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today was the elections day for Egypt 2011. its the first Elections after revolution and the first elections for me. :D
of course i just go for one main reason "make the FANATIC MUSLIMS out". they act the kindness but they are bad people. they cheated other people like they want to cheat us now. so "go to hell fanatic people". i am Muslim but i am not fanatic and i want to live in civil country with respect to all religions and make the violence away.

also from few minutes i am back home from my heart check. i make check with 2 doctors. one said my heart has a problem and the other said its very good and i am so fine. :P so what i gonna do. i don't know.

one last note. i know that many people don't understand my meaning of words if i am joking or taking serious. i just want to say i respect everyone and i mean good things to everyone i never mean bad thing or disrespect or being rude to anyone. so if you misunderstand me and keep thinking i mean bad things. I DON"T CARE. but i still respect you. :D

now i will go to keep working to finish this long boring project. i wish i can finish it soon.
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this day was so weird. i wake up without any reason very early and couldn't sleep until i take very hot shower. then i return back to sleep my mom asked what you want for breakfast. i said i was some delicious thing today because i will rest. i didn't finish the word so a client call me and want to meet me at his office today to talk about work. i wear my clothes and didn't have breakfast and i also forget to wear my bandana on my wrest and forget to wear heavy clothes i was just wear light shirt.
i stay at the office for long time waiting for the man to decide what he want. he keep think and return in what he think about. until i felt boring and my friend want to ride me to home so i can't be late. so i stay about 5 hours at office doing nothing. may be he gonna read what i am saying now. :)
anyway i go to my friend's car i was so hungry so i bring some fried potato with ketchup and mayo. then i return back to find somebody park behind my friend and we couldn't move his car. we keep try to move it and we were so angry. until some very beautiful girl come and said its my car i am sorry. we both smile no not a problem. :D i guess its her father's car and he send her so we don't kick his butt. :D anyway my friend send me to the nearest underground station and i take it until home. i took bus after that and the roof of the bus was little broken. suddenly the thunder and the lighting start and i found very heavy sound of ice and rain. i couldn't believe that. i was just wear light shirt because the weather was so good. anyway i stop the bus and i run in the streets so i reach my home earlier. i went back home totally wet.
i think this day has 2 goals. first i take 2 different showers at same day one cold and another hot. second i don't annoy me mom when i don't find my shirt. third i have to sleep early from now. :D fourth don't ever write a journal about day like that.
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the sacrifice feast here in Egypt is just finishes yesterday. it was very wonderful time for me to relax and change my mood. before return back to this misery work.
first of all i got the new task before the feast by 2 days so there was not time for me to start working. i come back home keep set up Autocad to preview the plan and start my work. it didn't work right with me at first. but after that i find some way to export my work to cinema 4d and start modeling. i make basic modeling at first day then second day i was in my relatives home from the early morning. i couldn't of working of course. but the client call me at the morning want to ask about the work. i was so surprised we are in holiday how he expect i would work. anyway the plan was totally misery because of the designer who create it so i told him that the plan is so bad. he said try to do whats possible and leave the rest. of course all windows places weren't shown and the doors too. i try to send this design to many friends but nobody know the solution.
anyway at this night i went with my friend to somewhere outside Cairo after small desert. we stay there at cafe until 4 Am. it was so much fun time. the weather was so cold and i was wearing just light shirt which make me freeze. i met some friends we didn't met from long time. i find that my work is the best between them. i am a freelancer anyway and when i get annoyed i can just throw the work away and don't work. but they must work everyday from 10 AM until 6 and 7 pm. that's so hard. i will have the same style soon but after i have my army papers.
i return back from this meeting so happy. i couldn't play playstation 3 this day. but its ok. may be i will play it next Friday. i return back home so tired so i slept and next day the client call me again i told him i will start working on it tonight. i just finish the first step in this work yesterday and send it to him he like it but he got new plan and want me to edit it to fit this new design.
it will take more 2 or 3 days and i am so bored and tired.
i wish i can finish this project so soon so i can be free for some free project for myself. i miss making my crazy projects. i think my own project is always finished faster and being better than clients work. i think because i being more comfortable and my mind working freely.
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hey everyone.
i have nothing to say this days but i am just super busy and for people who think working on pc is easy work. please try tp work like me for 1 or 2 hours and see how much pain and annoyment you gonna have.
second i am so bored and tired this days. i want to finish to i do something new i want to travel or doing anything else new.
anyway this is bad mood journal.
good luck for everyone.
if anybody want to have the worst day in his life you have to go to the medical check at Egyptian army. the stupidest army in the world. it just consist bunch of idiots with big belly fats.
