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Worst. Deinonychus. Ever.



I spent the last few months looking for a dinosaur book for my young nephew, who has finally hit the dinosaur age (joy!). My number one method of testing the quality of the book is to look up Deinonychus (or Velociraptor) to check how accurate or awful it is. And boy are there some stinkers still out there!

Anyhow, after being exposed to a lot of really outdated and generally just bad Deinonychi, I decided to draw one that combined the worst parts of every bad Deinonychus/Velociraptor I've seen in one thoroughly rotten package. I bet there are publishers that would still happily print this in their kids' dinosaur book as a scientifically accurate restoration. :no:
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That is not a deinonychus. That is a naked silesaur!