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Spec: Nodens incredibilis

Nodens is Specworld's titan of the deep, generally agreed to be the most massive lizardwhale of them all. This giant descendent of cretaceous mosasaurs is believed to mainly subsist on giant deep sea squid, making it the ecological equivalent of a sperm whale, though it's not impossible this huge predator also hunts large fish, seabirds and even its own kin when the opportunity presents itself.

This 3D model was mostly done by the end of 2019 but I did some tweaking and repainted it in early 2020. After that it's just been sitting on my HD waiting for me to find the time to post it here.
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Very nice! And also very nice example of convergent evolution: similar environmental conditions lead to similar forms and functions.

I have been wondering: could such a giant mosasaur descendant also be based on herbivory, i.e. feeding on sea weed, kelp etc.?

And what would that look like?

Imagine a huge shallow sea with enormous amounts of giant (kelp-like) weeds, and giant marine reptiles feeding on it. Be it giant mosasaur-like or giant turtle-like.

have you heard of @DrPolaris's alter earth project? It's similar to the Speculative Dinosaur Project, though it progresses throughout the entire cenozoic, and old clades that are still dominant in Specworld are replaced by smaller forms. What do you think of it?

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I've seen a couple of images from it, I believe. It's basically what I would have liked us to do with Spec, but we were already too fixed to the holocene fauna created in the beginning. If I ever get Dinosaurs of the Ice Age properly going, my intention is to do a major shakeup by killing off almost all the familiar large-bodied dinosaur clades by the end of the Oligocene.

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It's beautiful.

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