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street fighter tribute winner

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Pencil, intuos, pshop and a lot of love.

the one who has been selected!

I hope you'll like it.

The book it's out! Hands up for street fighter 20th anniversary.
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Beautiful, beautiful beautiful!
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WOW!Perfect perspective! I love Dhalsim!
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yep, the angle it's great..nice!
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Aw yeah Dahlsim FTW!!
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nice angle and extreme action here. good work!
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He was always one of my favorite characters. Congrats and great work!!
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probably most manly and awsome dhalsim ever
PabloRemiro's avatar
The dynamism that transmit is awesome, perspective helps to give more dramatic if it is possible to this kinetic piece.
nursury0's avatar
So dynamic :)
But somehow I fell like he is being pushed back :-?
OscarCelestini's avatar
sure it's the impact of the "elastic power" of the double punch :)
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The Kid Of Drawing:

''En serio te quedó brutal,una belleza pieza.Just a wonderful piece,not just nicely,also looks like a animation of some kind of series of Street Fighters,I'm impres my good friend,the great zoom of the power you got it so right and nice,the muscles exelent worked,alot of animated,beauty and perspective.Bellízimo trabajo mi amigo!!10 of 10!!''
OscarCelestini's avatar
grazie mille amigo!
tootyHorn's avatar
nice art and perspective :)
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alla fine è stato scelto! complimenti!!
questi colori luminosi che hai imparato ad usare sono davvero uno spettacolo! mi piacerebbe tanto imparare ad usarli :\
bravo bravo
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aaarrrggggghhhh**++*~~ <-- drool
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I can see why Street Fighter has such longevity. It's pictures like these that renews the characters & makes you want to pop the game in & go a few rounds.
That's an incredible angle. If I attempted something like that Dhalsim would truly look deformed (& given his flexibility that would be hard to do). Great angle, great overall piece!
Sticks06's avatar
Wait so is he punching or getting punched...cause he looks like he's in pain! XD
OscarCelestini's avatar
he's punching so hard!
Sticks06's avatar I see it! XD
DTokarz's avatar
That's one dynamic pose. Awesome

When you get a chance drop by my gallery and check out my Dhalsim, let me know what you think.
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