
     “We’re talking about Ice, Dean… he’ll kill us dead.” Nero sighed “He’s NOT
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Bounty Hunters 3
     “So… we’re heading for your secret base, right?” Brad asked “The actual House of Shadows headquarters? I always imagined that to be a huge castle in perpetual gloom, you know?”
     “I don’t care!” Atari growled “Why are you even coming with us? You’re not wanted… you're most definitely unwanted, actually. So scram!”
     “Zev’s coming.” Brad said, as if that explained everything.
     “And you’re his nurse?” Atari asked.
     “I’m his FRIEND.” Brad grinned “Therefore, I’m going to support him in this weird adventure!”
     “Even if it gets you wanted? Hated by everyone? Killed? I so hope for killed.”
     “Yup, even so, I’ll be there to help him.” Brad nodded
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Bounty Hunters 2
     Having put bindings back on Sam and having scheduled watch shifts, Zev felt safe enough for the night... after all there were three seriously fearsome beings at that camp, each one veritably deadly.
     Anyone trying to sneak up on them was in for a surprise, possibly the last of their lives.
     And yet, he made a fatal mistake.
     Like thinking he could trust everyone around that camp fire.
     Zev woke up when he felt something tugging at his wrists... he opened his eyes to see the fire way closer and bigger than he remembered it, a long chain going up among the trees, liking him to a gigantic figure... the ache on his neck made what was happening all too clear to him.
     “Garrett?! Why, you...” he snarled.
     “It's nothing personal, Ice. It's just work.” Garrett shrugged “Since I respect you, I'm goin
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Bounty Hunters 1
     All around them, a white hell, spreading as far as the eye could see.
     Sure, there were hills and mountains, trees and shrubs, but the snow on the ground and flurrying from the sky made it all lose any sense of distinction, flattened to simply white.
     Also the figure shrouded in a thick fur cloak was getting covered in a layer of snow, but still stood out from the background... maybe it was the fact that he kept on moving, shrugging off snow with every step, or maybe the sheer size of the huge man, standing way taller than the trees around him, or maybe the fact that he was humming along as he trudged forward... still, he surely wasn't about to become part of this white.
     “This blizzard is hell, Zev... can't you do anything about it?” Brad complained, looking down at the man standing close to his face, under his hood.
     “I could.” the white-hai
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Vampire Hunters
     “There's a vampire on campus!”
     The dramatic shout as Nero burst inside the study room, the door flinging open to then close right back behind him.
     “Who, Garrett?” Dean asked, not even looking up from his book.
     “No. Why, do you think he is?” Nero asked right back.
     “It's what he said, once.” Dean shrugged.
     “If ye listen ta him, he's also an alien, a war veteran, th'ruler o'an underground civilization, an'a prisoner escaped from secret government research projects...” Tyre pointed out flatly.
     “Point taken.” Dean nodded “So... what is this all about?”
     “There were some rumours around, people talking of weird shit happening on the evening and night classes... lots of people feeling observed, seeing a figure
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HoF Retrospectives 17 - Chapters 31 32
HoF Retrospective 17 – Chapter 31&32
*Of COURSE, this contains possible spoilers regarding The Heart of Fire series... read at your own risk.*
These chapters are all about Cyllin’s dragon outbreak and how to deal with it. Of course, this could have been a way longer situation, a whole mighty quest to get him back to his usual self, full of rampaging and death and all that.
Instead, it’s a couple of chapters and much more calm than one would expect.
After all… Cyllin was always a dragon, he doesn’t really change his personality just because he got to look like one. So, after the initial frustration, he’s himself.
The way in which Cyllin is mysteriously and suddenly brought back to being his old self looks like such a Deus ex Machina, right?
Still, as the story progresses and the benevolence of the Father of the Forest is shown to be less and less real, it becomes clear that it was hardly a miracle or an answer to prayers… it was Chaos’ att
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19 How tall would you say you are now?
     “How tall would you say you are now?” Aias asked, trying to guess what the answer would be from Tyre’s expression.
     It was hard to judge since he kept his eyes closed, entirely focused on the sensory inputs he was receiving “Same as always, lad… ‘bout a hundred feet tall.”
     “What about now?” Aias asked after having adjusted two switches on the machine he was operating… or rather, it was actually a much more complex contraption that pooled his magic, Shawn’s tech expertise, and Holmes’ weird dimensional prowess.
     There was a moment of pause before the machine whirred again, new sensory imputs flowing to Tyre’s helmet.
     The Faron hummed, looking down and seeing trees standing at his ankles, the horizon spreading for countless miles around him.
     “A few hundreds
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HoF Retrospectives 16 - Chapters 29 30
HoF Retrospective 16 – Chapter 29&30
*Of COURSE, this contains possible spoilers regarding The Heart of Fire series... read at your own risk.*
Chapter 29 is surely when the protagonists crumble.
Long exposition of what Sanui explained to Andrea, all the doubts about herself, her whole life, her memories and feelings… it isn’t easy, telling true from false when there’s magic to modify what you remember, and even what you feel. In that moment, she’s way beyond confused, not knowing if any of her affections, of her bonds, were ever a free choice or just the byproduct of several spells and charms.
Andrea wants to believe that at least her feelings for Cyllin and her mother are true, but she can’t even be certain of that… it’s a very messy situation.
In the meanwhile, Cyllin is instead facing a very painful present, rather than an unknown past. And finding that Andrea was kidnapped was the last straw.
He totally, completely snaps… and, b
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20 I've never seen a person your size before
     “I’ve never seen a person your size before.” those words made Dean growl softly.
     “Wow… I’m sure you had quite the record on that, kid, a shame you broke it now, huh?” the giant said, waving a hand dismissively “So why don’t you return to whatever you were doing before and leave me alone?”
     “No way, you’re cool.” Nero said, hopping closer “You’re a real giant, right mister?”
     “How did you fucking guess that?” Dean sighed.
     “You’re so very TALL… it was easy.” Nero replied earnestly.
     “Sarcasm is lost on you, I figured as much…” the giant took an even deeper sigh.
     That’s what he got for having allowed himself to be dragged into Brad’s clown stuff… lots of
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18 Get your over-sized mitts off of me!
     “Get your over-sized mitts off of me!” Zev roared, even though his instincts made him hold on tightly to the huge fingers that were holding him high above the water… he had almost drowned in there, he didn’t want to fall back to the ocean so soon.
     “Yeah, get your over-sized mitts off of him!” Brad echoed, pointing accusingly up at the colossal merman who was holding Zev between finger and thumb.
     “Why are they yelling at me?” Fjord asked, looking completely puzzled.
     He just sensed someone who was drowning nearby and rushed in to save the poor soul… why he was so worked up about it, he couldn’t guess.
     Nor why there was another huge guy yelling at him.
     “Why? I won’t let you eat him, you damned orca!” Brad yelled, pointing even more accusingly at him “Hand him
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17 I would offer for you to come in
     "I would offer for you to come in, but you won't fit in the house." Samira said, looking over her shoulder at the titanic man who accompanied her back home.
     Saying he wouldn’t fit in the house was the understatement of the year… the giant probably wouldn’t have managed to fit a huge hand in it.
     Still, he has been so kind, she really wished she could offer him some hospitality.
     “It’s alright, lass. Thanks fer the offer all the same.” Finn said, dipping his head.
     “Well, maybe not my place… but I’d like to offer you at least a drink.” Samira said.
     “I’d love that, but I really can’t… I’m in service, after all.” the redhead shrugged.
     Right… with how this all turned out, she kind of forgot that he was the policeman that
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16 Tiny people living in my walls.
     “Tiny people living in m’walls. When did m’life become so crazy?” Logan mumbled as he massaged his closed eyelids with finger and thumb, trying to think over what has been happening lately.
     He was sure he saw a little, very little, figure scuttling around his house.
     That didn’t leave him that surprised… he knew perfectly well that there were many sorts of people different from humans in the world, he was oneSaving... of them, though few would guess that he was not human.
     Sure, he was a tall and big fellow, but no-one would say that he was a giant… though he really was one, a towering Faron no less.
     Though he knew of all sorts of creatures being out there… that was the first time he actually saw one of them tha
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15 Could you go down there and get it for me?
     "Hey Brad, I lost my car key down a crack in the floor. Could you go down there and get it for me?" Zev said, getting up from the floor and dusting his trousers with his hands “Please?”
     “Nope.” the Oni grinned.
     “Brad...” Zev growled in warning.
     “If you don’t have the keys, you can’t go away.” Brad smiled “Which means you’ll stay home. We can play and watch a movie. Which sounds a lot better to me.”
     “You know that’s not going to happen, right?” Zev pointed out.
     “What? You’re lying! My deduction was perfect!” Brad pouted, for ONE time he tried to be perfectly logical… that was the result?
     “Sorry to burst your bubble, Sherlock, but you forgot a few important details.” Zev said.
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14 Are you a fairy?
     "Are you a fairy?" the voice came rather giddy, a total contrast with the hulking, massive figure it belonged to.
     “Do I look like a fairy to you?” the little guy asked.
     Leif thought it over for a bit… he knew that Jude was a human, and a little one at that, but in here he came up to his chest, rather than being a little bundle of evil at his ankles.
     If someone was even smaller than Jude…
     “I don’t know what fairies look like… but maybe something like you?” Leif said in the end.
     “Well… maybe in a way you are right. You could say I’m a Tooth Fairy, in a sense.” the man grinned.
     “You are so not a fairy, Max…” Brad groaned.
     “Let me do my thing, Brad.” Max said.
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13 What did your parents feed you?
     "What did your parents feed you to make you so big?" Lena asked, looking up at the massive man sitting nearby.
     “That’s not how it works, Lena… you’re either born a giant or you aren’t.” Garrett said “Food doesn’t matter that much.”
     “Brad said he got that big by eating lots!” Lena said “It’s the same for you, right? You’re feeding me crumbs to keep me small!”
     “Brad is a… peculiar case.” Garrett sighed “Oni work that way, the more they eat, the bigger they get.”
     “And how do you know it won’t work for me? Maybe I’m secretly an Oni too!” Lena grinned.
     “You’re free to try, Lena. Don’t come crying when you will get bigger… as in fat.” Garrett said flatly.
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Answering some questions from MythrilMog

