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Radical Racer Viola Knight

Deviantart Original Character Challenge RADICAL RACER

Radical Racer name: Viola Knight
Transportation: Big Tom
Lucky Charm: Metal Budgie Jeans
Special trick: Tilt Pills

Viola is a real talent with engines, she grew up racing with his customized vehicles, her actual
transportation is a real beast road devourer. She usually don't use tricks to win, but her favourite
weapon is Big Tom's mouth, it can spit Tilt Pills, special metal magnets capable of deactivating for
a short time all the electrical devices on enemy vehicles.
Viola is always positive and self-confident on the road thanks also to her special lucky charm:
Jeans, a sweet metal friend she created, saving inside the memory of her real budgie died in an

Illustration created on Photoshop Cs3 using a Wacom Intuos 3 A4.
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Love it, good luck!

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Amazing character design and the vehicle is very cool too :love:

Good luck for the contest :hug:

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Thank you my friend! Finger crossed, but I admit I had fun drawing it :D

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OscarCelestini's avatar

thank you MattPlog!

StoneMan85's avatar

That is so awesome. I wish i could use this character as an OC.

OscarCelestini's avatar

I'll be happy if Viola will appear in other illustrations or comics! Remember to tag me and I'll be glad to share it :)

Snukastyle's avatar

You had me at robot budgie!

OscarCelestini's avatar

I love budgies, i've got 4 small flying hearts in my studio (inspired me to do this one) :)

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Wow, that's an amazing design and vehicle! Hope you win the contest! :D

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