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Eat well, sleep well, live well.

laskdfjawpeoiasdklf;as;df; ; as;ldfaweiof TAGGED BY :iconbrewcha:!! LOL and here I thought I'd just fly under the radar on this one--:iconheplz:;;

1: Post these rules.
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1. I can wiggle my nose like a rabbit.
It's true!  Not only flaring the nostrils, but kind of pulling the nose back into the face like the way a rabbit does - I can do that.  I've met two other people in my life who can do the same thing; one is my sister LOL the other was a guy I met in college.

2. I make sound effects when I'm in a good mood.
If I'm around someone else, then as I do something, I tend to make sound effects (provided we aren't holding some kind of conversation).  Example: I'm in the kitchen and someone's in there, I'll make a kind of "shoom!" noise as I take a pan out of my microwave/oven thing.  But I only do this when I'm happy; if I'm not in a good mood I don't.  And I don't do it when I'm alone.

3. I own almost all of Yu Yu Hakusho on dvd.
I bought them ONE BY ONE at Gamestop whenever they would show up in the used DVD section, or sometimes at Best Buy when they were cheap.  I LOVE that show; it's a HUGE old-time favorite.  My first digital drawing painted from scratch on computer was of Kurama.

4. I can play the flute.
LOL OK BORING, but there it is.  I started playing in 6th grade, middle school, and continued to play up through the end of college.  In HS I was first chair for two years and also played the piccolo.  In college I wasn't as serious as the other music folks and didn't get that far.  I recently bought my own flute (I had been borrowing my sister's), but lately I haven't had much opportunity to practice.  Knowing my neighbor can hear me through the wall puts a damper on it;;;  

5. I love books.
I brought my favorite books with me when I came overseas so I can browse them when I want.  When I'm in the mood, I will get completely engrossed in whatever story I'm reading, as though I'm experiencing it myself, and I see the story start to unfold like a movie in my head.  Because of this, I literally do laugh out loud at funny parts, and I can cry over a book really easily.  I JUST GET SO EMOTIONAL OKAI.  Oh, I also can finish a regular 400-600 page book in a day, if left to my own devices, especially if it's an author I like.

6. I like all kinds of music...
Everything from rap, hip-hop, dubstep, country, pop (j-pop and k-pop included), rock (hard and light), alternative, folk....if you look, you'll probably find at least one song of it on my computer.  Most of it is instrumental, though.  My default back-up music is rather mellow.  However, depending on my mood I'll listen to just about any genre, so long as the song is good.

7. I trained in martial arts...up to black belt.
Though I hate to tell people that cuz it feels like bragging, when really it's not that big of an accomplishment.  Gaining black belt just means you've made it to the point where you start to understand.  Before that, you're mostly just flailing about and imitating others and not really getting what you're doing.  Black belt is the indicator that you've understood what you're doing, and now you can start going deeper and starting to make it your own.  To equate it with art, imagine it like spending your first few years drawing from references and trying to reproduce what others have done.  After four years of that, you put away your references and try to draw your own ideas - that first step is how far I got.  Ahh, but I'm terribly rusty and out of shape now.

8. I graduated in 3D animation....and hated it.  
I wanted to do 2D animation.  Pencil to paper, seeing what I drew come to life, even the tedious flipping of paper from one to the other - that's really, honestly what I wanted to do, silly and outdated as it may seem with today's computer technology.  However, my college only offered 3D or flash animation - both of which I have come to abhor.  Haha?

9. I have my great-great grandmother's chocolate chip cookie recipe memorized.
It takes me 15 minutes from the moment I walk into the kitchen to walk away again with a bowl of it in my arms. :iconwthsparklesplz:  No, I don't cook it.  That would be a waste.

10. There are certain things that can make me cuss at the drop of a hat.
They are:
Getting stuck in traffic on the highway when I'm on a long drive, when I can see that if only one or two cars moved over I'd be able to go my normal cruising speed.
Or having some driver ride my @$$ on the highway when I can't move over or go faster for them.
Electronics that do not work like they should.
When I forget I had to do something and then remember it 5-10 minutes before it's due.
When I'm about to get tagged in a game of tag. 8'D

I TAG....
:iconchun64: cuz I can.
Also :iconchocominty: and :iconavichu: cuz you should = 3 =

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dat cookie dough :icondatassplz:
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LOL YOU EAT COOKIE DOUGH BY ITSELF? I wanna do that. :iconlazysulkplz:
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LOL just do it! o v o It's very good!

If you're worried about salmonella poisoning with the eggs then just leave them out when you mix the dough - really the eggs are there to add moisture, a little bit of richness, and to help keep the baked end product moist. If you're not gonna bake them, that last one is superfluous, and you can add a little bit of water if you need them to get moist. u w u Though imo it tastes better with the eggs.
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NOW SHI KNOWS MORE ABOUT OSE-NOM! :iconryojidaisyplz2:
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xDD Shibatashi I thought you'd done it already-- if you weren't tagged I tag you now :iconhideplz:
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I've already done it, yes. xD
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