1. What's your favorite movie?
A hard pick... it would need to be divided into several categories as "favorite for this and that reason". Probably not THE overall favorite of my life, but let's say that the most recent favorite is Black Panther? ^^

2. What's your favorite book? (yes, manga/comics/graphic novels do count)
I'd say that the medal would go to a Terry Pratchett book... probably Thud!.

3. Do you prefer fantasy, sci-fi, or more realistic fiction?
I'll have to say fantasy. 'Cause I always hope in some giants popping up. XD

4. Do you have any pets?
Cats. 3 now.

5. Do you want any pets?
Any more? I'm not sure... things are right now, I'm not sure that adding any more responsibilities to my load is a good idea... and taking care of a living being is a pretty damn heavy responsibility.

6. Vore or GT or both? What is it you like most about your choice?
I'll have to say both... but it's still MOSTLY GT for me. The size difference and interaction is important. The best part is probably how giants can be an awesome, magnified and idealized version of what humans can be.

7. In relation to the last question, do you prefer gentle giant/pred or fear-play scenarios?
Definitely gentle. I don't mind if they're ornery or forceful about it... but the important thing is knowing that they do genuinely care for the prey, not just random noms that could as easily be fatal as gentle.

8. What's your favorite cliche or overused trope in... anything.
This is very, very broad a question... TwT Hard to answer. Still, considering a lot of chars that I like from different media... surely the Redeemed Villain is a theme I like?

