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After hitting rocks trying to live on her own, Maya decides to leave behind her former life, from which she lost all ties with. She takes the opportunity to meet Charlotte, her long-time online friend and kink-buddy, that proposed her to be her roommate at her place. Charlotte comes all the way to Maya's location to pick her up and back.

Chapter 1: Departure

Portland, January 2, 11 A.M.

Sitting on a crude, stone bench, the wind was blowing smoothly inside of her let-down, brown hair. The weather is cold and dry. But the rising sun, slowly getting to its zenith, pours its shine onto Maya, warming her under her coat, and giving a nice sensation to her skin.

The bench she is sitting on is just a rough, huge stone slab, laid on two smaller, vertical slabs. It almost looked like it came straight out of “The Flintstones” TV show. Perfect to spare some bucks from the city's budget. Fortunately, a set of warm pants is all you need to be comfy sitting on these. The bench was laid right before a parking lot, were she was waiting for her friend.

She was waiting here almost since dawn, unable to contain her excitement. She knew Charlotte was going to take some time to arrive, since she must have been driving all Saturday. She gave Maya a call saying she was going to rest at a motel for the night once she reaches Portland, getting a good night sleep before picking Maya up and driving them both back to Riverwood Hills.

Charlotte sleeps a lot. Usually past noon. And this day spent on the roads was only more of an excuse for her to hug her blanket for who knows how long. But Maya was so excited she was just standing there, waiting for her with a smile on her face, watching and contemplating the same crossroad since almost 3 hours. But she did not mind waiting and she could have stood here completely immobile for much longer, daydreaming. Next to her was a large cardboard box, containing everything she decided to bring with her for the journey, leaving everything else behind.

Suddenly, something caught her attention. The horn of a car pressed in rapid succession, belonging to a car shining with a glittering, love-apple red. Maya had no knowledge in autos whatsoever, but she could guess it was a nice car. It was so clean it almost looked brand-new too. Or maybe the shining coat of paint was helping with that ?

The car entered the parking lot and stopped near her bench. Her heart was pounding inside of her chest for she had long realized who it was. The ignition stopped, and the door opened, with her long time friend stepping out, closing the door behind, and running towards her with excitement.

« Little beeeee !! It's me ! »

So she said, almost screaming, before grabbing her and giving her a hug as soon as she stood up from the bench, not letting her do anything else. At first Maya was surprised and a little clenched up, since it was long last the time she ever gave a genuine hug. Then she stopped clenching and gave her a tight and warm embrace. She was not in bad company anymore, there was no need for her to be awkward. She could feel her warmth pressing against her, and finally after all this time, she felt safe, and loved.

« I'm so glad to finally see you ! You're even prettier than on cam, or on the pictures. »

Charlotte had tied her blond hair into lovely, wavy pigtails. She didn't had many occasions to see someone with such a haircut, but it fitted her just fine. She was wearing a white pea coat, among other expensive apparels. However she lived, she was much more wealthy than Maya had previously assumed.

« Me too, Charlie ! I've been waiting this moment for years. »

“Charlie” and “Little bee” are their respective affective nicknames. The latter references the “Maya the bee” TV show, that both of them used to see in their childhoods, while the former is less inspired, but stuck out with time.

The hugging stopped, and they let go of each other, giving themselves an embarrassed stare. Meeting a long-time, never-seen friend was already stressful enough, adding that to the fact they will probably be more intimate than any other much faster. Charlotte is the first to break the embarrassing silence.

« Is this box the only thing you're bringing with you ? »

Charlotte has always been less afraid of the ridicule than Maya, and much less nervous in awkward situations. Sometimes, she was acting foolish just to entertain people, too.

« Yeah. My computer, my books, my clothes, and my tape rolls. »
« Only that ? Not even food ? »
« Nah. I just abandoned it all. »
« Oh jeez, you can't be serious. They are going to be sooo confused then, when they'll see you just vanished without a trace. »
« Do we even care ? »
« Nah, it only makes the thing even funnier in my mind, hehe. .. Oh, and about your tape rolls, are they your favorite brand aswell ? »

What Charlotte was referring as her “favorite brand” was the type of PVC tape she bought all the time. “AT7”, to be precise. She preferred this over duct tape, and pretty much any other type of adhesive tape, for good reasons. Charlotte often tried to bait her to travel by attracting her with this brand she coveted for, and for a long while. That is, before she found a store that was selling them nearby, where she has been buying them since.

