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Spectember: Mosapoise

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The Sandy Mosapoise was a pre-existing model but because I still have to pause working when my hands get achy, I used this render to fill a gap in my #Spectember lineup. Mosapoises are of course a group of small lizardwhales from the Speculative Dinosaur Project, derived from mosasaurs that became increasingly cetacean- or ichthyosaur-like during the Cenozoic.

In September 2020 I decided to start a new monthly drawing challenge and launched #Spectember, a free-for-all month of speculative evolution creations. I did not have a clear enough plan to create a prompt list, but followed a sort of thematic plan. Perhaps next year I'll prepare something more for everyone.
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Are there any riverine mosasaurs that live in the Congo and Amazon rivers?
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I think there may have been one in the Amazon, but I don't have access to the full files of Old Spec, so I can't check.

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And years later after The Speculative Dinosaur Project, they found that mosasaurids had a caudal fin like the icthyosaurs. My favorite speculative fromthe project will always be the mosharks.