9. DC or Marvel?
Marvel. Forever. And I'm not even considering the cinematic universes stuff when saying this.

10. Do you enjoy Disney/Pixar movies? If yes, which is your favorite?
Are we talking only Disney/Pixar, or also from back when they were separate entities? XD In any case, yes, quite a lot. Favorite one is IMPOSSIBLE to choose. So much conflict between my current favorites and my childhood memories. ^^""

11. Do you like doing tags/meme journals?
It depends... mostly on how long it was since the last one.

12. How are you feeling this year?
Tired. TwT All the time.


Answering some questions from MythrilMog

1. What's your favorite movie?
A hard pick... it would need to be divided into several categories as "favorite for this and that reason". Probably not THE overall favorite of my life, but let's say that the most recent favorite is Black Panther? ^^

2. What's your favorite book? (yes, manga/comics/graphic novels do count)
I'd say that the medal would go to a Terry Pratchett book... probably Thud!.

3. Do you prefer fantasy, sci-fi, or more realistic fiction?
I'll have to say fantasy. 'Cause I always hope in some giants popping up. XD

4. Do you have any pets?
Cats. 3 now.

5. Do you want any pets?
Any more? I'm not sure... things are right now, I'm not sure that adding any more responsibilities to my load is a good idea... and taking care of a living being is a pretty damn heavy responsibility.

6. Vore or GT or both? What is it you like most about your choice?
I'll have to say both... but it's still MOSTLY GT for me. The size difference and interaction is important. The best part is probably how giants can be an awesome, magnified and idealized version of what humans can be.

7. In relation to the last question, do you prefer gentle giant/pred or fear-play scenarios?
Definitely gentle. I don't mind if they're ornery or forceful about it... but the important thing is knowing that they do genuinely care for the prey, not just random noms that could as easily be fatal as gentle.

8. What's your favorite cliche or overused trope in... anything.
This is very, very broad a question... TwT Hard to answer. Still, considering a lot of chars that I like from different media... surely the Redeemed Villain is a theme I like?

9. DC or Marvel?
Marvel. Forever. And I'm not even considering the cinematic universes stuff when saying this.

10. Do you enjoy Disney/Pixar movies? If yes, which is your favorite?
Are we talking only Disney/Pixar, or also from back when they were separate entities? XD In any case, yes, quite a lot. Favorite one is IMPOSSIBLE to choose. So much conflict between my current favorites and my childhood memories. ^^""

11. Do you like doing tags/meme journals?
It depends... mostly on how long it was since the last one.

12. How are you feeling this year?
Tired. TwT All the time.
... from yours truly.

So... some of you may already know that I have a hugeass project going on for years and years.
And now I'm in the "completed" side of things! ^^

So, in case you're into playing Pathfinder, give a look to my work, okay?
Only first chapter for now, but in time there are a lot more to be released, with plenty of new classes and mechanics. ^^…

Osric out
Just today to do this before the year is actually over... so I better get to it.

No surprise about what the third and last game of this year was, right?

NieR : Automata

This game was probably a surprise to a lot of people who never played, or even heard about, the original NieR game.
The good news is that the tie between these two games are very loose, so you don't HAVE to play the first one before tackling this one.

Personally I would have had NieR as game of the year 2017... and here I'll tell you all the reasons why.

Graphics: 8/10

Graphics are definitely good in NieR Automata, but I found them pretty much on par with expectations in this day and age. Very good, but not mind-blowing. In general the animations and stuff are pretty good, combat graphics flow well.
One interesting point for the graphics, which kind of overlaps with design but whatever, are the glitches and other visual effects that happen because you're always seeing things through a camera also in-game... which is a very nice touch.
Not much to say on the graphics, just very good.

Design: 10/10

Nothing to say here... the game wins. Period.
Picking up the mantle of the first NieR, also Automata presents several gameplay modes all wrapped up in a single game: you have typical hack-and-slash action as the main mode, but you have 2D "castlevania" style sections, side scrolling shooter sections, retro-looking twin-stick shooter sections for hacking, text adventure sections... all contained marvelously in the frame of the game. They never feel just forced in for the sake of diversity but all fit in the frame so nicely that you could NOT imagine the game without them, really.
Character design is alright... the main cast follows a pretty straightforward theme, but it works nicely. Enemies lack a bit in diversity as there are basically 6 or 7 main types of enemies and the others are slight remodeling of these, but they still have enough gimmicks to work well enough throughout the whole game.
Boss design is pretty much hit or miss... there are some very good bosses, but some of them are entirely forgettable.
Despite this minor issues the overall design of the game is pretty much flawless.

Music: 10/10

If you played the first NieR, you would approach this game with very high expectations regarding the music, which was arguably the most distinctive point of the game... and here, they do it again. There is no real BACKGROUND music in NieR Automata... it is an integrative part of everything that goes on. It goes beyond just setting the mood, it is the backbone of the action and everything. The style of music I personally love... I guess it might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's incredible. The OST alone is a journey, and it guides you throughout the whole emotional range of the game.
Also, the 8-bit versions of the songs are done masterfully, keeping most of the impact of the full piece... and Weight of the World needs a mention as one of the best in-game original songs I've heard in years.

Gameplay: 9/10

This is where the game, without any doubt, reaches over its predecessor. The fighting, exploration, item management, etc... in NieR felt pretty clunky, companions were pretty much useless, fast travel pretty much non-existent... and all that.
Here there is a whole overhaul of all that, the combat is fluid, companions fight for real (while you have them), items are easier to manage, fast travel... all that NieR lacked.
Also, many - if not all - of the gameplay elements are wonderfully woven into the frame of the story... even just saving - which is usually just a game-required gimmick - makes sense here. As is the GUI, the respawn mechanic, the instant healing through items... much of everything makes sense in the frame of the world you're in.
I won't go into the details, but there's plenty good with the game. Even the fishing mini-game is mostly inoffensive and you don't even have to do it to progress at all.
The difficulty of the game can be a bit tricky... at the beginning it can be too hard (I died 3 times before getting to the end of the prologue TwT) but then it gets way too easy (didn't die not even ONCE past that point in doing story stuff.... only a couple of times attempting some sidequests ahead of time).

