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spiderman, is that something else to say?

Hope you'll like it.
It's not so simple to me draw this charachter, don't ask me why cause i don't know :D

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Good job, he's perfectly muscular. The comics make him look all lanky.
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Looks like it was taken from a TV cartoon. Good job!
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Heyo! XD I love it!
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Man this is amazing! ... Pardon the pun...
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hehe he looks great!
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Love how you added the Daily Bugle back there ;D
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Very nice image.
I see a sort of similar effect i got in a drawing i just posted of spider-man, with the web. I have to ask if the webbing is just one colored or if you did something to it. Because its darker then the lightest of his suit but brighter then his darkest. Because i had the same effect when i made my image but chose to darken the web to make it stand more out. Just want to hear what you did with this.
And again great picture, very inspiring!
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damn thats nice
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great! I love it!
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Does whatever a spider can. Awesome work.
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This Spiderman is amazing! XD
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Definitely one of my favourite Spiderman interpretations.
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Nice job! This is a cool perspective.
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badass a SpiderMan are pic
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this one is so fluid o.o you really captured a lot of movement in this image :D
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Wonderful! The pose, colors, everything!

By thy side,

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Nice 3d effect...
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