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just another normal day in the beach :iconraisen-kun:Raisen-kun 108 17



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I'm just a regular person that likes to draw my favorite characters. Even the ones that shows on TV, Comic, and Games. :)

If you like to follow my OC, Gloves Stone on Twitter -

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Look at Zimmer-Shine Speed paint on Lingerie Eartha. It was great to see! ^^ -…


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Akane Owari | Made by Mabeelz
Here's Akane Owari, eating all 76 dishes of delicious Thanksgiving Dinner! 

No, I didn't draw this and yes, she was drawn for me by this coolest artist during a raffle, MaBeelz! :iconmabeelz:

I ask him on the 10th of Saturday to draw her from the show Danganronpa 2 (Goodbye Despair), having a delicious thanksgiving feast with a stuffed belly of delicious goodness. Yet, in the end, she's in big trouble for eating all the guests food! What can she say, she's a sweet girl with a BIG appetite! Lol :D

How many time of Raffles: 6

PS: If you want to win an art raffle for yourself, go to MaBeelz stream every Saturday at 9am or 10am EST.

PSS: Dancing Turkey Icon Happy Thanksgiving everyone!Dancing Turkey Icon 

PSSS:Turkey Icon (Happy Thanksgiving!) To MaBeelz, I'm thankful for you for drawing her and my other raffles winnings and I hope you and your family have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!Turkey Icon (Happy Thanksgiving!) 
DCM: Dress Socks
Name: Dress Socks

Age: 22 (July 23, 1996)

Gender: Male

Height: 5' 9"

Species: Demon

Weapon: Cold Steel US Army Officer Sabers name; "Demonic Duos". When combine it turns into a Scythe name; "Soul Slicer".  

Magic: Tier I, Wind

Rank: II, Minor-Lord

Personality: At first glance, everybody sees him as an ordinary demon that's quiet, patience, and just listening to orders. If a person comes to him and greet him for the first time, he'll look at them and greets them in his calm and smooth tone. He's nice to be friend with anyone that he works with or meeting new people and he can be silly sometimes. However, if you ever make fun of his friends or make fun of him for whatever reason, you'll see his bad nature. Seriously, don't ever mess with him or his friends, you'll be sorry. Beside that, he's a hardworking demon that gets the job done, determined demon that never gives up, and a scary demon that shows no mercy.

Physical Description: Skin color is red. Hair color is short, black and messy looking. Eye color is red on the outer ring and yellow on the inner ring. His horns are regular two horns. His tongue is like a snake. His body looks a little skinny when he's wearing a uniform, but he's strong. Finally, he wears a uniform.

Bio: Dress Socks was born a demon in a wealthy family, in Western Hell. Living in a traditional american home up on the hill, with his father a business man (Quarter Socks), his mother a gardener (Knee Socks), and two of his loving sibling of one brother (Low Cut Socks) and one sister (Liner Socks). His family is the most Riches people in the neighborhood. Imagine if your invited to their home for the first time. Their place are expensive as hell. They have a white couch, different trophies, expensive vases, one Maid and a Butler, 5 Zipper Pets (Dog, Cat, Bird, Fox, and a Monkey), and a swimming pool. All an all, he's living in a luxurious life.

Going through school years in Hells High School, everyone in his school title him as a "Honor Roll Demon". The reason for him to have that title is that he attend his classes every single day, study, do his homework, goes to club meetings, help raise money that the school needs, and learn Wind Magic in school. Of course this was hard for him to do all those tasks by himself over the years, but he shows his peers and teachers that he can take on tough obstacle by himself and in the bloodline of 'The Sock Family', there's a honor code that passes down to him from his family for generations and that's 'Show the world what you have what it takes and give it your all, 100%!' This help him motivate over his school years and earned the title, "Honor Roll Demon".

His parents are proud of their young man to have good education, but they're worry for him. If other people thinks of them as the weakest demon in the family, then they'll start teasing him and messing with his stuff. So to toughen him up for his own protection, they taken him to Sword Academy and Martial Art Class each day after school so he can learn new art styles and to defend for himself.

Over the courses of the Sword Academy and Martial Art Classes, it was a tough road for him. When he gone to those two places for the first time, he thought that it was going to be easy task for him like he did in school, but he was wrong from the gecko and learned the hard way by other trained demons. Of course this made his life a living hell for him over the years, but thanks to his parents signing him up for those two classes. His physical fitness was improve by it and made new friends along away.