Characters: 7/10

The characters of NieR Automata... don't really hold up to those in NieR, I'm afraid. They aren't bad, but all have their issues.
2B and A2 don't get enough characterization if you ask me... for 2B, much like Lunafreya in FF XV, you get to really know her only after she's out of the game for good. A2 comes in late and you don't really get much out of her, apart from a data log telling you more or less her story. Still... what does she know about the whole main story going on? How much does she care? What are her motivations? Never quite got it.
9S has some great overall development and is the best character, without a doubt... still, his development is more like a devolution, as he starts as a fairly likeable dude and then is plunged deep into deranged insanity by the end of it. It's still a NieR game... good guys don't last.
Still, for how the main cast is not the best, the game shines in the side characters, which are plenty and many of them are interesting, too. Pascal, the Commander, 6O, Devola and Popola, and also quite a bit of the sidequests givers are interesting and/or quirky enough to make an impact. Of these, of course, the tragic figures of Pascal and the Twins are those that I'll remember most fondly from the game.
The villains are a bit meh... Adam and Eve could have been much better villains, even if they remain pretty good also as is. The MAIN villain of the game is barely presented in the whole thing and makes a little impact... even if looking back you can see how it manipulated all events, it's still not as impactful as Adam and Eve, who are just antagonists, really, like most of the machines.

Story: 7/10

The story of NieR Automata is heavily character driven and... doesn't quite make much sense. But that's fine, 'cause the game is NOT story-driven...  but theme-driven.
In this dystopian future, you are sent on mission after mission by the Command of your group, with little continuity solution between one mission and the other... but that is actually FINE. You're a soldier, an android soldier no less... you carry out orders, not ask questions. So it works. Until everything falls apart and you have some more clarity in your goals and what you're doing... too bad that this kind of game is just the last part of the game that are endings C and D. So, yeah... I didn't quite care for most of the story, which was just "go there, kill enemies or destroy strategic assets". The last part is good, but quite confusing as it wasn't set up in the best ways in the first part of the game... still, as I said before, story is not as important as

Themes: 10/10

This is just perfect. Using the metaphors of machines and androids (still other machines, deep down), the game pokes and tackles many important philosophic questions, going at deep existentialism and questioning what defines life and being, as well as the meaning of life, and of choices and actions in the world. The game shows mostly tragic outcomes, brought upon by the single-mindedness of machines... like the whole cult of zealot machines that arrive to the conclusion that death is the only salvation, or many of the sidequest machines that ultimately commit suicide as you exhaust their reason for existing. There are also plenty of murderous and insanity-driven scenarios in the game... all in all, it shows many, MANY ways in which misguided focus and wrong life choices end in unhappiness.
On the other hand, the "joke" endings all reward AND punish you at the same time for thinking outside the box and/or going straight against what you're told to do. This, in my opinion, shows that the game is there to ASK the questions, not suggest answers... which is better. It would have been patronizing to offer solutions to the most basic questions of living beings.
It's hard to summarize the whole range of philosophy that is portrayed through the game... I can just say that you have to try it to know all the other aspects and facets of the experience that this game is.

Final verdict: 10/10

NieR Automata was one game that only left me sad because it ended... and for all the sad shit that happens during it, but... yeah, the flaw of this game is that it ends... and has, for me, next to no replay value. Also because the final ending will wipe your save, like NieR taught us... so, yeah, do whatever you want before trying to get Ending E, 'cause then you'd have to start from scratch.
I did all that I wanted to, got the trophies (yeah, buying a couple of them in-game, too, lol), and went through the save wipe. Now, I don't think I'd like to start it again anytime soon, as I doubt that the experience would be much different... but, maybe, after a while, it may be worth to do it all again. The game won't really change... but I will be different, and can probably get something different out of NieR Automata.
I'll try to get also next one done before the end of the year. ^^""

So, yeah... time for Persona 5. Once again, there will be SPOILERS.
You have been warned.

Persona 5

Well, it was pretty much a no-brainer that this game would turn up in here.
The same basic format that Persona 3 and 4 showed us is back, and better than ever (I'll tell you why soon enough), but other aspects of the game are not the best I've saw.
TL;DR: All the hype about Persona 5 was surely deserved... but deeper scrutiny tarnishes a bit the overall experience.

In any case, let's go into some details, aye?

Graphics: 9/10

Totally different than some of the best high-graphics, incredible-res games that we're getting lately... but there is a certain value also in style, not just processing power. And Persona 5 has loads of style. Details are very curated, all the menus and the GUI in general has this red-black-white scheme, efficient transition between battlefield and exploration field... it's all in the graphics. While keeping the whole game in the usual "anime" style, you can notice the difference from earlier entries, and see the care that went into it. Really commendable.
Doesn't get full marks for a simple reason: some animations get old really fast, and the whole jumping and other "thief moves" they pull off are not as fluid as they could have been. As I said for FF XV, when you see ALMOST perfection, the almost sticks out.

Design: 6/10

Why such a low score? For different reasons... let me start by saying that the game has some AWESOME design perks. Some of the best things in the game are part of its design. Still, some other parts fall so short that the average is just sufficient.
Let's start with the good parts:
- Dungeons. Dungeons have some pretty good design. Abandoning the semi-procedurally generated random dungeon of the previous two games, the dungeons start to have a better identity and personality. Also they fit a lot with the theme of the game, all of them being places where you would expect high security and therefore challenge for thieves.
- Main Personae: The Personae (I refuse to say Personas, that's so wrong) of the main characters all have quite the good design. A few of the advanced ones I didn't really understand (like Hermes and Astarte), but overall they are very good, interesting, and fitting both for the character they are related to and their own theme/lore.
- Character costumes: the Metaverse clothes of the different characters are all pretty damn cool... or, failing that, at least interesting and well-designed. As for their persona, it gives a clear identity of the character. Quite the departure from the earlier uniforms with only small different touches for each character.

