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She's from Arcania, but I'm in Adysia, just FYI.... :iconredsparklesplz:

:dummy: Qui pao FtW!


Name: Edna Blackthorne (....their parents have a bad imagination. //shoots self now)
Age: 27
Race: Human
Height: 5'9"
City: Arcania
Job: Summoner Teacher at Valdis Academy
Weapon: Staff; enchanted so it can't break. If she's being nice, she'll hit you with the ball, and not the wing-things. :iconhurrplz: She's also very good at hand-to-hand.
Likes: Cute things, practical things, playing with long hair
Dislikes: Sleazes, dishonesty, people who don't listen
Personality: Down-to-earth, hard-working

History: Born the first child of Trent and Yue Blackthorne, she was raised, as Edwin was, among the mercenary troupe. She was taught hand-to-hand self defense from an early age, and was expected, later on in life, to take up the life her parents had started - and to take over the troupe when they retired.

She did not agree with this notion.

When she was 9 years old, her parents decided to have another child, and Edwin was born. Edna at first was delighted, and loved him very much. She taught him much, herself, since their parents were very busy those days, but a storm was building in her. She wanted a house, a home, a regular life where she could settle down, and did not want to take over the Blackthorne Company. But at the same time, she couldn't find the courage to say this to their father directly. She did finally say it to their mother, finding a moment in their busy schedule to talk to her privately. Yue promised she would talk to their father about it, saying she had a right to choose her own path, after all.

The next week, their mother died in a bandit raid. Unable to stand being in the company after that, feeling like her only ally had disappeared, she finally just ran away. She ran to Arcania, as far as she could go, and started working.

She worked as a maid for :iconeminaplz: for a few years. During that time, she became friends with another new maid at the time, :iconmargeplz:. Then, after saving up a good amount, she enrolled in the magic academy.

After the first few lessons there, she quit being a maid and worked her way doing odd jobs. A few times she had to drop out and work full-time to save up, but eventually she got far enough to choose her specialization, and after that it became a lot easier to make money.

Now, she works as a teacher in Valdis Academy (teaching summoning - how to summon, how to make a contract with a summon beast, and how to use a summoned beast).

Her brother: :iconedwinblackthorneplz: (original) :icondafedwin: (four-years-later version)
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(looks like your waifu)
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(my waifu's much cuter tho and shorter/hit)
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I can see the resemblance :3
Yay for academy teachers!
Kind of like how the purple blends with the red... so very pretty. Or maybe it's because the qi pao is so awesome that it makes the colors look awesome too 8D
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Yay, teachers! :iconhigh5plz:

Mmmm, the purple-red combo! It always just pops out so much! * w *) Purple shadows don't do so well on other colors, but with red it's just mmmmmm *loves forever*
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This just now got approved? >_>
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= w = I couldn't submit it before. I kept trying, but it never actually went through to the approval stage. There have been a lot of privileges issues....
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Completely random side note: I think this is the largest pair of boobs I've ever seen you draw on a woman.
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Probably so. Edna is voluptuous.... :iconheplz: It's a wonder she's still single...oh, wait, she's a troll, that's why. :iconleleleplz:
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:iconedwinaplzz: :iconsaysplz: ................... > w > *plays with Alize's hair*
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