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Warrigal from under the mountain

One of the scariest beasts of the Alviss @~@
And my lovely Ilva.
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They're gonna need a bigger knife.
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O-K!  DEFINITELY watching YOU from now on...
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great colours, have you ever read the mouse guard graphic novels? the artwork might appeal to you
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I never heard of mouse guard before!Just checked it. Lovely! >u<
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Awesome! is it all water color?
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Где-то я это видела, не на дайри ли? ._.
Шикарнейшая работа, разбивка на планы, стилистика и эмоции - полный восторг! И обалденная работа с акварелью <3
Пусть вдохновение вас просто преследует :3
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Это вполне может быть,там я тоже есть) Осталось так рисовать почаще! 
Спасибо большое!
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The scene with the little kitty boy and the huge fox is thrilling! :excited:   Good work! :D
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this is  alittle kitty girl) 
Thank you for the comment <3
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  You´re welcome! :aww: I had forgot that when a pic show someone very young,sometimes can be hard realize their gender. ^^;  Now,a suggestion to your future works:if the character is a girl,use ponytails,low ponytail,one plate or two,tied with tiny ribbons or a cute hairpin.This will prevent mistakes. :greetings:
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oh that's traditional art...  watercolors? Markers? Ink?  You're style is so adorable!!
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Liner and watercolour) Thank you!

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This works so well for me.  The creepiness of the Alviss is so apparent when looking at this and made my eyes really drawn to him.  I love your use of shapes to show villain from protagonist.  THe sharp points in his face and overall shape along with such a small slashed pupil really did wonders for creating such an amazing scary creature.
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Alviss is the name of the town which lies near this forest)
Thank you!
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I went back to look at this one again, I absolutely love it. So childish but suspenseful and scary!
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This is my favorite piece too. I Have not paint something like this so far 8\
thank you,dear <3
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I think Tchaikovsky when I see it lol!
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