And then the bad parts of design:
- Mementos: The point of the dungeon is straight back from the first Persona games: going on with the story you would permanently lose access to older dungeons... so there's a dungeon where you can meet again the old enemies and just grind away should you need it. And it's a procedurally generated random dungeon, too, like in P3 and P4. Still... it just sucks. It feels totally lifeless and boring... no random things going on, just layer upon layer of the SAME rails in the SAME tunnels, with the SAME music, and just some different hues from part to part of it. As you descend, the place becomes more and more creepy and distorted... but that's not enough by a LONG shot. Even putting the side-bosses in there is really a very little perk to the whole place, which feels awfully empty and pointless. Putting some cutscenes in after every set of floors, adding more variability to the floors, some random events that could happen... anything like that would have made it bearable. But like this... no, very bad place to have as the permanent dungeon of the game. Sure, it could have been calculated, seeing how it is the dungeon of Sloth... still, more than oppressive on purpose, it feels lazy.
- Character design: I'll be speaking about the personalities later on... but the design was totally a MISS for me. First point, as the game takes place in a (for the most part) normal Japan, I don't understand the choice of weird colors for eyes and hair... like Makoto's red eyes, for example? Cool in general, but totally not fitting the whole thing. The other outfits available for the characters, apart from the Metaverse one, I didn't particularly like. Also, didn't quite like the fact that Ryuji is supposed to be a (former, but not by much) champion athlete and has just that general, non-descript teen body type. Among the characters in general there is little variability there... Yusuke has the tall and slender type, Futaba the short and tiny type, the others are mostly the same, imo.
- General Persona: Okay, the specific ones of the game are good. What about the rest? Well... they are made VERY well, got better animation and nice models, also because they are the enemies in this game, no random Shadows. Still... they're the SAME AS USUAL. I've started the Shin Megami Tensei games with Nocturne, quite a few years ago... and played MANY of their games... and the demons/Personae still look the SAME after all this time. One thing is keeping some trademarks, some continuity... another is not making a single change. There are many ways in which they could remodel a few of them, keeping them recognizable but not just feel like a copy/paste (Which it isn't, since the models are surely new, being so improved, still...). Also, no, it's not made to keep them mythologically correct... Cerberus is STILL a one-headed lion in this one, and they managed to make yet another Susano-o, so I doubt that's the problem.

Music: 8/10

The game has quite the few tracks that stand out. Personally, I love BGM with lyrics, so they are pretty good for that. The main battle themes are pretty good, as is the evening field music in town. The dungeon BGMs are nothing to tell home about, with a couple of exceptions (twisted part of Madarame's Palace and Sae's palace in general). The other general BGMs are... alright. Nothing outstanding.
I'm waiting for the arranged versions to show me the marvels of the OST that I couldn't quite catch on the original, in-context versions... since P3 and P4 both taught me that THAT is going to happen.
As a last note... this intro is totally NOT in the same league as Burn My Dread and Pursuing My True Self.

Gameplay: 10/10

Starting from the premise that this IS a Persona game, so you have to like that kind of gameplay to appreciate it, it is perfect.
The battle, while being turn-based, flows very quickly and gracefully. Quick access to commands, Persona change, reminders in battle... just awesome. The Talk System is back after a long while and, despite being frustrating at times, it can be a lot of fun and pretty interesting all in all.
Exploration is better than ever... for a game which is not really about exploration, it's pretty passable. Hidden items, even if pretty useless, are just about everywhere. And fast travel in the dungeon... just a lot better than before, period.
The non-dungeon part is where the game really shines compared to the predecessors, though: plenty more things to do, lots and lots of options and things to do and, more importantly, the TIME to do it. I'll be straight here: I played P4 several times and, even with a walkthrough to do it, I never managed to get ALL the social links to max rank at once. In P5, without a walkthrough, I managed without problem to get them all to Max rank well over a month ahead of the end of the game on my second playthrough (apart from those that get maxed on the last day, of course). That's a huge improvement... less pressure, more fun. Also, having put some nice bonuses spread among the levels of ALL social links give you more reasons to do them, and some logic towards doing one rather than another in any given day. A couple of them are not that useful... but most of them will make a difference other than unlocking a powerful persona.
Mini-games are pretty damn useless... but no-one is forcing you to do them, there are no awesome rewards hidden behind a mini-game difficulty wall... just do what you want to do.

Characters: 7/10

Yeah... it's not just the design of the characters that falls short here. Also their internal design feels pretty damn sketchy and not as interesting. They have one or two defining feature, and for the rest are walking cliches... assuming their defining trait isn't cliche as well, that is. The problem here is that their lack of backstory, apart from the problems that you will see within 30 minutes of meeting a new character, leaves them fairly uninteresting and not suited for deep, emotional scenes. At the same time, they aren't as light as the crew of P4, and comedy is almost totally absent from the game... the few moments where they try, it just fails pitifully. In a game that is over 100 hours long, they could have put more development for the characters themselves, and instead... there is basically none after their own dedicated dungeon. Out of all the characters, I guess that for me it was only Futaba and Makoto that saved the whole thing but, in general, they are not outstanding on their own, just better than the rest. The worst is definitely Haru... who gets no space in the whole game to know her. Which is a HUGE mistake on their side, considering that she was around since the very beginning... she could have had some scenes already in the beginning of the game and ultimately becoming your last member of the party late in the game.
Bad guys are nothing memorable, with Akechi being good enough, but ultimately a pawn, all the various leaders of the palaces being... good enough for their roles of being petty cut-outs of obvious evil, and the final boss being... quite bland. It could have been way better with a gradual, better introduction.
Social Link people are... not bad. Just one that I found totally obnoxious (Ohya... couldn't stand her), still they lack in diversity compared to previous entries. While I loved some of the storylines there... they mostly all follow the same pattern. So... while one or two is good, after a while you can predict how the whole development will turn out from the first or second rank of the confidant. ^^""

