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Oshrathari are a Closed Species

they are not free to create

Oshrathari are draconic in lineage, but in place of wings they have adapted single clawed appendages suited to an arboreal life. They are ancient, ageless survivors of a global cataclysm on an alien world.

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The oshrathari population is isolated to Thaevern's eastern island continents, an area known as Vaexaros. Within this expansive area they formed detached pockets of civilization that thrived as separate cultures. This isolation over generations brought about several distinct breeds within the species.

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Oshrathari Species Ref [PT 1: Overview] by Zyraxus Oshrathari Species Ref [PT 3: World and History]Welcome to 

aka Dragon Planet
Homeworld of the Oshrathari
Thaevern [THAY-vern] is the second planet of the Keado star system. 
It is a rocky world with an oxygen rich atmosphere, liquid water oceans, a large molten metallic core, a ring system, and no satellites. In many ways, this planet follows the Earth template. It supports life, has blue skies and (some) green flora. The surface sometimes takes on un-earthlike colors from its minerals and life. A human would have no trouble visiting, but we don't recommend living there. 
Mass 1.05 Earth masses 
Semimajor Axis 1.07AU 
Surface gravity 9.527 m/s^2 
Equatorial Radius 6640 km
Orbital period 420 Thaevern Days
Units of Time 
21 Earth hours in a Thaevern day
1 Thaevern day is 9 Thaevern hours
2hr 20min on Earth = 1 Thaevern hour

Species, world, and group are a work in progress!

Group icon created by Crazdude
Oshrathari, Thaevern, and the Keado system are original creations of Zyraxus

Gallery Folders

[C] RavenBlack-Wolf by LoneAnubis
Ria Bust by Zyraxus
Omeropa sketch by filthyfawn
My Valentine by Atrocias
Species Info
Oshrathari Species Ref [PT 1: Overview] by Zyraxus
Oshrathari Species Ref [PT 2.1: Crimson] by Zyraxus
Oshrathari Species Ref [PT 2.2: Amber] by Zyraxus
Oshrathari Species Ref [PT 2.3: Golden] by Zyraxus
Character Refs
Riathorial Clothes ref by Atrocias
Hau sketch ref by corvidart
Oshrathari Customs - 010.018 by Zyraxus
Thaxan 2015 by Zyraxus
Oshrathari Batch 03 [CLOSED] by Zyraxus
Oshrathari Flatsale: 09 [CLOSED] by Zyraxus
Oshrathari: Draw To Adopt Event [CLOSED] by Zyraxus
Collaboration: Oshrathari Batch 02 [CLOSED] by Zyraxus
Pixel Art
Ria by Handely




Here's the official masterlist of Oshrathari and their owners! It'll get filled out as we go.

Notes on names:
Names can be almost anything, they simply have to be something that's not already something else important to keep with the alien vibe. Simply google the name and assess from there. Given names are usually six or more letters, and they can end up being pretty long. Going by a shortened version of the name is common. Shortened forms can be something recognizable/earth-inspired, it's inevitable there will be overlap.
For example - Ancatalem with a shortend name of Cat is a-okay to fit with canon.

HOWEVER: I'm flexible, staying within the structure of canon is awesome but is not required. But it would be cool of you.

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Feel free to comment if you see something that needs updating.

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