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Lizardwhales in Scale

I've been busy creating updated 3D versions of the lizardwhales (highly derived present day mosasaurs of Spec) and I'm finally getting close to having modeled all the pelagic forms at least. Since I discovered that the genus Saurocetus is actually occupied by a real protowhale tooth, I ended up giving the genus a new name, as well as a new colloquial name because calling everything a lizardwhale is just confusing within such a diverse group. Since Saurocetus used to be known as the ichthyosaur-mimic, I decided to go for a Latin name that referenced this, and a new colloquial name to match.

The Molfin is a dolphin-like lizardwhale that was planned for Spec for quite a while, but somehow never managed to get to the point of canonization. Since this has caused some confusion, the bulge on the Molfin's (and other lizardwhales') forehead is not a fatty melon but a cartilagenous nasal structure similar to those seen in some modern varanid lizards. The specific name refers to the fact that saurocetes give live birth and have evolved a placenta akin to the skinks of our timeline.

The Starry Lizardwhale is basically just the Azure Lizardwhale but smaller and less... azure. Not much more to say about it really.

If you want to learn more about lizardwhales and the rest of the Speculative Dinosaur Project as it originally was, head to this page:…

Made in Sculptris with minor editing in PShop
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very ellegant and streamlined shapes! i like

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Magnificent work on these creatures!
The design look really nice and they look like they could actually exist if the K-PG extinction didn't killed the mosasaurs.
Also they really resemble ichthyosaurs, especially Temnodontosaurus eurycephalus.
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I like how the derived cenozoic mosasaurs resemble the extinct icthyosaurs.

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Some of my favourite spec evo - the models look so natural. "Molfin" might just be the best name ever!
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Your work is realy amazing
KaprosuchusDragon's avatar
so what are the diet of these fellas?
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Not sure if its intentionally, but the flippers seem to be in aquaflight pose. Nod to the new discoveries on mosasaur locomotion?
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You even fixed the tail.
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These look absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to see more spec creatures getting updated.
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Thank you! Some baleen squids are in the works, and I'm hoping for some dinosaurs too in the foreseeable future.
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Hoping you'll do the Bandersnatch Grassbag
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I'm planning to, but I need to learn how to master some better 3d modeling software to get there.
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Does this mean spec is alive or are you just updating your art?
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It's sort of comatose. Work is being done to restore the old site.
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Good to know, I loved the old site during my youth.
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