Story: 8/10

Honestly... I would like to give it a lower score, but I can't. The story is not bad, and is not narrated in a wrong way. It's just... not as interesting as previous ones, uses too much obliviousness on the characters, while there are incredible flashes of genius on other fronts... and, in general, it drags along for quite a while. You solve many contingent circumstances but, overall, you learn very little of the REAL plot during the whole thing. Learning gradually about Mementos' true nature and discovering stuff about the "Real Culprit" would have been better than just going on like that.
The worst part is that the game often comes out as if it just deems itself very smart, while actually it isn't. The whole thing about "The Traitor" was a huge let down in the game.
In the first sequence of the game, you learn that someone in your band sold you out to the police. As I was playing through the game I tried desperately to find clues about that... could it be Ryuji, 'cause of his boisterous nature, not wanting to stay hidden anymore? Haru, thinking that you DID kill her father all the same? Makoto, to help her sister getting a promotion?
I tried to hold on to EVERY shred of suspicion... when in fact it wasn't needed and it was the OBVIOUS solution that they present you from the very start. And then they still go on about not TELLING you who the traitor is, even when it's obvious... and treat the revelation as if it was some huge mystery being disclosed. This is obviously NO P4... in there, I loved the moment when you discovered who the culprit is... until that moment I didn't really THINK about it... but then, with all the facts in front of you and a list of names, it becomes clear and obvious, and you can think back on everything and see how it all makes sense.
Here... it's totally different, but they make you think it would be something like that. But rather than letting you know from the start, they try and fool you like that for NOTHING. Bad move.
In any case, the story is good... just trudges along slowly among useless scenes that are mostly repetitive since, as said before, there is not much character development to make them different enough. It was GOOD on the first playthrough... on the second one I found myself skipping most of the dialogue.

Themes: 4/10

Just... no. The main themes of the game are clearly Justice and Freedom... and their juxtaposition.
Justice is not necessarily the same as Order or Law, as many of the bad guys act within the law, or just bending it ever so slightly, or doing stuff that can't be punished by law, while doing stuff that are definitely wrong and not just. And that part is good enough... right and wrong are a bit too simplified but, then again, most of the bad guys are really scumbags... so, yeah, not much of a grey morality going on here. Could have been a good touch to add, but it's not needed... it helps keeping the moral compass straight: people who abuse others and/or are utterly selfish are bad. Period. Easy to keep in mind. I don't really get why that ALSO gets identified with a generation thing (I couldn't stand ALL the times that chars say "Rotten ADULTS" rather than "Rotten people")... but, okay.
Freedom, instead, it's totally botched. You're supposed to be a force of change against the stagnation and corruption of the world.. and yet you have NO freedom at all in the game. Dungeons happen in a certain order, you can't really explore out of the set tracks, even the dialogue "options" you are given don't matter in the least way, apart from a couple that set you towards some fake endings. The main point here is in how NOT customizable is the silent protagonist.
A silent protagonist should be a bland avatar on which the player can impose itself and his/her personality... if the silent protagonist is their own character, that can't be done and fails. While that failure can be not very bad in other games, one in which relations with others is a very strong point and freedom, together with breaking out of conformism, is a theme... the failure hurts. Joker is supposed to be the everyman... but is really his own thing. A teenage, heterosexual cis-male defined by his being a good guy and justice-lover. You can't change his appearance, you can't play as a girl, you don't get any homosexual choice, you can't be anything else than a good boy... which would be fine if he was NOT a theoretical avatar of the player.
I'm plenty fine with not having choices like that over my playable character... but with the premises they put on Joker, I expected a lot more freedom.
In general, the game tackles themes that are pretty close to me, and I think a lot of other people, and are on the forefront of news every day... and that's good. Still, it does so with the subtlety of a sledgehammer in a territory where a gentle touch would be more advised.

Final verdict: 8/10

Quite a bit more than the sum of its parts... the game really shines in the gameplay and the FIRST playthrough is very good. I totally recommend playing it once, 'cause it's a great gaming experience, if a long one.
Returning to it after playing it once left me with quite the bitter taste in my mouth instead... but the gameplay itself is still very good and worth coming back for.

As a general note, I'd just say that this game would have been A LOT better if it were a 60 hours game with more depth and choices and stuff, than as the 100 hours railroad it is.
And without the Hawaii Trip... damn, talk about pointless.
So, as I said in the last journal, I wanted to do some reviewing of some of the games that kept me busy in the past year... It may boil down ultimately to this one, Persona 5, and NieR Automata. I'll see (if I manage to get these three down), if anything else comes to mind.

Be warned that there will be spoilers. SPOILERS.
Still, I think that anyone who was interested in these games already had their spoiler session.

So, let's jump right in.

Final Fantasy XV

After a looooong time of development, full of twists and turns, we finally got this game a little more than one year ago... still, I was away at the time and managed to start playing it in January, so for me it's a game of THIS year, not the previous.

It's a Final Fantasy... and we all know what that means: divisive.
Unlike other franchises who like to keep things on their format, adding to their core with new games, Final Fantasy usually goes for radical gameplay changes at each installment... and that makes for things that some people consider very good, and others consider very bad.
It's no surprise then that the game was loved by some and hated by others, like... every main Final Fantasy that was released since when internet is popular enough to know what others think of the game? ^^"

To keep things short: I love the game. It has several, MANY flaws, which I will point out in the review, but I love it all the same.

