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This is a series of documents in which I will be talking about my own personal beliefs on certain subjects.  Some spoilers on what I will be talking about are things of a natural debatable nature.  Things such as war, sex, love, guns, etc.  
Please remember that these are my own personal beliefs and morals on these subjects and that I don’t want to start an argument between anyone who reads these documents.  So please, before you bash, flame, or report me…try to see things from my point of view.  And if you feel you must debate with me, try to do it without capitalization, name calling, or general child like attitude.  If you can do that, then I am open to debate, but only if it is civilized conversation.  
Thank you,
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Team 99 from the Land of Water by Oscelot8046 Team 99 from the Land of Water :iconoscelot8046:Oscelot8046 0 0
The Story Of Wolf Ch's 29-End
Chapter 29 – New Friends Meet Old Friends
Wolf awoke the next morning to screaming.  Myrn wasn’t next to him.  He quickly got up and ran to the hospital room.  Myrn was there and was cornered by the new girl.  “Where am I,” she asked angrily as she walked towards myrn.  “GET AWAY,” fang said as he jumped and caught her in his tail.  “Who are you,” the girl asked.  “I am Wolf,” he answered, “Why were you attacking my mate.”  “What,” she asked, “I wasn’t attacking her.”  “No,” he said looking to the very frightened myrn, “But you were scaring her pretty badly.”  
“I am sorry,” she said, “I am just a little confused about what’s going on.”  “Well,” wolf said, “After I knocked you out I brought you back to the temple I live in.” 
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The Story Of Wolf Ch's 25-28
Chapter 25 – A New And Strange friend
Valerie awoke to comet lying next to her and his head over her neck.  Comet woke up to her moving and got off of her neck asking, “How are you feeling?”  Val noticed that he was blushing a little.  She giggled at this and said, “Much better thank you.”  She cuddled the top of her head into his chest as she said this.
Suddenly a group of about 5 teregoth broke through the roof and surrounded them.  Comet stood over Val who was still too weak to fight back.  The first came at comet from the rear.  Comet quickly shoved his spike tail at him and killed him crashing through its skull.  The next came as wolf and the others crashed through the doors.  
All of a sudden the teregoth rushed towards comet.  Comet quickly covered Val’s head with his wings and covered the rest of her with his body.  All 4 teregoth then drop
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The Story Of Wolf Ch's 21-24
Chapter 21 – The Egg Hatches
Wolf and myrn eventually fought more enemies off of the egg when it finally started to crack a little.  “Wake the others,” wolf said.  Myrn roared and all the others came running in.  “what’s going on,” they asked.  “it’s hatching,” he replied and all of them gathered around the egg.  
The egg cracked a little more.  Wolf and myrn were holding hands and watching intently.  Suddenly the egg shattered and the young dragon opened its body for the first time.  Wolf noticed something out of the corner of his eye.  He told the others and they quickly wrapped up the young dragon and they all moved into the most protected part of the temple.
Wolf and Myrn gently unraveled the blanket to get a good look at their child.  The young dragon was an ice blue dragon with black horns and spikes, its tail blade was formed to small 3
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The Story Of Wolf Ch's 17-20
Chapter 17 – A Night Of Happiness and Wolfs Question
Wolf slept and Myrn watched.  She never left his side except for when she had to eat.  Wolf dreamed and would turn in his sleep.  Myrn could only watch and hold him while he fought to keep living.  Myrn would sit sometimes for days not faltering in her hope and love for wolf even for a second.  The only other person who came in at night was the healer who had been watching over wolf.  He would tell her that everything would be ok and that he was getting better.  Myrn would smile at this and keep watching wolf.
Davyn and Krin would come every now and again asking how wolf was and if there was anything Myrn needed.  Myrn would always just shrug at this question and look to wolf.  Wolf would scream at night and one time he even roared loud enough that the healer would give him some potion to calm his sleep.
