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Spectember: Jagdtiger

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May I introduce you to the SpecTasmanian Jagdtiger, a carnivorous quadrupedal ornithopod/cerapodan/whatever it is they should be according to latest phylogeny. This was my attempt to update the rhynchoraptors of the Speculative Dinosaur Project to the fluffy age of Kulindadromeus, and quite a departure from the originals designed by Brian Choo.

In September 2020 I decided to start a new monthly drawing challenge and launched 
#Spectember, a free-for-all month of speculative evolution creations. Each sunday I picked a taxon from the Speculative Dinosaur Project to update.
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dinosaurs see in colour so the tiger colour scheme would be very bad for camoflage

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You might think so, but then you have to consider that you are looking at an animal taken out of its natural environment. Tigers should be blindingly obvious to anything with well developed color vision, yet tigers do a good job of fooling primates - including humans - and even birds, whose color vision far exceeds that of primates. And it turns out marsupials are for the most part also tetrachromats like primates, though because they retained it rather than re-evolving it like us. Yet dingos and thylacines both ended up orange or ochre in color. There are also plenty of small felines that are quite red or orange, yet have more tetrachromats or trichromats in their diet than the tiger (which after all does mainly hunt dichromat mammals). And of course there's the red fox.

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I never considered that thanks for telling me I had also read in a article that the tigers patterns make it hard to see their shape so they blend in as a flower. i was also told by a friend that they look like the sun shining on a pile of sticks. again thanks for informing me. the more you know :dummy:

what are rhynchoraptors descended from?

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Some kind of fairly basal cerapodan. The dinosaur fauna of Australia and Antarctica are still too poorly known to name a specific taxon as a prospective ancestor.

i remembered reading on the spec wiki and this post here that rhynchoraptors are descended from heterodontosaurs. What changed?

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Lots have changed in 20 years (gods, it's really been 20 years, hasn't it?) but mostly the fact that heterodontosaurs seem to have gone extinct in the Early Cretaceous, meaning they weren't there to give rise to rhynchoraptors. It's not really a problem because plenty of basal ornithischians (and maybe basal marginocephalians) had similar anatomical traits and could act as an alternate ancestor.

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last time I checked, Jagdtiger was a tank lol

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All the best rhynchoraptors were named after tanks or other armored vehicles. I'm not sure what that says about Brian.

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thats actually genius lol

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NEW Spec update. Cool I like this one

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always nice to see spec stuff!!

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SpecWorld's answer to quadrupedal dragons.What other animals live in spec Tasmania?
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