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Kyashan the android

My version of the tatsunoko hero! I love him. What's your favourite?

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great picture but i prefer when his mask is on

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I remember Casshern!

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Oh wow, I remember this character! :D I was always a fan of Tekkaman myself among Tatsunoko characters, if he counts.

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This is an amazing picture, and his name is Casshan. At least in the English language version of the anime series. I saw the OVA years ago, and it was awesome! 👍🤖
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eheh here was Kyashan, i though that japan was Casshern or Cassern, who knows? Very interesting thing that every country has is own Android boy name :D Thank you PJ!

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You're welcome! And keep up the good work! 👍😉
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At first glance I thought this was an illustration by Mike Allred! LOL

Personally, though, I've always had a soft spot for Gatchaman. It's the first cartoon I remember ever seeing (as Battle of the Planets).

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To be confused with the awesome Mike Allred it's a very nice compliment! ;) I love gatchaman also, but in my heart Kyashan forever! :D Thank you Snukastyle for your comment!

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