Wolf soon awoke close to 2 weeks aft
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The Story Of Wolf Ch's 13-16
Chapter 13 – The Test Of Heart
Wolf saw that the dark one was pointing to a large crystal that showed what he promised wolf.  Wolf saw himself living forever with limitless power.  Wolf also saw himself with another dragon that was not Myrn.  He saw himself living somehow happily with this dragon.  He was ordering the teregoth and bloodman around.  In return for being given these powers all he had to do was listen to the black dragon.  He looked into the crystal and smiled, wolf wasn’t fooled for a minute.
Wolf smashed the crystal and looked to the dark one who was infuriated that wolf had done so.  “What do you think I am,” wolf asked Thast who had now spoken his name to wolf, “I don’t want to live forever I want to die one day and I want that day to be with Myrn.”  Myrn was smiling because she had seen what he was seeing.  She looked to him with love and compas
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The Story Of Wolf Ch's 8-12
Chapter 9 – Wolfs journey begins
Wolf woke up in the sick room once more and noticed that the elders were all standing around him.  “what happened and where is Myrn,” asked maldwin.  “she’s gone, taken by the bloodman of the dark one,” He replied. With this he roared louder than ever, slammed his paw into the ground and said, “Damn, why didn’t I save her.”  “Its not your fault,” said Varrin.  “I should have protected her!” he said and he roared again.  “we’ll we need to think of what to do next,” said mallibar.  “What do you mean what were going to do next,” wolf asked angrily, “I am going to go to the mountain of Kato and save her.”  Seeing the anger and pure validity of that statement in his eyes made the elders almost quiver with fear of him.  “if you are going to go make sure to bring your helmet,
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The Story Of WOlf Chapters 5-8
Chapter 5 – Feelings
Wolf had wondered whether he wanted to give Myrn a present for Christmas.  Wolf had spent each of his off days working in the shed that served as a tool shed and shop, although it was the size of a barn.  Wolf had made a beautiful pair of cuffs for Myrn, but wolf didn’t know if she even liked him.  
As December rolled around the two were given time off from training until after Christmas.  Wolf spent as much time as he could making the finishing touches on the cuffs.  The cuffs were made of gold with silver etchings in the deep print.  He had managed to sneak away from the temple grounds and go to a cave where he found 2 perfectly cut diamonds.  
Christmas eve came and the temple was decorated to fit the occasion.  Wolf had finished the cuffs and set them in his room.  He didn’t want to put them under the tree until he was sure that Myrn liked him as much as he
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The Story Of Wolf Saga Ch. 1-4
Character Reference:
Main Character: Wolf
Girl Friend: Myrn
Mom: Tali
Dad: Mos
Main Villain: Choklen
General 1: Thast
General 2: Vice
General 3:
Best friend: Davyn
Best Friend’s Girlfriend: Krin
Chapter 1 – The Story Begins
It was a nice day in the land of Nadoguin.  Tali had been waiting for her husband Mos to come home. Mos finally did return from the elders meeting panting and hunching over in exhaustion. She asked him “so what is to happen?” He simply replied “He will be sent away tonight ASAP!!!!”  For you to understand this we must travel back 2 years to see what happened. Tali and Mos had chosen the other to be their mate for they had known each other for 10 years.  Eight months later they found themselves watching over their egg and waited for it to hatch. When they finally saw their child hatch they found that it was a forest dragon. The young dragon had brown scales with bright green horns, spikes, and talons. &
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The Story of Wolf Chapters 1-4 by Oscelot8046 The Story of Wolf Chapters 1-4 :iconoscelot8046:Oscelot8046 0 0 Garret Drocklomore by Oscelot8046 Garret Drocklomore :iconoscelot8046:Oscelot8046 0 0 Kora kentera by Oscelot8046 Kora kentera :iconoscelot8046:Oscelot8046 0 0 Crasher master by Oscelot8046 Crasher master :iconoscelot8046:Oscelot8046 0 0 Malikar Dramadovane Rogue by Oscelot8046 Malikar Dramadovane Rogue :iconoscelot8046:Oscelot8046 0 0 Malikar Dramadovane Warrior by Oscelot8046 Malikar Dramadovane Warrior :iconoscelot8046:Oscelot8046 0 0


