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Welcome Everyone

What is the OS-AC?

    The OS-AC(Original Species - Adoptable Center) is a place where you can adopt special characters and designs that are part of an Original Species. You can also submit your own Original Species adoptions and art work or donate an Original Species to the group! Please visit our FAQ for help and information on anything you need to know about this group.

How do I join?

    PLEASE READ THE RULES BEFORE YOU CLICK THE "Join Our Group" BUTTON AT THE TOP OF OUR PAGE. OTHERWISE YOUR REQUEST WILL BE DENIED. We have too many people coming in and submitting non-original species adoptions. All this has resulted in is the denial of all non-OS submissions. We are watching what comes in to this group and vote it either in or out. If you are already a member and wondering why your submissions are being denied, you obviously have NOT read the rules for this group. Please read our rules before you do anything else in here! If your future submissions are not going to agree with our rules, please feel free to leave and check out our affiliates for a group that will. Note that the rules need to be updated. I will try to have them finished up by the end of August 21st.

Club Chat!

    This chat is extremely inactive. : B It is currently private, but I will soon update it to an open chatroom. Before you enter the Club Chat, we would appreciate it if you read the Chat Rules first.

Important Information

    All adoptions that are closed will be removed from this group. Please help out the admins by removing your adoptions from the group once they have been adopted.

    If you are looking to submit non-original specie adoptions, please take a look at our affiliates. All adoptions that do not follow our rules will be removed or denied approval.

Gallery Folders

Rare Tiphi Auction II -CLOSED by Evelent
Chinese Zodiac Tiphi Auction I~CLOSED~ by Evelent
Food Auction III-OPEN- by Evelent
Food Auction CLOSED by Evelent
Created By The Admins
Rare Tiphi Auction~CLOSED~ by Evelent
Misfit Adoptables {Offer To Adopt -- OPEN} by AchievementHuntress
{Offer} Plant Deers by AchievementHuntress
Snapdragons: OPEN {OTA} by AchievementHuntress
Land Creatures
Unnamed Nagurel - OPEN by AquaPyrofan
colaboration OTA by draggon-rider2
Hazard Wolf Adopts Batch 1 [CLOSED] PRICE LOWER by Sparkledoggie
Water Creatures
Koi Mermal adopt 4 Open by draggon-rider2
Koi Mermal adopt 3 open by draggon-rider2
Koi Mermal adopt 2 OPEN by draggon-rider2
Aquatic Adopts by draggon-rider2
Sky Creatures
Meadow Gryphs - Buy a Custom! [OPEN] by CoyoteAdopts
my new moth monster (not for sale) by draggon-rider2
draggon adoptable by draggon-rider2
Set prices: Galaxy Faeshroom [CLOSED] by nightmaw
Infernal Beast {OPEN} by Solar-Paragon
Chibi neko adoptable by AiChan97
Girl adoptable-Open by AiChan97
Chibi adoptable by AiChan97
Adoptable Design (SOLD) by Solar-Paragon
Adoptable Design (SOLD) by Solar-Paragon
Adoptable Design (OPEN) by Solar-Paragon
Adoptable Design (OPEN) by Solar-Paragon
Reptilladye Adopts: 1 LEFT by Noxivaga
OS Egg Adoptions
HQ Anthro Eggs [Closed] by Solar-Paragon
Dragon Egg Adoptable -Adopted- by Alexa1501
Pick Your Palette - Dragon Adoptables! [CLOSED] by CoyoteAdopts
Open Species
Adoptable Design (OPEN) by Solar-Paragon
Hellbend Auction - CLOSED by astronomicaI
Pastel starry cub [AUCTION] paypal/points [CLOSED] by BlackFreya
[CLOSED] point auction: dragon pony by Starl
Example Adopt: Unnamed by MacMacaroni
Species References
Species guide : Butterfae ( Custom : OPEN ) by JessyB-Design
Donated Species
Darket TRYOUT CLOSED by GreeNissy
Mascot Contest References
Mascot Contest 'Mascots'










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