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Spectember: Imperial seaguin

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Each sunday in #Spectember I took a taxon from the Speculative Dinosaur Project to re-illustrate, using new up-to-date information. The first animal to get the treament was the largest seagoing non-neornithean ornithuran on Spec, the predatory mega-hesperornithiform Imperial seaguin. 

In September 2020 I decided to start a new monthly drawing challenge and launched #Spectember, a free-for-all month of speculative evolution creations. I did not have a clear enough plan to create a prompt list, but followed a sort of thematic plan. Perhaps next year I'll prepare something more for everyone.
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Wait, does that mean works on the Speculative Dinosaur Project still ongoing? I hope so, it's my favorite spec project, it's really a shame that it wasn't work on anymore.

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There is an ongoing project to restore as much as possible, and I do updated art every now and then. Hopefully all the old pages will be available with the new art eventually.

The first penguin besides the hespornis

( its a small sea bird with teeth that lived alongside prehistoric sea monsters like tylosaurus. Also im butchering this poor things name)

To have a beak filled with dagger sharp teeth, perfectly designed for fish eating

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Damn it I miss the Project!
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Offtopic,are there recognisable fish species in specworld such as corydoras ,barbs,tetras and plecos?Small critters are often forgotten in spec evolution.
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I can't remember how many fishes we had described. The project did encompass everything from mammals to plants, but I was too busy doing illustrations for dinosaurs, mammals, crocs and mosasaurs to fully get the whole scope of things.

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Will Specworld return?It was was the best speculative evolution project.
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Not in the sense that it would get whole new taxa or overhauls of old clades, but the website is being slowly restored so that it can be put fully online again, with some new art too.

so no new clades and overhauled clades will be in this new specworld? will some groups be removed though?

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The intent is to restore the old content, so no further deletions or additions, just some updated art to be added, though I'm not sure yet if they will be displayed next to the old art or given their own pages or something.

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