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Paint Splatter

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I was trying to test a tutorial (it is set as one of my favorites) so I made a brush set of paint splatter. It can be real useful to give a picture a dirty/grunge look.

This was originally a small art project in high school that has become extremely popular on dA. Use them however you would like - just let me know when you do.

Been used by:

IamAveragejoe - [link] and [link]

xhukIe - [link]

RenegadeMagazine - [link]

Tomeka04 - [link]

DerangedFaerieInc - [link]
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thank you so much
I used two of your splatters on my blog, the briny. Thank you for the sweet images!
Hey since others have used this, can I use it?
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Used, with thanks!

Mechanism by BrownieComicWriter
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Love these brushes! <3
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Used here:…
I also need to know if I can use the picture that I made using your work for a portfolio.
Thank you!
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I used them if that's okay O u O
Here it is~
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Thanks so much for sharing these...I can't wait to use them!
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Thank you very much, i love them!…
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Thanks for this :D
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Planning on using them for some flightrising skins, I'll let you know how it goes.
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ur brushes are awesome dude. i downloaded it and when im finished with my artwork i will show it to yah. :)
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Coolio! :) I will definitely be using this. Thanks a lot!
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