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here is just 1 year gone from 3 days. o was just remember all the events happened to me at this year. it was kinda so good year to me. i achieve many things i wanted to achieve. i also lost many things in front of that.
let me share some of this memories with you.
first this year start after some terrorists blow a bomb in front a church in Alexandria and we all were so sad for that. i even still remember my friends were crying for what happened and people who killed.
after that by a while my first term of the last year exams started and before i finish them. one of my friends asked me if i gonna join the demonstrations of 25 Jan. i said what demonstrations, i have exam at 26 and i want to study. after that the revolution happened. all the people were scared from criminals who was moving in streets and daily we heard about many people killed and others injured. it was so scary days and i was so stressed and not inspired at all. i stay protecting my house for almost 18 days. i holding big metal stick waiting for any criminal want to steal or kill us. i stay sleepless for long days until my eyes turn red and i didn't training also until the gym open again and i start to training back. this days was the hard days ever for me at all. the only cool breathe was my friends txt to my phone and i cant txt them back because the network in Egypt was off and the training.
after that by few months i graduate from my college by good degree and it was so happy time. i start to improve my work and watch more tutorials and try to have work until i see my military status.
at this year too i got a lot of work chances and i work at most of them and i upload them all to my website and profile. it was hard time at work but at same time it was to good to have work finally. i also like to be freelancer and not working at company. i am my own boss and i arrange my time i can work at night or morning as i like. i can take week off and i can do whatever i want. also freelancer getting more money that being at company. of course freelancer has a danger by don't having work but when i have it bring me a lot of money and thats good.
at this year too i make the army medical check "military services" -egyptian government rule after graduation- and i pass at all their tests and i will join unfortunately. but i still optimistic that i will have good experience at this time and i can work also parallel with army. and after this year i may have good experience and good amount of money will lead me to open my own project. i am so excited to start it.
also my main good thing happened this year is having a lot of good friends and also increase my friendship with my old friends. i am not social person but this year make me so social and having a lot of friends. i am really so happy to have all this amazing friends ad some of them is really very special to my heart.
i never love facebook because i thought its just for idiots. but many people encourage me this year to create facebook and twitter page for my website which make me having a profile. i telling most of the people that i don't use the profile. but actually i am using it but make it private and just add my very dear close friends who i just want to be always with. and i know they won't make any problem or annoy me. so i finally having facebook, twitter and i make my deviantart page better and i will be premium member after i know my army status. and of course i am having a 6 years myspace profile which i used to have it but i dont use it a lot this days.
this was the good part of the year. but this year was having bad period also. i don't look at them as bad points may be they are good points in the future. who knows? first i lost my gf which we was the perfect two and i know nothing about her right now. i will join the army for 1 year starting from 19 jan. but of course i will be online but now the first 3 or 4 weeks.
i think thats all what i remember from this year. thank you for read my memories. and i wish you all had a great year and will have more great year for 2012. :love:
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Submitted on
January 3, 2012