GOBLIN SLAYER - Cow Girl by jadenkaiba
Mature content
GOBLIN SLAYER - Cow Girl :iconjadenkaiba:jadenkaiba 1,357 46
Auction(CLOSED) by Rofeal Auction(CLOSED) :iconrofeal:Rofeal 136 9
Mature content
Naruto sage chapter one :icondrakeyuuhi:drakeyuuhi 17 1
The Fox Loves The Cat-Ch. 1
Konoha, Nighttime,
A small boy, about 6 years of age, could be seen walking through the streets of Konoha as he came back from playing with a few friends at the playground. The blond continued to walk as he tried to ignore the many glares that he received from the general populace around him. As the kid walked up to his apartment as he opened the door to come into the small room that was given to him by his only precious person, his Jiji. The small boy was called Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto was always a hyperactive kid. He could almost find any reason to smile and yet each smile he gave grew smaller and smaller by the passing day as he continued to be the bane of existence for the people of his village. Naruto gave a small sigh as he took off his clothes and placed them on the bed. Naruto looked at the ground for a second as he gasped when tears came down his eyes. Naruto used his little hand to brush his eyes as he cried.
"Why can't I make more friends? Why do people hate me? Why does ever
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Snow Assassin Cyborg by RobinTran Snow Assassin Cyborg :iconrobintran:RobinTran 692 11 Cyborg Ninja Reonah by xKABOSx Cyborg Ninja Reonah :iconxkabosx:xKABOSx 92 10 Gift: Girl Talk by AceliousArts Gift: Girl Talk :iconaceliousarts:AceliousArts 201 43 Earthbender Chica by Yoshermon Earthbender Chica :iconyoshermon:Yoshermon 199 27
Toph The Best Earthbender: 1
Chapter 1
"We apologize, Toph," the soldier spoke, "but I'm afraid we'll have to delay our undertaking for supplies."
With an impatient breath, Toph nodded and stood at the bow of the ship. Planting her feet on the rail, Toph lifted her own chin and felt the cool breeze against her pale face as the small island drew close.
Her fingers gripped the metal tightly as her stomach churned, swallowing back the heavy residue rising through her throat. Her concentration to keep her mind off the swaying, insensible ship was broken by the soldier, and she is beginning to feel nauseous again.
Toph was able to hinder it until the ship halted abruptly, sending her forward and slamming the rail into her gut. The vomit rose quicker than the ship stopped.
"Guard . . . ," her voice came out groggy.
A passing soldier stopped and stood straight. As Toph rubbed her wet chin, the guard asked, "Yes, milady, Toph?"
Toph swallowed what felt like a rock with a wince and slightly moaned before ordering, "Get me
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assassin by ErikVonLehmann assassin :iconerikvonlehmann:ErikVonLehmann 762 36 Wonder Woman new uniform by artilustra Wonder Woman new uniform :iconartilustra:artilustra 320 44 The Assassin Behind the Hood by lessexpression The Assassin Behind the Hood :iconlessexpression:lessexpression 23 22 Assassins Creed: Russia Edit by dcslider Assassins Creed: Russia Edit :icondcslider:dcslider 142 29
ChinaXReaderXRussia Russian Princess
Your body ached slightly but it was bearable. You still felt tired when you woke up. You found yourself among foreign sheets, which were soft and comforting, but you couldn't care much, all you wanted was a presence of a person. You weakly turned to your side and pushed yourself up. "Mama?" You called softly. But she was not there. "Are you awake?" You heard as a response and as your vision slowly cleared, you saw a man. He had dark hair and dark brown eyes and he wore long, red clothes. He walked closer to you and crouched next to you. "I'm glad you're alright. How are you feeling?" Confused, you just looked around and tried to figure out where you were, but you didn't have the slightest idea. You have never seen this man before.
"Where's my mum?" You asked with tears in your eyes now. The man let out a small sigh and slowly started patting your back. "Look. Your mother couldn't come with you. I'm very sorry." He knew you were about to burst out sobbing, so he pulled your small body c
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Drrr: Russian Assassin by I-Love-Chappy Drrr: Russian Assassin :iconi-love-chappy:I-Love-Chappy 73 21 KOLKOL Hetalian Assassin by Zhiibe KOLKOL Hetalian Assassin :iconzhiibe:Zhiibe 674 90


anybody who's reading this i need help.  if someone could design an eye.  now i know that sounds weird but let me explain.  i'm writing my own naruto based story and i need an eye designed like a sharingan or byakugan, i prefer sharingan though.  i'm hoping that anybody who reads this can help me so i can give a few details of what i'm looking for if that will help:
Curved lines
dragon like design
slit pupils
any bright or dark color, preferably green, purple, brown, or grey
and its got to really pop like one of the special sharingan.

Its going to be called surudoi-me or piercing eyes
I'll give a description of the character so you can have an idea of what looks good and so you can draw the whole thing if you like.

Ruku Shibu:
White hair down to his butt
tan skin
heavy jonin armor like choji's as battle armor and a regular clothes and different japanese robes as normal clothing
infinite types of jutsu's (obviously from his eyes abilities)
thin but extremely muscular
Super sized double ended shuriken knife staff as main weapon, but very versatile with other weapons
Is a seal master, meaning he can seal any object into a symbol on a piece of parchment that when you press it comes into being.
is of the wind village
is really quiet and an enormously good ninja


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