they told me to go there very early. so i went there about 5.45 Am. i took bus inside the center to reach the main building. then i found very long line i wait there and i was kinda number 100 or something. any way this line keep change millions of times because of not arranged fools. then they said who have cell phone leave it with the security at the front door. many people go and leave it there. i didn't take my phones with me but some other people take it inside with them its ok. then they give me stupid paper with stupid printing i can't see anything from it. they said we have to leave this paper before we leave the center and nobody take it from me so its with me at home now. :) then we keep moving on line and we pay 1 pound for another stupid small book but its ok. then they said who don't have copy from his documents please make copies now i was have enough copies from my documents. i found a lot of stupid words on the walls said "be strong" " don't let bad people deceive you and make you victim" and all this blah blah which we were hear at 4th grade. anyway i keep in my way until they told us reach 3 big areas full of places to sit but not chairs. people keep running like crazy people i thought who will stay first will take money but i didn't run so i sit down at the 3rd area. they come and ask if anybody have another nationality or have political problems and i said my uncle is married from foreigner and have the nationality so they take my identify card then they tell us how to arrange our papers but of course with tons or bad words and bad movement and warning for who talk or stand up. i know we are at army but we are the army not the enemy. :D anyway i stay in my place for about 3 or 4 hours. i know after that the solider forget us and take the first 2 places and take the delayed guys and leave us in our places. so i go to the welcome entrance or that's how they call it. i stay there wait to hear my name until i feel boring. anyway i hear my name after few hours. after that i stay at another line wait to take my picture with stupid dirty and full of sweat jacket and millions wear it before it "its really millions". anyway i take my picture and stand on the meter to measure my weight and tall. they measure me 2 kg higher and about 6 cm shorter. then i wait outside to hear my name and after i hear it i went to the medical center to make the medical check. at first they put sign on my paper while i putting it on my chest. then i went to eyes check without he check me he write all my info from his mind. and then go to another check without check he also write my pulse and my chest wide and blood pressure without he measure any of them but he ask me do you suffer from anything. i told him i have problem with my hear so he write "heart check". after that the bad part and its for +18 only. i went to another room with 2 doctors one behind curtain and another on chair. i went behind this curtain and take of my pants to check my sexual area and my ass and kinda make me "open it". ok now forget what i said :(.
then i go to big room full or boards to take my clothes off and just walk with short or underwear. i go to another dirty room full of dirty mirrors and the solider there make us do some movement to see if we have bones problems or not. but of course he wasn't look. then he ask us if we have any bones or skin problem i said no. i go to another big room with many doctors and many soldiers and many almost naked guys. i stay waiting for the doctor who gonna check my heart and thanks go he wasn't there so i stay waiting for him naked "just wearing underwear" for about 1.5 hours under fans running on highest speed. then some of people beside me are really sick so they start to fall so we all sit down on cold floor and put our backs on coldest wall. until doctor of "nose and ears and throats" come and he check us instead and of course he didn't know what we saying so he give most of us accepted A but give me accepted B and will check again after 1 month but at another place with another people. so i go and wear my clothes then i ask what i gonna do next they said wait outside and the solider will take you from there to finish your papers. i wait long time and nobody come until i walk so i found the solider was waiting for us at the destination. he take the rest of my documents and ask me to stay at some place like stairs. i stay there and there is solider were stay in high place keep call our names and keep annoy us so we don't talk or move and keep move us from place to place. i hear my name after 1 hour exactly. it was about 4.300 pm when i hear my name. then i take the document from the solider who throw it to me from above and put my finger prints on its back then i went to sign my other check. and then i run to the door to find the bus which take us to inside is leave so we have to walk about 5 km on our feet in the desert. until i find the main door to take another bus to go home after that by 1.5 hour.
that's my misery day and i will go here again after 1 month to know what i gonna do and then i check and i may join the army.
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hey everyone. sorry for not uploading any artwork from very long time. but i am so busy with millions of tasks and it contain printed, 3D, web and logo design. so there is tons of tasks and no time to upload. so very soon when i be free i will upload all the new designs here in deviantart and of course on my website.
and you still can follow me on my facebook and my twitter for more news and updates.
hey sorry i didn't post any journal from so long time but i am super busy this days.
i got many tasks at same time so i work all the time i am not sleeping at or not in bathroom. :)
it didn't supposed to be like that but some company want their work to be first because they hurry to have it so they change all my schedule and now i have to finish this company work and other client work at same time.
they even want me to finish full building interior at 4 days. "4 DAYS" does anybody believe that. i do 1 room at i week and they want full building to be done in 4 days. anyway i am now working on the models inside the building i think i will finish them today and tomorrow i will have big fight with the render and post production and calling them to see what is their opinion.
anyway i wish everybody is so fine and all of you is having nice time.
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hey everybody.
i just have very talent amazing illustration designer. she is providing the most awesome and creative illustration and i think she are free now for commissions.