« Yes. I'm not buying anything else since I found Jepenniah's. The storekeeper even told me I was the only reason he kept ordering them, since I'm his only customer that purchases so many of them. »
« .. You're giving me wild ideas, you know ? »

Maya's heart skipped a beat when she heard this.

« Damn, what .. hhmm … I wonder what kind of ideas it could be .. ? »

So she said with a sarcastic tone, as she perfectly understood the hidden implications.

« How mysterious indeed ~ … »

So she said with a playful tone, before resuming to her normal voice, while also being careful not to alert anyone nearby by lowering her speech tone to a near whisper level.

« Do you want me to tie you up in the car for the trip ? »
« Yeah ! Let's do this. »

Maya responded with a low tone aswell.

« Okay, but first let's drive to an alleyway or some other place were nobody can see us tying you up. »
« Sure ! Actually I have a spot that'll be just fine for this. »
« You're on ! Let's get your stuff in the car and get there. »

And that said, they both grabbed and lifted the huge box towards the car, and stashed it onto the car's backseat, before getting in themselves and driving out of the parking lot that both of them saw for the last time. On the way in, Maya gave directions to a suburban area, an upscale neighborhood with rich villas, surrounded by woods. Then, Maya directed her to a meadow surrounded by the edge of the deep woods.

« Nobody ever goes there. I used to go there while strolling outside, if I wanted peace. »
« Sounds neat ! Alright, let's park there and get it going. »

Charlotte parked the car and they both slid out. Charlotte opened the backseat door before reaching for the box and rummaged through it to find the tape.

« Ahh, damn, where'd ya put it ? »
« Hold on, let me show you. »

After a little moment rummaging through the content, they both managed to extract a smaller box. It was a shoe packaging box re-purposed into a smaller container. Inside of it laid as much rolls of tape as this box could possibly fit, in other words, a small dozen. Charlotte took the box before closing the huge cardboard and the backseat door again before using the front passenger seat, whose door was still open, as a surface to put the box while she was working with Maya.

« Okay, ya ready for this ? » So she said while picking a roll of tape.
« Yes ! Let's do this ! »
« Hah, talk about a craving. Gimme your hands so I can wrap them in mittens first ! »

A simple bondage was not enough for them at that point, since they discussed so much about it online. However, Maya could have been excited by pretty much anything close to being tied up, as she had never been really tied up in real life. That is why she was almost shaking out of excitement when she started giving her hands. Charlotte did not notice it right away, but her legs were visibly shaky.

Charlotte started wrapping her left hand. This is when Maya started to be really aroused and eager for more. But she was containing herself for the simple reason that she was going to be tightly tied up in every case, which was all she wanted at that moment. However, Charlotte broke her train of thoughts while she finished with her left hand and started with the right.

« Uh, thought this place looks pretty inhabited ... Would surprise me if that happens but .. what do we do if someone shows up ? »
« Ha, well, just pretend you're kidnapping me ! »
« You can't be serious .. »
« Well, do you have any better ideas ? »
« Nah, I didn't mean that, but .. you know I'd do it ! But if we get in trouble, it's on you. »
« Seems fair. Let's get rolling. »

With no further discussion or planning, Charlotte resumed tying her up. Once she finished wrapping her fingers in tight little fists, she grabbed her arms before putting them behind her back.

« Hold still … »

She started wrapping her forearms together, in a box-tie. So that her wrists were touching her respective opposed elbows. This position allowed the prisoner to stay tied up for extended periods of time without feeling too uncomfortable right away, and for too long, while still being pretty secure. That done, she started to wrap some tape around her arms and chest, to pin them to her torso. She did so primarily below the breast, before also wrapping above it to secure the embrace even more. This particular restraint positioning also made sure to make her breast stand out a little more, which the girls fantasized doing primarily for kinky and “humiliating” purposes, rather than mostly being attracted to breasts. She made sure to wrap several layers to make her bondage feel more secure overall.

