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pola 34

By osquibb
scare some birds and chase with camera :)

st. malo, france

pola impulse, 600
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hmmm....this is great, haven't seen ur works lately...good to have u back with the pola stuff!! :clap:
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:dance: glad ya like it
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I wish I can live in your pola world... :)
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jendiggity's avatar
this is fantastic.
its so good to see you posting things again :) i'd thought you'd fallen off the face of the planet!
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haha nope i'm still on the planet. just don't have access to my darkroom and scanner as much anymore (:

and how have you beeeen?
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ive been fine :) bit of good and bit of bad but cant complain really!
glad to see you're still alive and well :)
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The other shots weren't my kind of stuff but this one i like a lot. It shows one of those impressions that only lasts a blink of an eye but catches you.
Great shot! It feels as if I looked out of the window and saw the birds flying away. Love the frame and the cloudless evenly azure sky too.:)
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Incredible shot! The birds have this ethereal quality to them. Good Job
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