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Smiling alien by Osmatar Smiling alien :iconosmatar:Osmatar 42 2 Mermay: The Sea Ape by Osmatar
Mature content
Mermay: The Sea Ape :iconosmatar:Osmatar 49 8
Sapient Duck by Osmatar Sapient Duck :iconosmatar:Osmatar 58 11 Lizard Horse by Osmatar Lizard Horse :iconosmatar:Osmatar 107 7 Starstruck: Cynocephalus WIP by Osmatar Starstruck: Cynocephalus WIP :iconosmatar:Osmatar 35 1 Starstruck: Unicorn phylogenetic tree by Osmatar Starstruck: Unicorn phylogenetic tree :iconosmatar:Osmatar 39 10 Starstruck: Karkadann WIP by Osmatar Starstruck: Karkadann WIP :iconosmatar:Osmatar 57 5 Starstruck: Zitiron by Osmatar Starstruck: Zitiron :iconosmatar:Osmatar 119 8 Magestone: Bulette (sketch) by Osmatar Magestone: Bulette (sketch) :iconosmatar:Osmatar 169 10 Children of the Tree of Pain: Butterflies by Osmatar Children of the Tree of Pain: Butterflies :iconosmatar:Osmatar 86 2 Regipithecus WIP by Osmatar Regipithecus WIP :iconosmatar:Osmatar 38 11 Tanystropickle by Osmatar Tanystropickle :iconosmatar:Osmatar 267 41 Fendrak Updated (2017) by Osmatar Fendrak Updated (2017) :iconosmatar:Osmatar 269 18
Magestone: Elves pt. 3 - Foringean Elves
Wood Elves
Often mistakenly used synonymously with "wild elf", the term "wood elf" only refers to elves of the Alphorian colonies on the Foringean continent. Historically it has been used of colonists that used to build their houses primarily from wood and tended to live close to or even surrounded by forests. Though the term has never been in official use in the empire, it does seem to be wholly elven in origin, only later adopted by humans.
Wood elves are mostly descended from lowborn elves that moved to the continent to gain more freedoms, even pardons from criminal charges, afforded to those that willingly became colonial pioneers. Some also share mixed heritage with elves that had been exiled from Alpharion during the Cold Aion, before the forming of the first colonies. Those few survivors and their descendants that were willing to reintegrate to the empire passed on valuable survival information to the newcomers, though for a large part they were written out from
:iconosmatar:Osmatar 14 7
Magestone: Elves pt.2 - Elves of Alpharion
High Elves
The most areteic Alphorians, termed highborn, function as the privileged ruling class of Alphorian society, similar to the nobility of human cultures. However they only have to prove their lack of detrimental or undesirable goblinistic traits to be counted among the highborn, even if their parents were not. Thus high elves are less a people and more a social caste, although this is often lost to non-Alphorians. 
High elves are stereotypically tall (6-7 ft) and slender, the males lacking obvious masculine features of most human populations such as facial hair, a protruding brow or prominent jawline. Indeed there is little sexual dimorphism present beyond obvious sexual characteristics. This feminization of features has been explained with Elven beauty standards, but is probably equally as much a side effect of mildly goblinistic traits which have been adopted as the new normal due to their ubiquity in the population. This mild goblinization also explains
:iconosmatar:Osmatar 13 1
Magestone: Elves pt. 1
The history of the Elven race is intimately tied with the Alphorian nation. Arguably one would not exist without the other. 
At the end of the War of Ruin, most of the surviving Andirite mages took refuge on the island of Alpharion and transformed it into a safe haven by erecting an enormous magical force field known as the Aegis Megas. Unfortunately the Aegis together with the fallout of the war exposed the inhabitants of nascent Alphoria to constant high levels of background magic, which lead to an epidemic of goblinistic mutations.
To combat the goblinization of the populace a new policy was formulated to screen newborns and youths for harmful mutations. Those deemed 'areteic', i.e. free of negative goblinistic traits, were given special place in society but were obligated to only marry other areteics and produce at least five children, two of whom had to be areteic themselves. Those with non-severe of goblinism were either given limited options to marr
:iconosmatar:Osmatar 18 5

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Smiling alien
Is it smiling because that is how its species expresses happiness, or is it trying to mimic human expression in order to appear less threatening? Whatever the case, I'm not sure it's having the intended effect.

This was just a bit of an experiment, maybe something more refined will come of it in the future, maybe not.
Mermay: The Sea Ape
What could a maximally realistic mermaid that didn't completely do away with the classic fish-tailed anatomy look like? It wouldn't be a hominid but probably a tailed primate that had lost its hindlimbs while adapting to a watery element and developed human-like features convergently. It would have a layer of blubber to protect from heat loss in water but probably no hair, likely webbed hands but with prehensile thumbs for using tools to crack open shellfish, nostrils with flaps that seal them while underwater and large eyes to see better in the deep. Something like this model I started working for #mermay 2018 but couldn't get to a presentable shape until this may.
Sapient Duck
Behold, the logical endpoint of Disney live-action remakes: live-action Donald Duck! 

I got the idea for this from watching Guardians of the Galaxy, where Howard the Duck gets a mini cameo, and that got me thinking of how you could keep the look of the huge oval Disney-eyes in a more realistic interpretation of the character. I guarantee you, this is not the direction Disney is ever likely to take, but it could have worked for the old school look of Howard.
Lizard Horse
It's not a lizard and it's not a horse, so what is it? A long while ago I decided to challenge myself to create a Star Wars style fantasy creature without worrying too much about it's phylogenetic position and evolution. I picked just two attributes: it's got to be a horselike mount and it has to be vaguely sauropsid. The end result of that idea and a few hours in sculptris is the Lizard Horse. I actually didn't get to painting and texturing it until just recently, so the actual mesh isn't as detailed as I might make it today, but that's not the point. It's more of a concept sketch in 3D than a fully finished piece of work.
Starstruck: Cynocephalus WIP
The Cynocephali, also known as gnoles or barahnakar are as species of sapient bipedal papionine monkeys most closely allied to macaques. Since there is no way to add hair in Sculptris, this model doesn't really do them justice. I guess you could say this is a gnole suffering from alopecia universalis.
I have been approached with offers to do creatures for Magestone by several people now. This seems to have all started because my friend form Speculative Dinosaur Project times Pristichampsus had done some spec-evo D&D critters as Magestone fan-art, and asked me what he should do with them. Now, I have always intended Magestone to remain strictly a personal project, but seeing as he had already put a lot of effort into it and the monsters he had chosen were ones I was unlikely to spend much energy on anyway, I reviewed them and noted which ones could plausibly be part of the Magestone canon, and Tim posted those in his gallery.

This was, however, a one-time thing. As much as I like collaborating with other spec evo-creators, I don't want to hand over the keys to the Magestone kingdom to anyone else, especially while I myself am indisposed. When I am healthy enough to resume working on Magestone again, I will be open to ideas and suggestions as before, but everything will have to filter through my brain and my hand to get in.


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