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Derpys new Friend redo

i wanted to submit this piece on this years derpy day in spring but i wasn´t fast enough and since then i´ve done small upgrades now and then but i still suck much in colors, shading and backgrounds ^^'

its a redo of this :thumb257829868:
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Welp...I said in a comment elsewhere that if I saw anymore cute stuff tonight I'd be puking rainbows and spitting glitter, so...

Glitter Vomit Glitter Vomit 

XD XD Sweet Celestia, I love DA emoticons.
Aaaamazing job on this!
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derpys new pet. XD
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it has special eyes :D
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This is so cute! I really like your line art!
Also dont feel bad about coloring. 
As far as I can tell, you have a nice coloring style of your own!
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thanks ^^
i´m just not proud about the way i color cause i always try to make it better but the colors are always my weak spot and a have not improved with it much in the past 3 years but i´ll not give up :D just complaining even more ;P
but thanks much for the kind words ^^ 
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If it makes you feel any better it takes me forever to color.
Im not even crazy about my own coloring style but as long as I keep trying somethings bound to happen right? xD
We can do it! >=3
And no problem. I know what its like have artists block :<
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Derpy's perfect pet!
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thank you very much ^^
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I had the same idea years ago.
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me too… ^^ its just the fitting pet for her imo :)
Derpy is the best pony.
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Derpy is the best pony!
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That's very clever and funny. Nice work ;D
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This one image made me accidentally create a fan fiction in my head. XD
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imo this is a good thing i guess ^^
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