So, before going into an actual, standard review, I'd like to address a few points that I hear all the time and that seem... let's say stereotypes about the game:

1) "Ah, the game with the K-Pop Boy Band" or similar statements.
Now, this is a statement that I really hate for a few reasons.
The first one is that it is extremely superficial and became kind of viral about the game.
The second one is that... yeah, Prompto and Noctis have quite the unlikely hairdo but a) I don't see how Gladio or Ignis can fit in the boyband trope and b) after spending a few months in a real capital city and seeing the hairdo and attire of local, fashionable young people, I understood that it is actually quite realistic. The impression that I had, as a country person, in seeing how eccentric the fashion can be in a capital is exactly the same feeling of outlandish that you can get from the two 'culprit' characters... so I think it fits.
Third point, after what OTHER characters Square-Enix gave us, I don't see where the particular problem would be with Noctis. Just go look up Vaan, Cloud, Cecil, Squall... just for a few examples. Now look their design WELL... and tell me that this looks weird.

2) "The story sucks" or similar statements.
As someone who more or less knows how the things go, I can tell you that this is FALSE.
The NARRATIVE is bad, yeah, but the story isn't. Of course, there will be more detail about it in the story section of the review, but it's an important thing to point out. There is a difference between a bad story, and a good story that is told in a bad fashion. Part of this BAD fashion of telling it is that the game takes for granted that you'd watch Kingsglaive and Brotherhood, for example, and just assumes you did for the whole game, no real in-game fill-in for those who didn't.

Okay, having taken these two things out of the way, I'll start with the review.

Graphics: 9/10

Now, there's no going around it... the graphics here are gorgeous. Just gorgeous.
The amount of work that went into them is clear, and everything is sort of... graphically perfect. Not only the models and rendering itself, but also the little touches and details that make things that much better, such as the wet effects and stuff like that... of course, it can STILL get better, but it's really just perfect for immersion.
It doesn't get a 10 because some animations are... subpar. For example, most of the time, when you're talking with NPCs Noctis will go through a very unnatural idle animation that doesn't make any sense at all... or how you see that Noctis already has the hook in hand when he crouches to get a fish out of the water... in a game that spoils you with almost perfection, these little things become an eyesore. Still, it's just great, yeah. ^^

Design: 7/10

Here is where things start to get a bit... uneven. For several reasons.
The first one is that the game itself has rather uneven design by concept: you have what seems to be an American highway style of huge roads with little markets and gas stops in a world of flying airships and monsters... the mixing of the two is quite bizarre, I'll have to admit, but the familiar elements help in giving a sense of immersion to the whole thing, maybe?
Then there are parts of the game that surely, clearly, got more thought than others. You can see very well how well the main cast was designed, as well as the main antagonists and supporting characters. Random NPCs? Not so much. Random locations? Not so much. The great big overworld? Poorly. The geography is fine, mind you, and there are a lot of different environments which are done very well... but they're mostly empty. Eos is a world you CAN explore... but you won't. 'Cause there isn't much to find out there, and that's the truth. This is the biggest design flaw of the game if you ask me, and one that cannot be overlooked. You don't really have the thrill of exploration when you can, if you're lucky, find a random collection spot or some items. In a world like that, you needed colorful NPCs, mysterious spots, quirky sidequests... and that falls VERY short.

Music: 8/10

Most of the in-game music feels appropriate to the scene or scenario where it is played, no complaints there. Nice touch on the Chocobo theme changing depending on if you're walking or running with it. Access to a LOT of tracks from previous games and in general FF media. I loved many of the BGMs that Yoko Shimomura made for Kingdom Hearts, and here she did it again, without a doubt. Also, I like the epic choir style, so a few musics are very, VERY good in my opinion.
Still, few pieces are really outstanding in-game... most of the time the OST just works as what is probably should be: background music. It helps set the mood, but many times I could just forget about it.

Gameplay: 8/10

In all honesty, I would like to give it a lower score. I'm going to talk about a lot of the flaws of gameplay, and for those it would deserve a lower score... but in the end, I like it. So, I can't go lower than 8.
If you've watched any video about it, you'll know what this is about. You play as Noct, go around in the world by foot/Chocobo/car, fight monsters, find items, do sidequests (mostly hunts), fish, cook food, take pictures and that's mostly it. With your 3 valiant sidekicks at your side that can help you with all of this.
The exploration was improved with quite a few options by the updates, as are the hunts (now you can take more than 1 at a time, saving a LOT of painfully wasted time). Fishing is... okay. Luckily optional, I went into it to finish some sidequests and get a trophy. If you're a completionist and want to catch EVERY fish, prepare for frustration. But it's not that bad.
Cooking is just about gathering ingredients and recipes, and doesn't require any player input, you just choose what to make depending on the stat boosts it'll give you... or whatever you want.
And then the fighting, which is what you will do most of the time in a Final Fantasy. The basics are very simple, one button to attack, one to dodge/block, one to lock on, one to enter the menu and use items, one to warp and pull some cool stunts, d-pad to change weapons between 4 equipped ones, one to call special moves from the allies. A few special options that come up along the way.
All pretty simple to get into, quite more difficult to master. But the game is FAR from being punishing, apart from the secret dungeons you'll unlock in post-game, it takes some serious effort, or a GRAVE lack of healing items, to get a game over in this game.
Still, there are SEVERAL negative points to this, which I will point out:

1) Lack of variability.
Sure, Noctis can equip quite a few different weapons, especially with the Royal Arms, that can have some pretty interesting moves different from any other weapon... still, his repertoire is quite small. While at least the 3 friends can learn some special moves along the way, Noctis does not. He has his attacks, his warp, his Armiger mode almost from the start of the game... and that's it. No special moves, no great tricks up his sleeve. Which isn't bad... but makes you wonder WHY can Gladio pull an Impulse of pure devastation, and Noctis has no special moves? We players like to have uber-attacks, you know?
So, yeah, the combat isn't bad, and you can spice it up with all the different weapons... but you'll be pulling combos and warp strikes from level 1 to level 100, with the occasional Armiger when your bar is filled.