« Maya, you're shakin' all over the place. »
« I-I just enjoy it, I guess .. »

Maya could not notice as she had her back turned from Charlotte, but she was shaking out of excitement aswell, on a smaller scale.
Suddenly, both froze in terror. Footsteps could be heard behind them. They both turned their head back. There was someone watching in the distance.

« Oh shit .. Okay, girl, get in the car, now. »

So she said with a fake, but intense intimidating tone. While also pushing Maya on the passenger seat. Maya complied, trying to look scared in the process and sat just in front of the box of tape that was preventing her from sitting snugly, not to crush the box with the tape rolls inside. Following this, Charlotte closed the car door violently.
She moved to the other side of the car as fast as possible to reach the driver seat door, by sliding on the car hood. Surprisingly, it looked rather well executed. Maybe Charlotte was a natural ? She then jumped into the car and closed the door, plunging the keys into the ignition. When Charlotte saw that Maya couldn't sit properly because of the box full of tape rolls, she pulled it away from her back and pushed it in Maya's leg compartment. Scattering all of the box's content on Maya's feet. At least, they could not get away or fall out of the car here.

The two girls got startled and horrified when they heard “Hey !” coming out of the person's voice. The voice seemed to belong to an elderly, beefy man, which did not help the two girls keeping their composure. Once the engine started, Charlotte maneuvered the car to her best in order to get the hell out of here before something bad happens.

The car rushed out of the area, before finally stopping in a desert street and parking slightly near the  pavement. Both girls looked at each other in the eyes, before letting out a simultaneous, intense giggle.

« That was awesome ! » Said Maya.
« It sure was ! You didn't think I could be that good at kidnapping you, am I right ? »
« Haha .. well, maybe the fact I'm complying helped ! »
« That has to be the most kinky thing ever. A captive helping her captor. »
« Yeah. »

Both girl checked the surrounding area. A street full of houses and residences. It was completely empty, maybe the people living here were either at work or resting home.

« So, you comfy in this ? »
« Yeah ! You did a nice job with the tape. »

Charlotte leaned over her lap to reach for the box and its scattered content. She rumbled and rumbled to get everything back in, before putting it over the tiny compartment near the gear box. It looked like those tiny compartment in which you put your store's caddy tokens, or cigarettes. This one had a little fancy slide-door, and Charlotte just laid the box on top of it, before reaching for one of the rolls.

« You didn't thought I was over, did you ? »
« I hoped you weren't over ! »
« Nice ! Good girl. »

Charlotte then picked up the box again and threw it carefully onto the backseat, near the huge cardboard box containing Maya's belongings. She then leaned again and reached for Maya's legs.

« Let me tape those legs nicely. ~ »

Maya clenched her legs together, and Charlotte wrapped some tape around her ankles, preventing her from running anywhere. She made sure the bondage was secure by wrapping lots of layers, and by doing the same on her knee level, below the kneecaps. She then lifted her legs from the seat, in which Maya helped her, to also tape her legs on her thigh level.

« Here you go, nice and secure. You're all safe now ! .. Hmm .. Actually .. »

She picked up Maya's seat-belt and fastened it, tying Maya to her seat.

« Here ! Now you're safe and secured. You can't even remove it if you're tied up ! »
« True ! .. Guess I'm your prisoner now. »

Maya really liked what was going on, but another question came to her mind.

« Makes me think, why didn't you have the idea to put me in the trunk ? »
« Oh trust me, being in a trunk is fun, but not if you have to drive all day. Plus, I wanted to be able to talk to you and check on you. Although, the trunk is empty. So maybe if you're naughty enough I'll consider stuffing you in it. ~ »

Both girls shared a giggle.

« You're right on one thing thought, I'll probably be more comfy here than in the trunk. So I guess I'll stay here for now. »
« So, are you ready for the big trip ? »
« Yes ! Get me out of here ! » Said Maya in a very enthusiastic tone.
« Woaw, talk about being eager ! .. Alright, miss Damsel-in-distress, let's get going. »

This said, Charlotte started the car again, before driving away. And so started their big journey.

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