so if you looking for the greatest illustration designer i promise you gonna have the best.
here is her profile
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everybody need to inspire before we start work especially if we were in bad mood. so here is some wonderful inspire sites to help you inspire.

website for all different kind of designs:

and here is my profile on it…

logo design:

Logo Fi
Logo Moose
Logo pond
Logo spire
Logo Faves
50 logos processes…

for web design:

design snake
css remix
css mania
css heaven
smashing magazine

inspire good :)
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The 50 Things Every Graphic Design Student Should Know

the original post with cool illustration…
and i heard they want to write the 100 thing
they even make website for this advices

1. You are not the first.

There are very few 'firsts' these days. Countless others have started studios, freelanced and requested internships. It can be done.

2. There is always someone better.

Regardless of how good you are, there will always be someone better. It's surprisingly easy to waste time worrying about this.

3. Success is not a finite resource.

College fosters a zero-sum mentality: that someone has to fail for you to succeed. In truth, another's success doesn't limit yours.

4. You cannot score without a goal.

If you don't know what you want, then how can you pursue it? Having a goal defines an end point, and subsequently, a place to start.

5. Starting anything requires energy.

It takes more energy to start than it does to stop. This is true for physics, your career, and that idea you need to work on.

6. The path to work is easier than you think.

To get into the industry you need just three things: great work, energy and a nice personality. Many forget the last attribute.

7. Have a positive self-image.

Your self-perception is your most important asset. See yourself as the person you want to be and others will see this too.

8. Get a clean, simple website up.

An online portfolio is the alpha and omega of your career. With a wealth of web services, there's no excuse for not having a website.

9. Curate your work.

Never stop editing your portfolio. Three strong pieces are better than ten weak ones – nobody looks for quantity, just quality.

10. Listen to your instincts.

If your work doesn't excite you, then it won't excite anyone else. It's hard to fake passion for mediocre work – scrap it.

11. Make your work easy to see.

People are lazy. If you want them to look at your work, make it easy. Most of the time employers simply want to see a JPG or PDF.

12. Hand-write addresses.

Clients, prospective employers and potential clients gravitate to letters with handwritten addresses. The personal touch goes far.

13. Time is precious – get to the point.

Avoid profuse humour or gimmicks when contacting studios for work, they've seen it all before. Get to the point, they'll be thankful.

14. Never take an unpaid internship.

This is not a necessary evil – a studio that doesn't pay their interns (at least the minimum wage) is a studio not worth working for.

15. Do as many internships as you can stand.

Internships are a financial burden, but they are vital. They let you scope out the industry and find the roles that suit you best.

16. Don't waste your internship.

A studio's work can dip, as can its energy. Ignore this and be indispensable, the onus is on you to find something that needs doing.

17. Make friends with a printer.

A good relationship with a printer is invaluable – they will help you save money and the environment.

18. Find your local D.I.Y. store and pound shop.

These places are invaluable resources of cheap and ready-made artifacts ripe for tinkering, re-decoration and re-contextualisation.

19. Be patient.

It's not unusual to complete several internships and not find 'a good fit'. Try applying to a studio you hadn't considered.

20. Ask questions.

Assume nothing. Ask questions, even if you think you know the answers. You'll be surprised at how little you know.

21. Ask for opportunities.

It will feel cheeky, but ask for things. Ask to be included in exhibitions, magazines, pitches – if you don't ask, you can't get.

22. Seek criticism, not praise.

You learn nothing by being told how great you are. Even if you think your work's perfect – seek criticism, you can always ignore it.

23. Make friends, not enemies.

The creative industry is a small world: it's a network where everyone knows everyone else. Remember this before pissing someone off.

24. News travels fast.

A good intern will find their reputation precedes them. Jobs are nearly always offered on this word-of-mouth evidence.

25. Don't get drunk at professional events.

There's a difference between being 'merry' and 'paralytic'. The latter costs you your dignity, your reputation and possibly your job.