2) Magic
Magic is a HUGE issue here. You have little of it (just Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder, up to -ga... but whatever, still three spells). You can't use it a lot, as it is limited by how many flasks you have, how much energy you have, the items used to make it somewhat cool, and the cooldown time. Also, it's great at the beginning of the game, and sucks as you progress... which isn't how it should be, aye?
The problem is this: there is a damage cap at 9999 for everything, including magic. You can break it on the special moves... but it's mostly still there. So, at the beginning of the game, a spell can easily hit for 3000 damage while your attacks do some around 100 damage each. And that's cool.
At the end of the game, magic hits for 9999 damage (with a maximum of hitting 5 times) and your attack hits for around 6000 damage... as you can see, not really worth it anymore. I personally only used Magic with some special effects from items, mostly Expcast to get loads of exp from big monsters, but not for the damage.
It would have been a lot better, and not that complex, to add more spells. You make them by combining different quantities of energy from fire, ice, and lightning. It couldn't have been THAT hard to, for example, put Flare or Ultima if you put all three elements in maximum amount, or Holy as Fire + Lightning and stuff like that. Feasible, and would have spiced things up, making magic crafting more interesting by experimenting with combinations.
Also the other "magic" in the game, which are Summons, are not all that good... you can't decide when to summon them, or WHO to summon. For example, I never EVER had the chance to summon Titan. Which is a pity.

3) Fake difficulty
This... is quite the issue. In the end, most of the time, despite it being apparently an action-style game, you're going to get hit. Often. And hard. But you can heal. A lot, and easily. And without cooldown, either. So... you're going to spend a LOT of time healing, and the game is thought that way. So you're going to get in Danger a lot, and heal a lot.
It could have been tweaked a lot differently, so that you don't have to stop the flow of battle, otherwise pretty dynamic, to heal very often.
Okay, there surely are some very skilled players who do not get hit quite that much... but I think that for most of the players that will hold true. Especially as you can't really avoid the rest of the team getting hurt.

Characters: 8/10

This, of course, comes 90% from the main cast. Noctis, Gladio, Ignis, and Prompto are a very good bunch to have as the focus of the game. Their personalities are calibrated very well and balanced. It shows the thought that went into it, really.
What makes me angry is that, with this cast, they could have had MUCH MORE meaningful and memorable scenes. Instead, most of the interaction is just the banter along the road, which SHOWS very well the dynamics within the party, but do not give any extra depth or details about it.
Then Lunafreya and Ardyn are very good major NPCs. Lunafreya sadly doesn't get much screen time as of yet, and I really hope for an episode on her.
Ardyn, instead, is easily one of the best villains of the series, with a very good combination of traits that make him easy to hate, but not the BAD kind of hate. Also, he's the second - I think - villain in the series who REALLY did it. At the end of the game, he gets what he wants. The other before him was, kinda, Vayne, since he did manage to break the Occuria's hold on history. Ardyn is the second one... he manages to kill the royal family, the bloodline of oracles, the deities, and himself.
As for the other characters... they're not very good. Pretty bland and flat. Cor and Aranea got a bit more in the DLC, and Ravus will most likely benefit from that as well.
But the other NPCs, whether recurring or not, are not memorable in the least.

Story: 6/10

I can't give more than this to the story section. As I said before, the story is not bad... but the narrative is. And, no matter how good the story, if it is not told in a proper way, it won't become enjoyable.
There are several problems here... the first is that the pace is totally off. You spend 8 chapters bumbling around (despite the quite dire circumstances) with no sense of urgency whatsoever... and then everything starts happening all at once and you can't get a breather. That's NOT good pacing.
Also, a major problem is that the thing is 95% told from Noctis's own "point of view"... so you miss on a LOT of information since Noctis is NOT an ACTIVE player in the plot. He is being led through this whole thing by Lunafreya on one side and Ardyn on the other... he doesn't make choices or call the shots, not really. He's brought along to face his destiny... and is left none the wiser until the very end. This makes it pretty confusing from the point of view of a player, who knows more or less as much as Noctis does about the story, which is really little.
Still... the feelings are real. The final chapter did get me emotional, and that didn't happen in a while... so, good work there.

Themes: 8/10

The whole game is one big tragedy, despite the probably happy ending, and plays out very well in that direction. I love the way in which all the "special" about Noctis is incorporated in every aspect of the game, from his fighting style to the healing (which is done with energy drinks, who become magically healing thanks to the Power of the King) to his relation with others, being at the same time one of the bros and completely different. His burden as a king is made very clear as everyone around him faces the fallout of his destiny: his family, his country, his fiancee, his companions... the pillars on which his life was built upon shake, tremble, and sometimes crubmble, until he himself is called to make the final sacrifice to save the world from being overridden by demons forever. Quite the build-up... and even if it is not the optimal storytelling, the final chapters are done very well and almost make up for the rest of the game.
Also, the theme of a different sort of love than the one we're used to is pretty good. Most of the FF revolved around the romantic bond between main hero and main heroine. While this is a factor also in this one, we don't really SEE that much, if at all... and it's all focused on the brotherly bond of friendship between the 4 protagonists, each of the three having a different, but equally deep, bond with Noctis: Ignis' caring and strict, motherly position; Gladio with his patronizing and strong, tough-love attitude that just screams big bro; and Prompto being just the best buddy, also thanks for the same age factor, I would gather.
This theme is surely done very well.

I could go on for whole paragraphs about each char and all that, and maybe I will rework this later on. XD

In any case...

Final virdict: 9/10

It's not the average of the scores... 'cause that makes no sense, each part works on the other, and the whole can be more, or less, than the sum of their parts. UwU

For all its many flaws, it's just a very enjoyable game and I like it that much. ^^

Here are my two cents,
Osric out



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So... this is going to be the alternate account of Osric90 (yeah, my fantasy for IDs is REALLY bottomless) as soon as I get to work on it.

Way things are right now... most activity will shift to here.
Basically, ALL my collab stories featuring characters from other people (Lost-in-Legends and MythrilMog) will be here... so here you'll find a ton of G/t stuff, some of it also being also Vore (if you see something with Mature Content, it's most likely vore, really)...
And... that's mostly it. Just the lair of a random writer. XD;

Enjoy, and maybe leave behind some comments while at it, please?



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