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Giant ceratopsians of Spec Asia

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I created this new scale image in preparation for a painting that still remains very much WIP. Nonetheless it gave me an opportunity to explore an updated anatomy for both the Balundaur and the river behemoth, and then get a better idea of their size in comparison to familiar creatures of our Earth (humans and elephants in this example). The scale image is based on the numbers given on the remaining Spec material preserved online. The elephant scale silhouette is also drawn by me and based on photos of two separate large adults. 
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Now those are Behemoths!!!

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Interesting, seeing that this creature would be larger than even the Paleoloxodon Namadicus and Paraceratherium, the largest land mammals to ever live. I would even say that this would be the largest an Ornithischian could get since they don't have air sacs like Saurischians, but can still lay eggs to make it easier and less dangerous to getting large.

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Those ceratopsians arent real right?

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No, the Speculative Dinosaur Project was an effort to imagine an alternate present in a version of Earth where the K-Pg mass extinction never happened and the era of the dinosaurs went on uninterrupted.

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Like the updated behemoth. Looks like like a hippo mimic and more like a real ceratopsian.

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So rhino like creatures are destined for G I R A F E

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Nice ceratopsians

Makes sense, The rhino had a large elephant size ancestor as well

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If i remember right,weren't these dinosaurs just oversized basal ceratopsians from parts of Asia?
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I'm pretty sure they were supposed to be leptoceratopsids.

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Will SpecWorld ever be released as a book?
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