26. Network.

There's some truth in 'it's not what you know, it's who you know'. Talk to people, send emails; at the very least sign up to Twitter.

27. Dress smart – look business like.

Take your work seriously? Then take your appearance seriously. Clients are more likely to deal with people who look like they care.

28. Never work for free.

Not only does this devalue the profession, but it makes you look weak. Even a 'nice' client will take advantage of this.

29. Negotiate.

If you really have to work for nothing, negotiate. Clients and studios have access to many resources that can be viewed as 'payment'.

30. Read contracts.

Never sign a contract before reading it. Subsequently, don't begin any job without a contract – you may have to write one yourself.

31. Make your invoice stand out.

Businesses are deluged with invoices. Make yours stand out with colour or shape and it's likely to rise to the top of the 'pay' pile.

32. There's no such thing as a bad job.

Always push yourself to do your best. Logically, there's no way you can be dissatisfied with 'having done your best'.

33. There's no such thing as a bad client.

The onus is on you to make the client relationship work, not the other way around. If it's not working out, 'fire' them as a favour.

34. Embrace limitations.

Limitations are invaluable for creating successful work: they give you something to push against. From this tension comes brilliance.

35. The environment is not a limitation.

The environmental impact of your work isn't a fashionable consideration – as a creative, it's your most important consideration.

36. Boring problems lead to boring solutions.

Always interrogate your brief: re-define the question. No two briefs should be the same; a unique problem leads to a unique solution.

37. New ideas are always 'stupid'.

New ideas are conceived with no context and no measures of success – this falsely makes them feel silly, awkward or even impossible.

38. Do not underestimate self-initiated work.

Clients get in touch because of self-initiated work. Ironically, business is excited by ideas untouched by the concerns of business.

39. Justify your decisions.

Clients fear arbitrary decisions – they want problem solving. Have a reason for everything, even if this is 'post-rationalised'.

40. Show sketches, not polished ideas.

Clients often mistake 'rough' digital work for the final design. Show sketches for as long as you can, it makes them feel involved.

41. Work with the client, not against them.

You may think you're right, but look at the client's solution along with yours. Occasionally you'll be surprised.

42. Don't always take no for an answer.

Fight for superior solutions. Demonstrate your thinking to your client, take them through it – it's hard to argue with logic.

43. Pick your battles.

The creative industry is often infuriating, but not every argument is an argument that needs to be had. This takes time to learn.

44. If you're going to fail, fail well.

Being ambitious means you have to take on things you think you can't do. Failures are unfortunate, but they are sometimes necessary.

45. Be an auteur.

Regardless of who you're working with, speak up if something's not right. Take it upon yourself to be the barometer of quality.

46. Take responsibility for failure.

If a job's going wrong take responsibility. It feels counter-intuitive, but responsibility means you can do something about it.

47. Share your ideas.

You've nothing to gain from holding on to your ideas; they may feel precious, but the more you share, the more new ideas you'll have.

48. Get out of the studio.

Good design is crafted from understanding the relationships between things. These connections can't be found when locked in a studio.

49. Awards are nice, but not vital.

Awards look good on the shelf, but clients seldom pick up the phone because of them. Solid work encourages that.

50. Don't take yourself too seriously.

Take your work seriously, take the business of your craft seriously, but don't take yourself seriously. People who do are laughed at.
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50 reasons not to date a graphic designer