After he graduated at the age of 18, his parents asked him what he wanted to do with his life, he said to them that he wasn't sure. His sister suggested going to Hell Corp in Daten City where she heard so much about from her peers. Hell Corp's history caught his interest, what with its history of strange occurrences and events, and he decided to give it a whirl. So, Dress Socks sent his application to them and waited for them to see if they accept him. He waited for the past 2 days to see the results, but there was no reply from them. The mail came in on the 3rd day and he was accepted into Hell Corp.

As of today, Dress Sock is working with them as an employee and helping them with the best of his ability to bring chaos in Daten City.

Minor-Lord: After being such a good co-worker that works within Hell's H.Q. over a year by helping capture the Behemoth, fighting the Angels, a big Nephilim, Corrupt 3 Lost Souls, with the help of his good partner, G-Strings, ('Bloodgood H Cutter', 'EmojiNi', and 'Fujoshi'), fight the corrupt Angel name 'Archangel Shawl', him returning the Supreme Absolute Shroud's Mask back with clean gloves, and him, along with G-Strings, giving their Supreme Absolute a 13ft 24K Golden Statue on "Shroud Appreciation Day", he was promoted to be a Minor-Lord.

He was so stoke to have this promotion that he customize his belt to have a 'Wind Symbol ~' on it. Not only that, but his weapons, "Demonic Duos", was intricate and has the same symbol like Dress Socks' belt. Now with this promotion, he's gonna be working extra hard within H.Q. and bringing chaos and mayhem within Daten City.

- Scythe is 6ft tall and blade length is 3ft long.

- He likes to relax when it's break time.

- Since all of them have the same name at the end, they consider their family name 'The Sock Family'.

- Age of his familys: Father 200, Mother 200, Sister 18, and Brother 16.

- Henshine - LMFAO Party Rock -…

- Voice Head Cannon - [James Dijit] -…

- If a person ever wants to be friends with him, just be yourself or offer him some sweets if you got some. Especially Lollipops, his main fave is green pops.

- His favorite dessert is Devil's Chocolate Cake.

- His Blood Type is B Negative.

- He's great at cooking things, especially desserts.

- His parents gave him a car on his 16th birthday. Which is a Dodge Viper SRT 10 ACR -…

- In battle, he'll decide if he wants to use his weapons on them or use Wind Magic on them.

- He own a stocky and bulky raptor breed, Deathclaw. Which he name her, Ruby. -…

- Kro words about Deathclaw, not mine.
2. Deathclaw/claimed by OscarK91- A stocky and bulky raptor breed, it's more often seen running on all fours rather than expressing behaviors to its raptor cousins. They are an aggressive breed that requires the utmost discipline and training to avoid any unfortunate accident. Most of their physical attributes are said to have stemmed from early Dracolisle after they had evolved from Ziz. This is the only raptor breed discouraged from being in packs as males can get territorial. In fact, males are often kept in enclosures and sanctuaries and females are usually on the market, so this one being sold is a female. They're usually used during hunts or guarding property, being very low maintenance. Definitely not meant for apartment life or to first timers.

He own a small 1ft 4in. Cute Tub Dino. Which he name him, Pete. But if he's not call out two times, Pe-pai! -…

Tub- SOLD TO OSCARK91. Tubs were bred to be nothing but cute. Like Fairies, they are docile Dracolisle who are generally quiet, the only noise they can make are odd croaks. In some parts of Hell, Tubs are considered a status symbol for prosperity and health. But for your average day Immortal or human, Tubs are great to give tummy rubs to. Their easy-going nature is a must for first time owners and can be trained with relative ease. It's advised to exercise this breed as their routine is usually eat and sleep.

Him and G-Strings giving their Supreme Absolute a 13ft 24k Golden Statue on "Shroud Appreciation Day!" -… As of today, it still stands in the plaza of H.Q. and it's on high security measures thanks to G-Strings Dad.

- Party, Working, Relaxing, Play Games, Reading, Dancing, Skiing, Girls, Sweets, Magic, Dogs, Cats, Birds, Lions and Snakes.

- Being annoyed, Taking things that don't belong to them (Especially his stuff), Sour Food, Snowboarding, and Tofu.


Updating my OC App, putting details on how he got the promotion, gave him the ~ symbol on his belt and the two Sabers, and put in the Golden Statue in the bio.


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