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T. rex trying to capitalize on Covid-19

We may never fully understand the timeline T. rex is on, but at least he's safe from the pandemic for several reasons.
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Please make a 3rd one with a Terror Bird

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All joking aside, it's quite impressive he can draw all that with just two fingers.

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You don't need a lot of fingers to draw. I know of an amazing artist that only has a single finger in his right hand, and there are others with none at all, and their art puts mine to shame.

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Really? I never knew that.

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T. rex trying to _ and succeeding needs to be a meme.
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:iconpwnz3r-dragon: is friends with ignorant-against-christians, a blog that advocates homophobia and persecution against muslims, while :icontet54: and :iconnuclearzeon2: routinely reblog pro-Trump shit. I wonder why peeps on palaeotumblr make such double standards...
Even the dinosaurs wish the world was completely rid of this 🐂💩 virus
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This T-rex is quickly going to become a world famous comic artist
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Now I'm thinking way too much on how a Tyrannosaurus would work a pencil, this is stuck in my head xc

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This is beautiful, I love it.
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well that's just mean... its easy when your arms can't even physically do that
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