original post if written by Silvia about her…
and the original post…

1. They are very weird people.
2. There are billions of them in the world, like colors on the screen of your computer.
3. They will analyse conversations in layers.
4. You will spend the day assembling furniture from IKEA.
5. They drink and eat all kinds of weird shit just because they like the packaging.
6. They hate each other.
7. You'll come out the last out of the movies because you have to see the full list of credits.
8. They cant change a light bulb or without making a sketch.
9. They fuck up all the tables with their cutters.
10. They rather study the paisley pattern on your outfit than listen to what you have to say.
11. They will fill your house with magazines and whatever is out there that has drawings.
12. You never know if it is really an original or a copy.
13. They make collages with your photos.
14. They do not know how to add and subtract, they just understand letters.
15. They idolize people who nobody knows and speak of them as if they were his colleagues.
16. They take pictures almost daily and all are cut in weird shapes.
17. They ask your opinion about everything but  they do whatever they want.
18. Everything is left justified, right or center unless they arrive late.
19. They hate Comic Sans with the same passion they love Helvetica.
20. They use iPhone for everything, because everyone has one.
21. You can not decorate the house without consulting them.
22. They steal street signs.
23. Always carry their hands painted with something.
24. They buy dolls unfinished for them to paint.
25. Everything becomes something other than what it really is: cards as tickets, cards as …
26. When arguing, you will be nicknamed like the OSX spinning wheel (not affectionately)
27. Do not know how to dress without consulting the Pantone book.
28. They hate Excel.
29. They read comics.
30. They want to save the world only with a poster.
31. You will spend the day brainstorming.
32. On vacation they will take you to countries that you do not know exist and have no beach.
33. Museums are their second home.
34. They know more positions than the Kamasutra.
35. They can't go to a restaurant without secretly critiquing the menu design.
36. They listen to music you have never heard of.
37. They can´t cook a normal dish, they always have to experiment with new ingredients.
38. They read rare books: stories of children, Semiotics …
39. When you are going to tell you something, everyone has read it in their facebook and twitter.
40. They have own iPods before you knew they existed.
41. The orgasm they remember is when they heard that Adobe was acquiring Macromedia.
42. They have their own shops just for them and there are the most expensive in the city.
43. They want to spend all the money in the Apple Store.
44. You will never understand their gifts.
45. They see ordinary objects and laugh.
46. You wake up in the middle of the night hearim them screaming "When is the deadline?"
47. They see CMYK and RGB like Neo sees the Matrix.
48. They dream of the day nobody will make a single change to their designs.
49. They rather pay for a font than for a special birthday gift.
50. They are always sleepy because they work 24/7.
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hey everyone. i want to start my talk with 1 good advice. "never lose your self confident". being confident is most important thing in designer. may be you can say "ok i am not the best designer". well may be that's right but at least you are good designer.
yesterday i was totally disappointed. i was having 2 projects to work on and have no idea in my mind. i keep watch other websites so i can inspire and i feel my mind is not working at all. then i got bad thinking that i am not designer at all and i am just having plain mind. and this thought lead me to big disappointed make me sleep long time. what can i do ? my best thing i do in the life i just big fake because i am not designer may be i was just have 2 or 3 ideas and all gone. then i start to find good excuses to give to the clients. may be "i will travel for long time" may be "i am sick and may be will stay long time in bed" or may be "your design is very complicated and no way to design it" :D
anyway i got to a closed way and my mind don't want to help me and i will never steal another designer's work so whatever i won't create anything.
i slept with shattered hopes to being designer last night. today i wake up and before i reach the bathroom i find an idea pop up to my head about the website. i get out the bathroom and drink some hot drink and take breakfast and i find another good idea in my mind. i stay to check my e-mails to find third idea jump over my head. and from few minutes i complete and fourth idea in my head and i agree to the fourth one and also i add many things from the first 3 designs to it. and i draw it on paper from few minutes then i will go for training now and after that i start to design it on Photoshop and show it to the client before i start coding.
so what i want to say from this story is may be someday we are in bad mood because of stresses of life or because of thinking. if you keep think about the idea long time you will find your mind just closed. anyway whatever happened to you remember you have designer inside of you but hiding now because you are not in good mood to make him appear. and if you didn't believe that just open your gallery and see the most design you proud of and know that you who create this design and you can create better. and see your first design and see how your skills have been improved by the time and may be go and watch other designers gallery and see how they start and see amateur designers and see how they still confident they will have good future in the design field. just keep yourself confident and if you didn't get any good idea for long time just relax and arrange your mind and without you mean you will find all the awesome idea appear. good luck for everybody :)
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oh i finally home again. it was very great trip indeed. i didn't expect it gonna be this fun. i did many wonderful things. of course i swim but it wasn't the best thing. i ride a bicycle and ride motorbike also and i drive my father's car after 1 year not driving. i playing beach tennis with our rackets which we bought from 11 years and never use. we also play chess and beat all of them at first day and after that they all beat me. i watch the sun rise on the beach and take many pictures for it. also i got time to read again. i read full book with British English about chocolate called "terrific chocolate" it was so interested. i keep eating chocolate while i read it was more interesting than the book.  i also had long time to think in many things. i am totally inspire now and full of great ideas and have a lot of work. and also i miss my training and my sweet home.

so may be i gonna drink some hot drink and take hot shower and have long nap. i feel the pc is so weird now. may be it getting bigger i don't know. :) anyway i be back after my nap.
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I am who make you look great in the web, streets, in front of your clients and also in front of your challengers with more professional tools and technique.

(Creative By Nature)
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