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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

arranged Oz characters.
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AmalgamImage0's avatar
This is a beautiful reimagining of OZ characters
SonicClone's avatar
Creative re imagining 
Astalakio's avatar
Dat's what I'm talkin' bout.
BioZillaX's avatar
Full Metal Tin Man...
I would like permission to use your image in a powerpoint presentation for college.  please email me confirmation.  you will be credited in the opening slide
Arrowman64's avatar
This is amazing. 
I would love to see a version of the story with these characters.
DavyWagnarok's avatar
Cerridywyn's avatar
Hm. Makes me think of Soul Eater. Y'know, in a good way. ♥
WynterLegend's avatar
I really dig this. I could see it as a JRPG lineup
Module1's avatar
I like how you gave the lion shades. Very funny!
CynicalEuphoria's avatar
....i cant...look..away..
Lightspeed042's avatar
Kinda looks like a hybrid of Hellboy and Astro Boy…
bluerebel's avatar
This is oh so amusing
TheGlowing's avatar
Heh, they look like people from Alice in Wonderland. :D
CosmoChild's avatar
This is very nice.
enrokone's avatar
great!!..i love this style!!!...whats the name of this style?
alfaleupeso's avatar
The7thDoor's avatar
The world ends with oz?
Saltedpistachio's avatar
so cute and cool at the same time!

it's like an RPG game! =D
craw27's avatar
Cool Oz concept!!! I like it a lot! :D The Tin man looks pretty cool!! :eyepopping:
13thcolossus's avatar
love the way you did the tin man :]
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